The creator and sustainer of our universe

He is the bright and morning star.

He is with me in blessing and fellowship right here!

Yet He ministers to others afar!



He is lauded and worshipped by millions in heaven!

Yet He gives Himself to us now, here!

He created the universe with a rare thought,

And still He abides with me near.



He is still creating out there in infinity!

Yet you can feel His presence right now!

He shatters the clouds with thunders in the heavens

And still we are no stiff, we will not bow.



Bow down to Him now!  He is worthy of praise!

We cower under “acts of God”

Repetitiously sing about our awesome God!

Do not you know He is the only God?



There is no other God under heaven or above.

“I am the master of my fate?”

Sure you are and yet when we come to the end

We do not want to share Satan’s fate!



Listen up!  We matter to our God of love!

He created worlds without end!

So easily He keeps universal order

And He still wants to be your friend!



* John 15:14



Sam Cox 06.09.04


He came a baby, how old was He

When He knew He was to die?

Before He even turned forty

In a borrowed tomb would lie!



What brutal rage possessed the ‘religious,’

Those who put Him in that tomb?

But first let us consider His growing days,

That lowly barn, from Mary’s womb.



Was Mary aware this special child

Was desired truly for the cross?

I think so.  An angel had foretold

The hint was there of loss!



But the growing tine there had to be

Something to identify

His morality with the other kids,

Did He ever scarf on pie?



Did He ever show mom a shiner?

Or a bloody nose from play?

I am sure with His human nature

He limped home many a day!



Was humility hard for Mary?

When shepherds unannounced

Came blabbering in about angels,

They were not put out or denounced!



They bowed and worshipped the Child!

Wise men, Kings, from great distances

Worshipped the meek and the mild.



Do you worship Him as the Savior?

He was God!  Always will be!

Interceding for all us sinners

In heaven someday we will see!



Considering all the miracles

That ushered in this special time

I think Christmas, universal,

Through growth reveals the sublime.



Sam Cox 12.05


An alien greeted those shepherds that night.

The night so dark it was clear,

From that light shone, like, broad daylight,

That something unusual was near!



“Go to the village! A barn you will find,”

“Cannot miss it! A light you will see…”

A barn, yes, a barn, a stable in kind

The site of the nativity!



“Wake up! Get moving!” They obeyed in fear!

Odiferous it would seem!

The stable they saw and slowly drew near,

They worshipped, immediately clean!



Yes, shepherds they were, my how the word spread!

A barn? Yes, a stable, of course!

No! Not the palace a horrible thought!

A stable! Like, cows and a horse!



Their nostrils were clear. No odor repelled.

The Savior greeted their eyes!

Sweet smell of salvation! No odor repelled.

Kneeling they wept, no surprise!



Just awe at the thought that they could contend,

Great Kings, the Sovereign left out!

Shepherds, the humble, how could they pretend?

Yes! Something to shout about!



Sam Cox 1.26.05


Greater He than all, He who made it all!

Suffering Lord, crucified! His own call!

Creator of all and everything around,

That tiny ant and Mount Everest tall.



Taller, claimed, than tall other mountains!

With Kanchenjunga close second, to count

Both fixed in the Himalayan range.

Worshipped by many, seems very strange.



For while they are taller than all around

And surely both fixed well to the ground.

Still not to be worshipped by human kind

Or anything else created we find.



Sun still higher than both of those hills

Many more bowing to idols that kill.

Consider well truth of the matter,

When earth is destroyed all matter will shatter!



Do not care to be around when this comes about!

Spirits of men in great fear will shout out!

For help! But cries are too late

Bride of Christ gone! All have entered the Gate!



May sound strange but we have yet to see power

Recognizable, not seen every hour!

Growing accustomed to lightning, earthquakes,

Turning earth no longer stranger when it shakes.



Accustomed to the thunders roar

Not unlike cannon only more!

And heard afar off, far mightier crash!

Whatever noise develops when huge objects bash!



Crash into each other with thunderous noise!

God speaking earth hears! We forget poise!

Run for cover forgetting He sees!

Through sheltering cover, thousands of trees!



Sure, He sees, protects all who love

And worship and serve Him above.

All who do are destined to be

With Him in Heaven eternally!



That is forever, son!



the Sam 05.2014