Easy to spot the Christian who,

In his self-centeredness,

Sees only avoidance of sin!

Sees no one to bless!



His avoidance inadvertently

Of everyone else

His eyes on the ground, never to look

Upward!  Just self!



Why cannot we be proud we love Jesus?

Look on that cross there!

At work, at play admittedly,

Do not I even care?



Admittedly sure not ashamed

I serve a living Lord!

Some may scoffingly ask and who is that?

Only One can afford–



To love us all!  For His children we

So often, full of hate!

Lusting instead of love; only

Self to satiate!



Lust, self love, the difference all know!

Inordinately is hate

Everyone else breathing the air

Just will not accommodate.



Love each other, for love is of God!

He who does not love

Cannot love God for He is complete in

His purest, above.



All for when unselfish complete!

Can be nothing I see,

Except so close to the Only One

Who gave His life for me.



God is love!  And he who loves not, knows

Not, the only One.

Who is purest love who gave His life

My God.  God the Son!



And He is my Father!



the Sam 2.15.12


“In as much as you did it

For the very least of these,

You did it for Me,” He said

Primarily to please—



To please the One you serve,

So that you have a part,

Though ulterior at first,

Soon you share His Heart!



The heart, unselfish, loving,

Giving, not just to give,

But to meet a crying need!

For this you now must live!



You do not have much to give,

But along with your brothers

Whose hearts are likewise touched

With the needs to others.



You give because you must!

The giving heart of Jesus

Inspires you to give! He gave

His life to save us!



P.S. I am not rich at all, except for His blessings. Oh yes He blesses daily with rich treasures, I am confessing.

The need for more each day, as I reach out for his presence. That presence that He gives me now, it is His very essence!



Sam’l Cox 3.12.05