“Wrap the drapery of his couch about him,” how about a body bag?

“Lie down to pleasant dreams down there,” or watch that body sag. (*)


Forget all that corruption!  All dust to dust will turn.

May pipe some music to that grave, good listening while you burn!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  What difference will it make?

God puts it all together again almost like shake-n-bake.


God made us and He can unmake, like, throw away some stars.

Whole bunch of unmanned planets, too, like, Mercury and Mars!


Is there a purpose in all this?  Who knows?  I know God knows!

Tsunami power can destroy!  As can the wind that blows.


Whole lot of fire down below!  A lot of gas and heat.

Mount Saint Helens and Vesuvius both prove that is hard to beat!


So can we trust our God to save?  Provision has been made!

You cannot hack it be yourself, good works will not make the grade.


Salvation is by faith alone and absolutely free!

Christ made provision on that cross!  His blood now cleanses me!


What more can simple pilgrims ask?  Lie down to pleasant dreams?

That dream may last a second, you will wake up realities!


So real you will never give a thought to what transpired before!

So real we will not have thoughts to waste on skies or walls or floor!


So real we will recognize each face though ageless we will be.

And visit?  Time will be no more, just everlastingly!



(*) Some lines from Thanatopsis.



Sam Cox 04.04.03


Two boys in death hand-in-hand,

Tsunami’s dreaded toll.

Many times over and over again!

In heaven God in control!



Fighting waves as the waters rage

Each brother grabs a hand!

They clutch!  They gasp!  Breathing stops,

Lie dead there in the sand!



How can this be the will of God?

How can this ever be?

Millions of children in heaven now

In God’s eternity!



What hopelessness the Buddhists taught

But kids in carefree play,

God loves them.  He takes them home

To His eternal day!



“Let the children come to Me.”

He loves them every one.

“My kingdom waits, in heaven now

And I will take them home.”



What age accountability?

Who knows?  We will know then!

God’s love is what is accountable

And He can count to ten.



We see these boys still hand-in-hand.

They look around!  They stare!

Cannot believe this vibrant place!

Whole bunch of kids up there!



“Getting acclimated boys?

Do not be afraid!  Just Me!”

They see the smiling face, then run

To Him!  So glad!  So free!



Of course they know it is God!

They have seen Him through childish eyes.

Believe in Him so naturally

Gladly the child complies!



He points to the River of Life,

“You can breathe in that,” He says.

“Sorry about that flood below,

Will not happen up here, My pledge!”



Somehow they know, as they know Him!

His love for them well aware!

The Sea of God’s forgetfulness.

This they gladly share!



Sam Cox 11.24.05


Nothing will slow the destruction

Nothing that any can do,

Whatever nations conspire

Will not avail!  This is true.



Total destruction, we have seen it!

And little by little it will come!

New Orleans just a sample when

We will know this old world is done!



Many more cities were leveled!

Tsunami’s, hurricanes, floods,

Nothing there left to pray for

Nothing but splinters and mud!



Proud places reveling in freedom,

Bourbon Street included there,

Gays parading near naked

Lesbians with them will share.



Been going on, it has, forever!

Seems nothing can stop sin’s pace

Nothing but judgment pervading

To justify God’s ignored grace!



God, one day, will split the heavens!

You know that time is now near!

With a roar He will be heard everywhere!

And sinners will quake with fear!



God’s wrath will be fearful, we

Unable to think, they will cry

For the rocks and mountains to cover

And hide from God’s wrath to die!



But dying is not the real answer.

For the soul lives on and will face

Eternal wrath of God’s judgment

On all who resisted His grace!



The revelator now is still crying,

The end time much nearer now,

When judgment will crush unbelievers,

Yes, sin He will no longer allow!!



Sam Cox hath spoke 9.8.05

Sure, and it is God’s word


A tsunami named Katrina

Beat a swath, New Orleans first.

People lost and standing helpless

Water everywhere but thirst–



Unquenched.  Pollution is standard

It can only get much worse!

Waving sheets from higher windows

Much as though these states were cursed.



Perhaps true the nation staggers!

What will happen?  What can be done?

Cannot help wondering those who perish

Are they hopeful in God’s Son?



But the longing to keep living

It is strong and it will stay.

They will stand in waist deep waters

Wave their hands, cry out, and pray!



Night falls, people seeking higher

Safety move up from the streets.

Save for those who still are hopeful

Wave with flashlights till dawn meets.



Another day of hopeful waiting

For the help that cannot come.

Hundreds dead and far more dying,

Helicopters?  One by one!



Sam Cox 8.31.05


Now can anyone doubt God’s existence?

His watchfulness and His care,

First, His existence, just look around,

No, you will not see Him out there.



He is Spirit!  He is everywhere.

Look up.  Can you see vast space?

Just a bit of it, a very small bit

And you cannot see God’s face!



So many things we cannot see,

Admit it!  The wind that blows,

A gentle breeze, soon a hurricane!

All is still but the result shows.



Can see devastation everywhere!

Tsunami, just what controls?

Are any Buddhists waking up?

Many women want to know.



Suns and planets in limitless space,

Billions of suns we cannot see.

Enough heat  generated in space

To last through eternity!



A loving God!  Yes, He can control

The earth, the skies, the seas!

Not Neptune, nor Thor, no man as God

Not even Hercules!



God made trees, flowers that grow,

Corn and wheat to sustain!

Sure, one can curse God, if he desires,

And one can get used to pain!



But I choose God!  Just no other way

Someone out there really cares!

I am beggar enough to take what He gives.

I will take it, thank Him, and share.



Jesus, God’s Son, God, none the less.

Who was crucified by scum!

Rose from the dead, ascended above.

Someday will rule everywhere!



He rose from the tomb and ever lives!

And living, He signifies

That Satan is doomed for eternity!

It is certainly no surprise!



Sam Cox 4.28.05


The tears of God washed over the land

Tsunami it is called.

Two children perished hand-in-hand

The whole world was appalled!



Yes, thousands of these little ones,

How merciful is God?

He takes them to His home above

It is His matchless love!



His matchless love provides for all

Who will but come to Him!

But age makes promises that call

Away from Him to sin!



The choice is ours, provision made

How can we miss His call?

Yes, crucified! He died to save

Not just the young but all!



The choice contends we choose between

The one and the other,

Accountability maintains

It is either live or smother.



To live for Him who died for us

How can we ever miss?

He died but lives, yes, rose again

To lead to heavenly bliss!



The resurrection story tells

Us it is the only choice

That counts for Eternity!

Just listen to His voice!



Saying; “Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”



Sam Cox 1.08.05


What happens when a seed just dies?

Does it germinate where it lies?

This bit of it will rot away!

Then tiny seedling makes its way…



Seeking nourishment below,

That is how plants, trees, bushes grow.

Beautiful the blooming flowers!

Did God spend many earthly hours?



I believe He spoke a word!

How stuff happened, so I have heard.

Flowers varieties so nice!

Thousands or so by His device…



Contrary to what smart folk say,

God spoke and flowers came to stay!

Mystery, from soil they came!

How did pansies get that name?



Determining the source of life,

Why does this cause so much strife?

Such beauty all around we see!

God did it all for you and me!



Did He not cause the planets all

To spin about and never fall?

Or bump each other where they turn?

Only sun so hot, what makes it burn?



And countless suns!  Who placed them there?

Space limitless to what compare?

Tsunami, twister, hurricane,

That other shocker, what is its name?



Such simple questions, answer them!

Fish to monkey, why condemn?

Condemn themselves, die, stay dead!

But monkey to man, go back to bed!



Want to know what bothers me?

These folk hung up on family tree,

Almost like evolved, we care?

Otherwise, just monkeys there!



Nothing but everything, yes, God cares!

Immortal life He with us shares!

He made us people such imagery

Of our ONE GOD!  Yes, He made me!



Sam Cox  10.30.08