Sleepless no, not Seattle.  Placenta, I believe.

Thoughts intruding through the night, what I receive

Three crosses on a hill.  What else there?

On one cross, criminal!  What to compare?



Cursing his plight; as he did all his life!

Mean thief and killer.  A real life of strife.

All he knew was to steel and to kill.

Cursing his vile life there on a hill!



Center cross, a different story is told.

People yelled, “Crucify!”  Sure, He had been bold

To heal the sick, forgive sinners, raise the dead!

“God alone forgives sins!”  Priests truly said–



“This man claims ‘Godhood’, crucify this man!”

We know God in Heaven forgives!  Only God can!

Impostor!  Blasphemer claiming to be God!

Sure, performs many tricks hucksters can do more!



Calvary crucified!  The end of His tricks!

So now if He is able to escape this fix?

A borrowed tomb, many friends mourned as they buried,

Soldiers guarded, later the Mary’s.



Remaining cross tells a different story.

“I had to do it!  See, he tried to kill me.”

“When You come into your Kingdom, Remember me.”

Suffering Christ heard!  Through pain, gritting teeth–



“This day, in Paradise!”  You hear this now,

With Me you are forgiven as I truly declare

Kingdom or Heaven!   Everlastingly we will share!



the Sam  01.12.12


“It is finished!”  The cry, like, a cannons roar,

The elasticity on the airwaves, drove straight to the core

Of every vile heart that conspired that day

To crucify Christ!  Just put Him away!

Flat on their faces they fell, yes, from fear!

They wanted Him out!  And not even near!

The Father from heaven answered the cry

With a blast of thunder that froze open their eyes.

Stark horror as they saw through each flash

The face of the Savior mid thunderous crash.

The blistering roar of the thunder consumes

Their remaining confidence until they resumed

Their screams of terror all running pell-mell.

Quaking ground opened into which many fell.

The three crosses rocked as hundreds were thrown

Into wide open fissure’s, not even a groan

Was heard as ground quickly closed on them.

And so many others perished, condemned.

Deserving everlastingly!  No hope at all,

No one to help them, on no one to call!

A most frightening day!  But they had their chance

They had heard His kind voice, then with furtive glance

They decided against the Savior of men

And choosing the worst, the satanic den!



(Depicting, perhaps graphically, the moments after Christ’s final cry!)



Sam Cox 7.25.05


Did ever worms turn to snap at the hand,

Pulling it out of the dirt?

The worm, the man!  And yes, many times

Then does God’s loving Spirit hurt?



Yes!  The hurt took Him to calvary!

To take every sinner’s place!

“Wages of sin is death!”  So He died!

Sinner, we are saved by His Grace!



Cannot we perceive this most simple truth?

That made God die instead

Of sinners doing the sinning

Salvation’s Freedom Fed…



Christ, on a cross, delivering all

Who simply raise a hand

Admitting failure, yes to God!

To join that happiest band–



Of the Saints forever delivered from

Misery of eternal Hell.

Jesus died whispering, “I took your place.”

Saved!  Now, all is well!



Such love, of course, it cannot be grasped!

Sole Creator!  God over all!

Did ever a love like this, include earth?

Since Adam took the fall?



For all who ever said a ‘Yes’ to God,

Even condemned criminals, still coming

Whispering, “God forgive me, please.”

Since One on a cross not shunning.



Of the three crosses, sure Christ reached

And did He ever see

Happier criminal dying in pain?

Ecstatic through misery!?



the Sam  07.02.12