Adam and Eve in the Garden, yes, they did surely die.

True, they lived on for centuries but in the eternal eye


Was a mere drop in a bucket it was not even a day. (1)

For while, “As a day is as a thousand years,” (2) a thousand years but a day!


Man would have lived on eternally!  One grain of sand by the sea

Could never begin to measure up or fit the analogy.


For infinity is the measure of space that has no bounds or end!

Just as eternity continues on!  It is hard to comprehend!


The angels are not eternal for they were created, too!

The angels are everlasting just the same as me and you!


Yes, man will live forever and where depends on his aim!

If he cares not about Heaven, his future?  Oh, what a shame!


The Godhead, the blessed Trinity, the matchless three in One,

Cooperated, conspired, and the universe was begun!


Yes, begun for creation continues!  It is a world without end!

Can man confine the eternal?  He will neither break nor bend!


Why cannot we confine the eternal?  When we claim He died long ago,

If God dies we die, too.  Who keeps us spinning?  Do not you know?


I am sorry you gave in so easily.  I would love to argue His case!

So what really does keep us spinning?  Only His love and grace!


Consider the brain, so intricate, only God’s love could conspire.

And what or who keeps the heart pumping blood?  The wind?  The fire?


Give up!  Nothing like this could evolve or start from whatever they say

The sun, the worlds in perfect control through time, like, night and day!


Another thing, division of time was not God involved in this?

Before Christ and after (3) so why not cease and desist!



(1) 2 Peter 3:8

(2) In God’s eyes

(3) Before Christ and A.D. (Anno Domini) the Year of The Lord



Sam Cox 03.25.04


I am not weeping, I am not crying,

I will be leaving when I am dying.

Because I am heading for that mansion in the sky.

But it makes no difference really,

A mansion or a shade tree

Or a planet to which I could fly.

I do not really need a shade tree

Because the weather is always healthy,

And like angels we are immune anyhow.

We are immune to the sneezing,

We are immune to the freezing,

And there will never be no sweat on my brow.

So I am happy and rejoicing

For that city, never noisome.

It will grow as the saints come marching in

Where the Savior is the light

In that city always bright!

The only sound we will hear is angels singing.

Can you dig it?  What a dreamland!

No more drums in that great band

And the only rap you will hear comes from below.

But you will not have to hear it

Nor will you have to fear it

For they that are below, stay below.

No more crying, no more dying,

And we will never hear no sighing.

There is no sickness or no death on that fair shore.

Thousand years will be like nothing

And up there will not hear no fussing

Just joy and peace and fun forevermore!

There will be work to do.  Do not sweat it

Never tired so do not fret it.

Will not need sleep just 20 hours of fun, fun, fun!

Then the other four or seven

Well, you know, the choir in heaven

We will be singing to the Savior evermore!



Sam Cox 04.17.04


So we know when He is coming?  Told the disciples very soon,

Of course, we know that they had been with Him many years, ending gloom!

Simple glance at His timing, “A day is as a thousand years,

And a thousand years is as a day.”  Told them to end their fears!



At 95 I know I will see Him soon, time not an element!

To cause anxiety soon enough, all passing containment.

As pebbles left on a sandy beach change with time passing!

Time, short or long, as we make it, it is still everlasting!



 “A day with the Lord is as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.”

Give or take, think eternity!  No end considered, it is God’s way!

Mind boggling to consider, God always was!  But I have learned not to question.

He is Eternal!  No beginning, no end!  So what does it mean, predestine?



God knows all!  Sure, He knows you and me, it is safe to trust this condition!

God loves all!  Did He not say on the cross, “Forgive them, they know not what they do!”

And the thief on the cross, dying, “Forgive.”  They know not what they are doing.

“Remember me,” His answer, “This day in Paradise with Me!”



I do not question God!  This I have learned, Trust Me forever!

Loves me!  The cross proves that!  Procrastinate never!

One thug could be heard above the noise of the crowd gathered,

The cry, who can forget, “Remember me!”  Other went to Hell cursing. 

Then, how do I know?  Bent feeling still nursing!



But faith, “Substance of things hoped for,

Evidence of things not seen,” and much more.

Loved one long gone, like, nearly forgot!  Angels shining, a beautiful sight! 

Singing, This Golden Daybreak With Never A Night!



Title of a song I just must compose someday!



The Sam 01.19.14


Communication real as spirits commune.

Early one morning in my bed,

“What made you do it?”  I asked about His death.

Love the answer, clearly said.



Pure love sent me to that cross long ago,

To suffer and die in your place.

There are few words to express the meaning

And one of those words is Grace!



But why the cross?  Most cruxes of any!

Despicable way to die!

Hanging by spikes!  Six hours you suffered.

Shudder to think, then I cry!



Truly you suffered!  My God!  Once you cried,

“Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

Aware of the pain, nor did God allow comfort

On that Cross Tree!



I suffered, sure, and since times inception,

Of course, cringing at the thought,

But for agony the true reality of

The mindless torture I brought.



Reminding truly of torture forever

One would suffer in Hell!

No reprieve there, timeless unceasing!

Can any endlessly tell?



Consider:  thousand years, just beginning!

That you would suffer in Hell!

No reprieve there!  And without ceasing!

Can one endlessly tell?



Consider:  thousand years, just beginning,

Suffering the Devils torture!

His knowledge of fun!  He invented it,

No end to the disaster!



My choice:  Heaven with endless joy!



Sure the Sam (eternity)