Sleepless no, not Seattle.  Placenta, I believe.

Thoughts intruding through the night, what I receive

Three crosses on a hill.  What else there?

On one cross, criminal!  What to compare?



Cursing his plight; as he did all his life!

Mean thief and killer.  A real life of strife.

All he knew was to steel and to kill.

Cursing his vile life there on a hill!



Center cross, a different story is told.

People yelled, “Crucify!”  Sure, He had been bold

To heal the sick, forgive sinners, raise the dead!

“God alone forgives sins!”  Priests truly said–



“This man claims ‘Godhood’, crucify this man!”

We know God in Heaven forgives!  Only God can!

Impostor!  Blasphemer claiming to be God!

Sure, performs many tricks hucksters can do more!



Calvary crucified!  The end of His tricks!

So now if He is able to escape this fix?

A borrowed tomb, many friends mourned as they buried,

Soldiers guarded, later the Mary’s.



Remaining cross tells a different story.

“I had to do it!  See, he tried to kill me.”

“When You come into your Kingdom, Remember me.”

Suffering Christ heard!  Through pain, gritting teeth–



“This day, in Paradise!”  You hear this now,

With Me you are forgiven as I truly declare

Kingdom or Heaven!   Everlastingly we will share!



the Sam  01.12.12


Truly amazing, just think of it!

God loves everyone!

The thoughtless rabble paid to scream,

“Crucify!” God’s Son.



If you are truly the Son of God, save yourself

And us!  One crucified yelled!

Yeah, save yourself!  The rabble echoed

Of cheap liquor they swelled!



Scribes, the Pharisees, and priests

Observed with satisfaction

This rabble rouser will not bother us now!

His miracles are done!



But the other thief had few words and

Full of self condemnation

“Would you please remember me when

You come into Your kingdom?”



“This very day…in Paradise…”

The Savior’s heart in tune

You will be with Me, I promise!

In spirit they communed!



Sure, suffering is a normal thing.

This sin cursed world, we do!

Consider, if you will, the cross

Unleashed agony!  So true!



Horrific, unbearable, torture,

Not just spikes through tender flesh,

Belabor spit and insults hurled

Not fighting it, longing for death.



Wanting to die but that last breath,

Difficult to ignore!

Wrenching, struggling, mouth open wide

With gasping reaching for more–



Air!  But not there anymore!

Sheer blackness envelops all

In an instant!  Then brilliant light!

Answering heaven’s call!



“Father, forgive them!” the muffled cry,

“They know not what they do!”

I wondered with my sinful ways

Did I know?  Yes, it is true!



Sam Cox 08.24.10


Can God forgive when hearts are turned

From seeking Him, to sin?

Against His tender loving care?

Try proving, come to Him!



The proof is found on that one cross

With Jesus in between,

“This day in paradise with Me,”

And He found sweet relief!



The Donners, crazy killers,

Now walking in the light,

Can this be true?  Do not doubt it,

In heaven, what a sight!



“I never thought I would see you there!”

You greet with open arms.

“You either!”  The answer is clear

So safe now from all harm!



Yes, hypocrites, too, can be saved!

As the Judas followers.

The heart of Jesus, to “All who come…”

Cowards and deserters…



Ashamed to own Him Lord and King,

As Peter’s cowardice,

Did Jesus die for nothing then?

He paid each sinner’s price!



He died for me!  But my sins took

Me so far away from Him!

His invitation, “Come back now!”

Yes!  I found peace within!



Thank you, Lord!



S H Cox 10.13.05


“Rejoice in the Lord always and

Again I say rejoice!”

It is a Christian’s prerogative

It says, we have no choice—



But to praise and adore the very one

Who died to set us free.

Not just for the whole world

But He died for even me!



Alone no longer, so many friends

Will love and share with you!

And even so many you did not think

Would make it, so very true.



You have heard of last minute turnabouts

“Thief on the cross,” just one.

Some wounded wartime just before death

Cry desperately to God’s Son.



Were they heard?  Well, just what do you think?

Would a Savior who suffered hear?

He suffered!  He died for everyone,

Yes, He heard and drew them near!



A Savior who loved a saint through life.

Would He not truly rejoice

To hear that last minute

Plead with his dying voice?



Yes, I believe my Father cares

And loves us equally!

Did He not die for everyone?

And did He not die for me?



“Come unto Me…” not just a few

But inviting one and all!

“This day in Paradise with Me!”

All who will hear His call!



Sam Cox 8.15.05


Thieves unidentified beside God’s Only Son,

Pain no, agony endured by each one!

A tortured scream from one thief fills the air!

“…If you are truly The Christ, come down from there!”



“If you are The Son of God, save yourself and us!

What then are we but creatures of the dust?”

He echoed the soldiers and the mob below!

He helpless!  Dangling there!  No miracles to show!



His destiny from beginning was to seek and save.

So then as Savior, He was the sinner’s slave!

The sinless One there the sinners’ death!

“Father, forgive them…”  So near His dying breath!



Other thief one forced to steal to stay alive,

With waning breath to the other cried,

“We suffer here because of sinful deeds,

While this One for our sins His Father heeds!”



“Remember me…”  His slow whisper reaches ears

Tuned to catch the wordless thought of one who fears

Is sorrowful, repentant!  And sees the only One,

The Only One qualified As God, God’s Only Son!



Jesus hears!  He knows this broken heart!

Knew his earlier life, knew from the start!

Also, of the sins before he had committed!

Shameful deeds we all would wish omitted!



Deliver!  Help me!  Save!  The only cries He hears!

Night a time before wept over a city His tears

Could be for this city maybe for one He died!

Remember me when you come, the crucified!



This day in Paradise, with me, His whispered words.

A thief in Heaven now, Oh Yes!  He heard!

Can He say for us with closing eyes?

If so another thief up there surprise, surprise!



I once a thief 1.12.09


Tumultuous my thoughts as I waken!

What was that dream?  Cannot conceive!

Satanic thoughts completely capricious,

Tormentor to deceive!



But my Lord and Master defeats him!

Satanic host born to lose!

Forgiveness is Jesus’ signature!

Satan has such a short fuse!



Doomed to lose!  He can never win!

On the cross Jesus declared,

“This day in paradise…with me!”

Forgiveness, Jesus dared…



That thief had no chance to prove himself!

Simply, “Remember me.”

One desperate cry for forgiveness,

Christ heard decidedly!



“This day…” thief’s request was granted!

Became sin for Him there,

“The wages of sin is death!”  Both died.

Has ever such love declared–



Forgiveness!  Sin’s bleeding sorrow

Recognize from all sin,

Delivered, set free, bound for Heaven!

Experience cleansing within!



This thug with no way to prove himself.

What is to prove?  Grace is free!

Sinners, despicable sinners all!

Did He not die for me?



Then can you admit you are a sinner,

Yes, sinner but saved by grace!

Get to Heaven, see refuse up there

Then see the look on your face.



Another thief rolling in splendor there!

That was his livelihood.

Had to steal to eat, you know,

Had no chance to be good.



“Without Holiness none can see God!”

But is this not imputed?

We are made holy by His death!

Nothing within us suited!



Are we then licensed to sin at will?

“God forbid,” Paul cried!

Take pleasure in sin, you are still a sinner!

Why was He crucified?



Sam Cox, Crucified with Christ!

Thank you, Jesus!  06.02.09