“I Am the beginning and the end”

Just no other God around!

Created, made from nothing at all!

Who else then can be found?



In Turkey soldiers boarded our ship!

I feared them, looked so important.

Sure, and did we have something to hide?

Remembered my deportment!



Just 10 of age, I was frightened!

But my brother, Bill, seemed so calm!

His attitude no cause for fear!

Sure, no cause for alarm!



Somehow I wonder did this feeling

Contribute to the thought

Of course, the ridiculous fear

Their self-importance brought.



And so this thought of self-importance

Was it contributively

To the slang descriptive of one

Like, a stupid Turkey?



Gobble Gobble, of course, the sound,

Not natural.  Sounds laconic

Adhering to the natural sounding

Made by one ironic!



Did Christians sound silly about Heaven?

Or was it the whole bit?

Eternity?  Heaven or Hell,

Sinners just do not buy it!



Jesus said it, sure God came down

His claims of Majesty.

We can know this beyond any doubt.

The Word as certainty!



Will I think then in my Heavenly home

How could I have even wondered?

Surely Satan lowers the mists of doubt

In what God has thundered!



Are you ready?  My Brother?


the Sam


Still a few memories of my India remain,

Indelibly in my mind.

Think I have projected them once, maybe twice,

Over the first 10 years of my time.



Remembering will not cause a mental strain

I either remember or do not!

My God will not let me declare as true

What is not so I will not!



Few bad memories remain regarding us

Coxes and the Marian tribe

Including Baldwin Terrill and a few others thrown in

Now you are in for a ride!



Father had high fever but compelled to go

To village of a cripple man

From Brahmaputra River, a wooded campsite there

Thinking; “I am sick but I can!”



The cripple, a convert, dad went to encourage

Sat in the middle of the street expectantly

Waited for dad, crumpled by the farthest tree.

Smallpox took over for free.



Carried back to camp and put to bed.

Was assured, ‘God cares for you, too!’

Campfire, large circle about the fire

A native called out, praying for you!



Fever rose, boys driven back to compound,

Father died and was buried there.

Cripples request, “Carry me back to the grave.

Now go!  Leave me here!”



“You will be eaten alive!” the men declared,

But left him there shaking their heads.

Returned early morning expecting the worst.

Met cripple carrying his bed!



They were astonished to say the least!

Knelt, stayed there groaning.

“No, no!” the former cripple cried.

“Arise, stop that moaning!”



“Remember Sahibs God?  He healed me!”

Returned to village, all saw and heard,

Villagers then turned to God, everyone!

They seeing believed The Word!



What did Jesus say?

“Blessed are they who having not seen…believe!”



S. H. Cox 09.28.10


My love for money is no more!

What good can money bring?

Cannot buy my way to heaven or

Cannot bribe my Lord and King!



“Your money perish with you!”

That is what I would hear Him say,

For wealth is more that burdensome,

Forgotten how to pray!



No, money is not my problem,

I just need to do my thing!

Some men have to preach The Word

While some just have to sing!



So I just have to write a poem!

And write some more, it flows.

Some read, some do not!  It matters little,

I need to write, just grows!



Believe I will keep it up until

Christ come but then, I guess,

When I cannot lift a pen no more,

Type, I must confess.



What then?  Guess my life Is over?

What more can I do?

Oh God, forgive (I have preached it often)

I will pray!  Yes, pray to You!



Nothing, not much left you say,

To pray is that the best?

Compared to a fine table set,

Pray!  It is no contest!



“Praying always with all prayer

And supplication,” too

Whatever else, may have in mind,

Prayer!  Far best for you!



S. H. C. 10.6.05


Do not know much but what I know,

What I know I share!

Used to make a buck or two

In places here and there!



Four cents a word or six or eight

(Whatever house you pick.)

‘Ideals’ paid more than any other

But then you are up the creek!



Cannot write what you want to write

Just soft soap, sweet and fair,

But now I am free to write about

What I want!  So there!



Now that was long ago, you know,

Like, after I won W. W. II.

A five-church circuit what I had to do!

Like not much else to do!



But fish around fine farmer ponds,

Like, Iowa has lots!

Find shade, take it easy,

If no trees, it is hot!



Yep, five of them, they were pretty small!

But treated them like a crowd!

Pound the pulpit!  Face gets red!

You come off pretty loud!



One church on Monday nights,

Eight ladies heard The Word each week

All were past their prime.

But if I meet them all in heaven

That will be just fine!



Soon graduate to only two

There is time to visit some,

Get to know the people more

Know where they all come from!



Had a fine church in Ventura!

Daughter came front and got saved!

I prayed with her that day of days!

That is all there is to say!



In heaven, hopefully, I will meet

A few more full of smiles!

“Thank you!”  “No, thank The Lord!”

I will know it all worthwhile!



All my kids and grandkids saved!

Great grand’s?  Give them time!

Know what?  Keep praying, that is what counts!

They will turn out just fine!



Sam Cox 9.21.05


I thank you Lord for caring friends

And for wife’s care that never ends!

I am thankful for a church that spreads

The Word, the Living Bread!



Old age can be a blessing, too!

At ninety still have lots to do!

Composing four poems every week,

Compulsive? No! It is God’s will I seek!



Sixty-eight copies of each I do,

Fifty for church then relatives, too.

Make books for relatives, Christmas give out,

Blessing I cannot do without!



Now look at those flowers all around,

Beauty everywhere abounds!

Seems like all outdoing others

Much like carefree happy brothers!



Glad for wild roses left here for us,

But around on the sunny side impatience must

Do its thing! Through bushes it grows!

No! It does not smell like a rose!



Smells like dirt from which it thrives,

Good old dirt, keeps plants alive!

The plant has root, stem, of course flower,

Reminder of God’s triune power!



“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Impossible to discredit it!

As natural as the plants He’s given!

Though by wind and storm often driven.



One tree, the flowers beautiful,

Roots, the stem, leaves plentiful!

True flowers are reminding us

We also were built from dust!



Thankful too, when we realize

God sent His Son to earth to die!

Then pointed out the three-in-one

With Holy Spirit and the Son!



Sam Cox November 2008


“That ye enter not into temptation.”

Temptation strong!  Devils a pro!

Bur fearing the Lord we can keep

With help of God, just say, “No!”



“Watch and pray,” that you do not give in

Primary!   Surely the best!

Temptation fails when we watch and pray!

Forgetting about the rest!



You can forget but the Christ does not!

“Abide in Me!”  Jesus cautioned us,

Sure, keep in mind the Adam and Eve!

Remembering we were once dust!



Abiding is this not the sure thing Jesus taught?

Study, read the Word, and pray!

Study always showing yourself approved

A workman inclined to stay!



“Watch and pray!”  Tempter then cannot

Find any place in which to hide!

See Him there claiming victory!

By Jesus’ blood-stained side!



Spear thrust while there on that cross!

His saving blood flowing down,

Submit to a bath in that cleansing flow,

Satan no longer around.



You just stay there, see Satanic loss,

He cannot do one thing!

But crow thinking he has won the fight

Wrong!  His demise to bring!



Calvary’s’ cross means Satanic loss!

Just how can this be?

Cross, Satan cannot touch any one of us!

The magic of Calvary!



No magic at all!  His death spells victory!

Died for all our sins!

Propitiation He claimed, cruel cross!

Our death like His own sin! (*)



(*) Only sinless One won!



Who?  the Sam 8.21.13


Yes, I remember my conversion,

A tent meeting early in life,

I am standing outside, eyes on fire!

Horizon sliced like a knife!



A boy, same age, confronted me,

Said something about the flames,

Reminiscent of  H e l l  I assumed

I then preached without shame!



I led the lad to the tent then

The alter there was still full!

We knelt together, first convert,

Seemed with God I had  p u l l(?)



Later, I believe, I  l o s t  it!

Wanted to do my own thing,

Back and forth it was up and down

Guess I needed a fling.



Guess that is what I wanted so I did it,

Saw the country my way!

Transgressor’s way is hard!  I kept going!

Hitch-hiking  m a n y  a day!



From ocean to ocean, crossed many streams,

Mountains, yes, rivers, et al.

Ozarks, Badlands, The Black Hills, too.

Rockies, yes, mountains still call!



Then the big war, fought as First Scout,

Yes, God had His hand on me!

Powerful prayers of my mother back home,

Consummate blessings now free!



I obeyed God’s call to preach The Word!

Married a wife somewhere.

Evangelistly on request

Place to  p r e a c h,  sure, I am there!



Of course, God supplied all our needs,

We never once suffered want!

Desires of our hearts, yes that,  t o o.

Need something?  Come to the Fount!



We came, God blessed  e x c e e d i n g l y!

From son, two daughters, a tribe!

Grand and great grandchildren galore!

Which I love best, cannot decide!



Do not you know that that’s God’s love for us?

Could I ever suffer loss?

Do not need to!  Jesus died for us  a l l!

Horrible death of the  c r o s s!



Sam Cox  05.08.09