Creator God! He did it all!

How can we not believe?

The predicated facts are clear

This mystery we receive.



There was nothing there to start with,

What God did is quite plain.

Created in a spacious void

All vast space contains!



“Came into being,” it was God!

Oh, how creation sang!

Made it all from nothing at all!

He did not need ‘the big bang’!



Song of creation! Song of Songs,

Behold! The mystery!

Everything from nothing at all!

God always! Majesty!



We cannot explain the mystery

Of God’s creative power.

How? Why? We do not need to know.

He is with us every hour!



Nothing out there, just maybe God

Always did have His place.

Let us face it, we cannot understand

His territory, space!



(And God does not make mistakes,

But I see somehow I made a bunch.

Guess I should not have stopped for lunch.)



Sam Cox 4.14.05