He came a baby, how old was He

When He knew He was to die?

Before He even turned forty

In a borrowed tomb would lie!



What brutal rage possessed the ‘religious,’

Those who put Him in that tomb?

But first let us consider His growing days,

That lowly barn, from Mary’s womb.



Was Mary aware this special child

Was desired truly for the cross?

I think so.  An angel had foretold

The hint was there of loss!



But the growing tine there had to be

Something to identify

His morality with the other kids,

Did He ever scarf on pie?



Did He ever show mom a shiner?

Or a bloody nose from play?

I am sure with His human nature

He limped home many a day!



Was humility hard for Mary?

When shepherds unannounced

Came blabbering in about angels,

They were not put out or denounced!



They bowed and worshipped the Child!

Wise men, Kings, from great distances

Worshipped the meek and the mild.



Do you worship Him as the Savior?

He was God!  Always will be!

Interceding for all us sinners

In heaven someday we will see!



Considering all the miracles

That ushered in this special time

I think Christmas, universal,

Through growth reveals the sublime.



Sam Cox 12.05


These saints of God, overcomers, have “overcome the world.”

Aiming for a better land, by Spirit they are controlled.

Not all, I think, some mope around seeming not to care

Or understand, they are reborn.  Their names are written “There.”



“If we confess…” He faithfully forgives all our sins.

Contented now in servitude to Him who lives within.

Then Jesus speaks, “You are My friends, if you follow through.

As earnestly you are seeking My best desires for you.”



Oh, yes, I confessed a lot before deliverance came.

It seems I sinned a lot.  I could not place the blame

On anyone, on Adams’ sins, I stood there all alone.

You see it was for me that He died to atone!



Can it be my mother’s’ prayers supported through it all?

Through many churches that I pastored obeying every call.

Calls to move or stay there.  Not always easy then,

He provided when He said, “Move” I just asked, “Where/when?”



Before that war, South Sea Islands called and it was rough!

Eating little, dodging bullets, you know, I called their bluff.

Actually, I knew it was God!  He answered mother’s prayers!

They did their best to kill me, but now I know God cares!



I know it now!  I realize I was no kind of saint!

Retired now, bad habits gone, but still a saint I ain’t.

But as a believer, guess I am.  Sainthood cannot escape.

I am aimed for heaven, the happy sounds soon to resonate.



Upon my tears within my heart consuming with delight!

Filling every pore with sound and happiness so bright!

Continuing this insane pace throughout eternity!

Insane compares to earth’s slow go of mediocrity!



Never mediocre!  The sheer force of joy sublime

Comparable to difference between sinner and the Divine!

The glow of God encompassing us forevermore.

Are not you glad you are bound for that forever shore?



S H Cox 10.25.05


Can God forgive when hearts are turned

From seeking Him, to sin?

Against His tender loving care?

Try proving, come to Him!



The proof is found on that one cross

With Jesus in between,

“This day in paradise with Me,”

And He found sweet relief!



The Donners, crazy killers,

Now walking in the light,

Can this be true?  Do not doubt it,

In heaven, what a sight!



“I never thought I would see you there!”

You greet with open arms.

“You either!”  The answer is clear

So safe now from all harm!



Yes, hypocrites, too, can be saved!

As the Judas followers.

The heart of Jesus, to “All who come…”

Cowards and deserters…



Ashamed to own Him Lord and King,

As Peter’s cowardice,

Did Jesus die for nothing then?

He paid each sinner’s price!



He died for me!  But my sins took

Me so far away from Him!

His invitation, “Come back now!”

Yes!  I found peace within!



Thank you, Lord!



S H Cox 10.13.05


In that forever by and by

On that fair cloudless morning,

When I meet my Lord eye to eye

Countless angels adorning!



My eyes will hit the floor and I

Will see the gold beneath me.

Not the gold but His eyes will glow

They seem to look right through me.



What have I done?  I know there is sin!

Angels quiet, looking stern!

I feel, like, I am in the wrong place

That I should be down, should burn!



I fall!  I weep!  I am a sinner!

Clouds in white gather around!

Angels gaze down on me, consider

Then I see smiles!  Not frowns!



One points, “He died!  You are forgiven!”

Then I look up and I see,

That smile so tender, yes in heaven

He truly died for even me!



What rejoicing in the presence

Of angels and Lord I adore!

Then I look up and see in essence

Ceiling!  And looking down, the floor.



Yes, it was a dream but encouraged

I arose up, “Now will not be long,

Next step heaven!  I am not worthy

But through Him I now belong!”



Sam Cox 9.1.05


He is not ashamed of me, I know.

Will not hide His face from me although

I have sinned often, walked in selfish way,

Dreading that grim judgment day!

But this alone my God will see,

While looking down on sinful me,

A sinner saved by grace because,

Even though I had broken all His laws,

Christ Jesus took my place up there

His visage shattered! Did I care?

How could I? Did not even know.

My thoughts all fixed on things below.

But there He hangs, held there by nails!

For man the sinner only fails!

Man’s failure now assumed by Him

The Christ now hangs His visage grim!

All I can see contorted pain!

Not a nice sight and who is to blame?

Me, I cry! I cannot allow,

But He died there! Cannot help but bow!

And thank Him for His passion, love,

Cannot understand just way above

My thinking! Could I ever

Submit to such suffering? No! No, never!

I would run and hide! I would yell and cry

But maybe for my child I would die

But die for all? For everyone?

He died for you! You are His son!



Sam Cox 1.55.05


Yes, born for death! But did He know?

Destined to die to Calvary go?

From early childhood, yes, He knew!

Shadow formed a cross as He grew.



No, not a victim, not a martyr,

Not an accident, not a barter,

Born to die! Went willingly!

Heaven’s decree His destiny!



A shadow fell but did He flinch?

Contained, refused to give an inch.

He knew it was not His time to die!

Like, in perspective you and I!



“His name shall be Jesus. He shall save…” (*)

He was born to die! He came, He gave!

Wrapped Himself in service, He lived…

His death in plain view… “I forgive!”



That is why He died for your sins and mine!

Deity, we call Him, Divine,

More than divine, yet as man He came

Jesus they called Him. Jesus, His name!



“For He shall save.” Comfortless, He

Drew nearer the cross, for you and me.

For our salvation this price He paid!

Born to die! His pure life He gave!



Who is this man who made history?

Dying to make all mankind free?

Who is this man? This is history!

But truly lives now for you and me!



Why did He go? Forget the pain,

The agony! Just why was He slain?

You know why He died! Just do not forget!

Where God and sinner and Jesus met!



Oh, God! I am that sinner, forgive I pray!

Not worthy to gaze on your feet today!

Your bleeding side, your hands, your head!

Your eyes so sad for me you bled!



Responsible He was! He kept

His word, where saint and sinner met!

His life He gave for me and He died

That cruel death! Was crucified!



(*) Matthew 1:21



Sam Cox 12.25.04

Sat. Christmas Day


I cannot boast of righteousness

Or sinlessness, I know!

“Remember me!”  This poor thief cried

With nothing to bestow!



Thief did not even live by faith!

This was not  m y  excuse!

The “Just shall live by faith in God,”

How can I plead abuse?



I was abusive in the ring!

Proud of my speed and strength.

Deserving every condemnation

Of Hell, the end at length!



But, “Just shall live by faith in God,”

Then met more than my match.

That ended my short fight career!

No glory could I catch!



This had nothing to do with faith!

That self destructively

Though pleading for forgiveness,

I downgraded effectively!



Until I claimed forgiveness again!

When Pearl Harbor occurred!

Joined up later, The Philippines,

All excuses differed!



A sinner with the rest of them,

I served, of course, myself!

While fighting for my country!

Faith was put on the shelf!



“Forgive my trespasses,” I pled!

Like, most everyday!

This likely kept me humble!

How better can I say?



Those guys call me, Sky Pilot, Preach,

Though so far from the Lord,

And far from debating it

As though I could afford.



Yes, sin can take so many routes,

Like, pride worst of all!

Daily I must plead for God’s strength

Daily, lest I fall!



I cannot, I shall not fall,

This too, a Satanic ploy!

Through overconfidence, cannot He

This Soul destroy!



My confidence is in the LORD!

I trust Him and will not fear!

Trust Him fully persuaded that

I will always find Him here!



Sam Cox 01.27.09