I am not weeping, I am not crying,

I will be leaving when I am dying.

Because I am heading for that mansion in the sky.

But it makes no difference really,

A mansion or a shade tree

Or a planet to which I could fly.

I do not really need a shade tree

Because the weather is always healthy,

And like angels we are immune anyhow.

We are immune to the sneezing,

We are immune to the freezing,

And there will never be no sweat on my brow.

So I am happy and rejoicing

For that city, never noisome.

It will grow as the saints come marching in

Where the Savior is the light

In that city always bright!

The only sound we will hear is angels singing.

Can you dig it?  What a dreamland!

No more drums in that great band

And the only rap you will hear comes from below.

But you will not have to hear it

Nor will you have to fear it

For they that are below, stay below.

No more crying, no more dying,

And we will never hear no sighing.

There is no sickness or no death on that fair shore.

Thousand years will be like nothing

And up there will not hear no fussing

Just joy and peace and fun forevermore!

There will be work to do.  Do not sweat it

Never tired so do not fret it.

Will not need sleep just 20 hours of fun, fun, fun!

Then the other four or seven

Well, you know, the choir in heaven

We will be singing to the Savior evermore!



Sam Cox 04.17.04


Constellations, galaxies, the universe explore!

The speed of thought takes me there a planet I deplore!

Five other saints accompany me, like angels, we are as one.

We get together comparing notes when the day is done.



But do not doze while others sleep we wander through each camp.

Deplorable conditions one can feel the grass is damp.

What to do, we have got to show them somehow how to live!

Babies cry, we have got to teach them what the ground can give!



One angel dives, puts a kerchief on a baby’s nose.

Mother stares then takes the cloth to stop the sinus flow.

She looks around a blanket settles on the two of them.

Mother sighs, she wonders where?  But she does not contend.



Seeds they scatter everywhere fruit trees all around.

Some of the fruit is edible which everywhere abound!

Fruit they gather place beside the snoring companies.

Fruit is found, taste, compare with the growing trees.



Trees are nurtured, seeds are planted where ever space is found.

An angel dropped a tissue and a blanket on the ground.

Another one had spread some seeds, the growth was garden greens.

“I think the life span here has stretched to fifty,” so it seems.



Perhaps our job here is done for now.  Should we return and see?

I miss God’s loving smile.  Yes, let us see what it will be.

What?  Oh project!  Yes, perhaps some realm out there will requires

Our expertise, like, growing things new life to inspire!



So life goes on eternally from sphere to shining sphere.



Sam Cox 03.13.04


Will heaven enthrone kings of all tribes

And will there be crowns enough?

Do not bother this guy with such details

Crowns, robes all such stuff!



Crown is the symbol of top honor

All Saints will be honored there!

The least of all saints may show greatest

Nothing earth shows will compare!



What most of us think as important

Not fanfare, medals and such.

“Dear God, will you just let me in, please?”

Just being there almost too much!



But mercy and grace are much greater!

Matchless love is what I see.

Just how can you be sure old man?

His Grace far enough for me!



Yes, I am old and I am certain

I am close enough there to know.

The cleaning crew, if they have such,

Far better than Kingship below!



No cleanup detail, not needed there!

Stuffing oneself not for me.

Do not know if eating is involved at all,

Just have to wait and see!



As spirits we will know everything.

“Glorified body,” what is that?

What I think, there will be no restrictions

To Neptune in nothing flat!



Why Neptune?  Is limitless space not enough?

I believe that is what heaven involves

From here to Pincus #99,

Weightless, problem solved.



Existential is that near close enough?

No everlasting I will be!

In glorified body or spirit there

The heavens in heaven I will see!



So I will spend a millennium trying to figure

But time is no factor at all!

With Jesus there to inspire and bless

His presence alone will enthrall!



Ole’ Sam  06.03.10


Dear God, often I wonder with the Psalmist, “What is man

That You are mindful of him,” that You care.

Should You not be careful of vast space, eternal,

And with problems of the universe out there?



What problems?  No!  How could I imagine

My finite mind cannot grasp or take it in.

I search deep blue of heaven and all I see

Is deep blue, imagination cannot begin…



The solitude and quiet of deep heaven,

Yes, we know about the angels out there

For You made us a little lower than they,

We know, too, they are eternal and they care!



But we do not know much about other planets,

Occupied, sure there must be some around!

People with four eyes, two heads and antenna,

Yelling at each other with awful sound!



No!  Of course not!  That describes the planet earth,

The fallen planet, the one where I live,

But there is still hope for us I am assured,

I know one word upon God’s lips, “Forgive.”



Created in Your image this I surly know!

Forever we will live, no cares at all.

No sin up there!  I cannot help but know!

As sinless saints we will never fail!



That vast expanse that cannot ever be measured

As spirits or even with glorified

Bodies we will evermore be treasured

By God in His love and magnified!



But the lost ones, how can they ever realize

True peace or joy or satisfaction where

They are bound, loving their company

I am sure they will love their misery there.



All they need is a change of heart and desire!



Sam Cox 8.31.05


The Son of God, The King, The Lord,

Loved by Angels, by saints adored!

Saints, on earth, turn for comfort to Him!

Struggling to keep away from sin!



Sinners loving the devils ways

And in between so many strays!

Confused by the conflict of right and wrong

Not understanding salvations song!



Song of joy so peaceful and free!

Song that enticed and won me!

Song of the ages that saints adored

Song that without we cannot afford!



Song that forever more we will sing

Once we see our Savior and King!

Song of gladness that saints all love!

Song we will sing once in heaven above!



Song that we learned first at Calvary!

Song that redeemed and set us free!

It was so sad but the agony,

How could I miss? It was for me!



We sing the song! We love it so!

Do not have to wait for heaven’s glow!

It is a new song but do not have to wait

Until we arrive at heaven’s gate!



Sam Cox 1.23.05


Transcendent how else describe

What it was that came over me?

This feeling supernatural!

Just Jesus there I see!



The trill so overpowering!

Difficult to compare

Impossible, in fact, there is just

Nothing like it there!



Anytime, anywhere, past, or present,

Or future except,

As conforming to the future bliss

As consummate!  Perfect!



The person, Jesus, above all things,

All unimaginable!

Things; Prophets, Kings, Priests devoid of

Virtue or undiscernible.



Material, so wordless, so impossible

Yes, condensing from above,

God became man!  And subject to death!

He died!  And we called it love!



Figure approaching, walking on water!

What we drink he is walking on it!

Like a spirit but can be seen!

Disciples, of course, are fit–



Fit to be petrified!  How can this be?

Boat full of fish!  Nearly sinks!

Shocked, of course!  Now look at Peter!

Walks on water, then sinks!



The Christ reaches out!  Does Peter

Become a spirit like Jesus, too?

Miracles, with Jesus about,

And what more does Jesus do?



Takes us up!  Way beyond any planet

Or star to where?  Suppose?

A place!  Sure, heavenly in heaven!

Delightful!  I propose!



Figure immergence, hand reaching down

To lift this surly scamp up!

Sam, by name!  To the heavenlies where

Many more saints will sup!



On heavenly, like, soup!



the Sam loves soup!10-13


Tenderly He watches over this 94 year-old!

Do not need to hear it over again but I am told.

Deliberating, do folk resent that I still feel a prod?

Sure, feelings are hurt and I sense how He felt when He trod.



This painful path so long ago, for like, thirty-years and more,

Near the waters of Galilee and along Jordan’s shore.

Teaching this new way of LIFE, a new birth involved!

You “Must be born again!”  Then was the problem solved?



“Just how do you suggest that we be born again?”  The cry!

“Enter again the mother’s womb?”  Did I then hear Jesus sigh?

But many there were who discovered Truth!  And not just the few!

Miracles, even raised some from the dead!   Then Himself, empty tomb!



Problem solver, Jesus.  Compress Him!  No can do!

Fed five-thousand hungry folk, impossible but true!

Walked on water!  Then when Peter tries, sank after 3 steps.

Sure, a feat but Faith the answer!   Any other concepts?



Faith is the victory, a song sung often, but ask how?

Can we reach out and by touching folk heal?   Does God allow?

So I have known a few in the past, touching folk to be healed,

One stands out, like, untouchable!   So proud his fate seemed sealed!



Many healers, great names in the past,  yes, we have known.

Some in pride, self-exaltation, lifted up!  Now unknown!

Did not last!   Touch, sure, God’s touch lasting through the years!

God is loving and I am content to stay or go!  No fears!



Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be saved!  Good enough for me!

He saves, keeps and He satisfies and through pain I see,

Necessity to walk humbly!  And so someday to be

More like the Master in His walk, love tenderly!



To be like Jesus, is this not the aim of Saints?  True!

And did He suffer?  And should we, would be then be renew!

Suffering allowed but through 90 some years,

God has been with, shared all pains and fears!



Sleeping in holes dug, like, forty or some years ago,

Sure, many died.  Did I outlive all?  So

Something to do, sure, the preaching task!

Now it is just poetry as in old age, I bask!



Basking Sam 12.03.12