A lot of good work involved in

Titanic number two

Compared to the first one

Much bigger, better, too!



Yes, it floats and they boasted of

Titanic number one;

“Unsinkable!”  But it sank

Before the cruise was done!



Just what to say this, that

Good works cannot prepare

Anyone for heaven our

Good works cannot get us there!



Just faith in God’s grace

That is all the works I need!

I bask in His love and

“In green pastures feed!”



I have done nothing of real worth

Just love and live and bask

But when God gives inspiration

I consider it my task–



To produce from inspiration

And glorify His name,

It is because I truly love Him.

Do not want riches or fame!



And when I get to heaven (*)

I will fall down at His feet

And bask in love and mercy

His great sacrifice complete!



(*) Think I am being presumptuous?  Think the thief on the cross was, also?

Think you deserve heaven?  Think again!  I will pray for you!



Sam Cox 01.04


I slept last night where Jesus slept,

My back against the wall.

Humanity passed by all night

I could not sleep at all!



Disciples slept the sound of sleep

Hung heavy in the air.

The pressures of the day recalled

The need for slumber there.



But Jesus does He not convey

A superhuman need?

A driving force He cannot shrug

To banish sin and greed?



He is very old obeying thus

The need to sacrifice

Himself upon a cross of shame

To banish sin and vice.



He is Very Man in weakness shown

Cries out!  In His despair

“Why must I drink this cup of sin?”

Let Satan take the dare!



“You are the spotless Lamb of God

Not one is without sin.

As sinless You must take man’s sin

To death without, within.”



As Very God and Very Man

The Father “hid His face,”

From sin the substitute His Son

Demonstrating thus His Grace.



So by His Grace alone we are saved (*)

Not works!  He did it all!

As Very Man sins sacrifice

On Very God we call!



(*) Ephesians 2:8-9



Sam Cox 04.10.04


“I do not deserve,” “I am not good enough,”

Neither side will win!

For ever since Christ died for you

Ignoring Grace is sin!



It is free.  “Nothing is free,” you say.

Exactly why you lose.

Raised to feel that nothing is free,

You just sit back and choose.



Guess I will go the legalistic way,

Keep the law and pass.

You may be good for several days

But it just will not last.



Dependence a good word to learn.

Christ took your sins and died!

Because the “Wages of sin is death” (1)

He died!  Was crucified!



Salvation is yours once you depend

On Him who paid sins price!

It is free to all because Christ made

That single sacrifice!



Now when I sin I still depend (2)

On that one death, He died.

I come confessing, He forgives, (2)

I cannot be denied. (3)



His word is good, He keeps His word,

Whatever you may think!

The water of life is free to all (4)

All you need do is drink!



(1) “…but the gift of God is eternal life.”

(2) 1 John 1:9

(3) But David warns against presumptuous sinning.

(4) Revelation 22:17



Sam Cox 06.18.04


I must share what He has done for me

Whenever I look toward Calvary.

Know what He has done there for free!

I surely know!



Thinking, “What can wash away my sin?”

I realize it is the cleansing within.

Jesus!  Only makes me clean!

His cleansing flow!



Surely His blood purifies,

Magical?  Not just that He dies!

Supernatural the ties,

Christ’s blood to bestow!



It was a Lamb slain in days long ago.

Sacrifice for sins!  God told them so.

Representing Christ’s blood flow

Cleansing from sin!



Without the shedding of Jesus’ pure blood

There could be shown no transmission of love!

Wherefore, then, that pure white Dove?

Jesus’ baptism low!



So where am I now?  Communication cannot do.

I am old near deaf hardly tie a shoe!

Whole lot of stuff I cannot do!

Of course, I know!



Can write sure, can transliterate

A smattering; Greek, Hebrew, Asian, Indian my fate

Typing my thoughts cohabitate.

Is silly a sin?



Then I am a sad sinner but saved by Grace!

But this know, someday see His face!

How can any such a future trace?

That heavenly place!



Sam Cox 05.27.10


Doctors cannot do it, cannot heal the soul!

Cannot begin to try.

Cannot cauterize, may heal a heart but

To forgive, Christ had to die!



“The wages of sin is death,” so Christ

Assumed the penalty,

Because He loves us!  He took the cross!

Made it so plain to see!



Why cannot we take God at His word?

When He tells us, “I forgive!”

Gratefully lift up hands, now cleansed,

Thank Him!  Begin to live!



That is why He died!  Do not you believe?

Claim His forgiveness now!

Or did the Savior die in vain?

My sin He cannot allow!



The devil lies!  Forgive He will!

Do not live in doubt!  Receive!

He said, “Confess your sins.  I will forgive.”

Thank The Lord!  Just believe!



It was not an easy sacrifice!

Can you feel the agony?

The cost of our sins, His cruel death,

Something too hard to see!



Was Judas forgiven?  Of course he was!

Believe I hear Jesus cry.

Judas could not believe nor receive,

So in sin he had to die!



It is your never dying soul!

Take good care of it!



(*) “If we confess…” 1 John 1:9



S H Cox 11.1.05


Forgiven by the forgiving Master,

Died on the cross to forgive!

“They know not what they do,” cried the Savior

In agony died!  But He lives!



And still today he pleads, “God forgive,

I died for them.  Is it not true?

I am sins sacrifice, none other needed

There is nothing else left to do!”



At God’s right hand He stands, still pleading

We come in Jesus’ name.  God forgives!

I do not quite conceive the scenario

But this I know, He still lives!



And so He lives to intercede for us

Our own High Priest by the throne!

Surely understanding for He lived with us!

His passion pleads for His own!



God’s holiness swayed by Christ’s tender love!

What other way can we see,

His passion, His death for a sinning world.

“Father forgive” even me!



God’s holiness swayed by His love for man?

Compassion before man was born!

No argument fully aware of our plight,

He died, our souls to adorn!



Sam Cox 9.1.05


There is a river not of this world,

A river so pure and clear.

Swim to its clear, sandy bottom and

Breathe it in without fear!



The flow of this river goes on

Clear, bright, a cleansing pure stream!

Flowing through that City of God

I am transfixed by its gleam!



Of course, it brings gladness and joy!

Its sparkling, bright flow makes glad

All dwellers in God’s fair land

How can any be sad?



This City of God will flourish

And keep flourishing as long

As out God rules that fair city

And gives everyone a song!



The old, old song of deliverance

That Christ bought with His blood!

How can we ever forget it?

Life giving, cleansing flood.



That sacrifice, yes, we will remember

While ages continue to roll

Forever and forever with

God in complete control!



Then what have I to worry over?

Why should I fret at all?

Did God not say He would take care of us?

So come on! Have a ball!



Sam Cox 03.05