Sleepless no, not Seattle.  Placenta, I believe.

Thoughts intruding through the night, what I receive

Three crosses on a hill.  What else there?

On one cross, criminal!  What to compare?



Cursing his plight; as he did all his life!

Mean thief and killer.  A real life of strife.

All he knew was to steel and to kill.

Cursing his vile life there on a hill!



Center cross, a different story is told.

People yelled, “Crucify!”  Sure, He had been bold

To heal the sick, forgive sinners, raise the dead!

“God alone forgives sins!”  Priests truly said–



“This man claims ‘Godhood’, crucify this man!”

We know God in Heaven forgives!  Only God can!

Impostor!  Blasphemer claiming to be God!

Sure, performs many tricks hucksters can do more!



Calvary crucified!  The end of His tricks!

So now if He is able to escape this fix?

A borrowed tomb, many friends mourned as they buried,

Soldiers guarded, later the Mary’s.



Remaining cross tells a different story.

“I had to do it!  See, he tried to kill me.”

“When You come into your Kingdom, Remember me.”

Suffering Christ heard!  Through pain, gritting teeth–



“This day, in Paradise!”  You hear this now,

With Me you are forgiven as I truly declare

Kingdom or Heaven!   Everlastingly we will share!



the Sam  01.12.12


My heart, spirit, my  everything

Longing soul cries out

To my Maker, Lord, and my King,

What is this life all about?



Just why did you make us?  Why, why?

Surely You knew we would sin!

Capricious, You are not!  Life of strife

Could never salvation win!



Winning nothing.   You had to die!

Proof of Your love that is it!

Knowing consequence You would die!

Sin’s wages You assumed it!



Everything known before it occurred

And that’s what omniscience means!

Perfect in knowledge, everything known!

Surely this is what  it seems!



We created free moral agents

The meaning I, I can decide,

Sure, where I spend the Eternal Life.

That Deity contrived!



Meaning, the choice is mine complete!

I decide my own fate!

As Judge sits in His Judgment seat.

I come early or late!



Sure late it is assumption correct!

Too late to say, I am sorry?

But who can tell where God is concerned?

So I missed the trolley.



But God was a mind.  Mind of minds!

Nothing improbable!

Thinking worlds!  Into existence!

So what  could be impossible?



He has to love with our love in return

While His love is consummate.

Desires same but cannot be controlled,

Though it some early or late!



That thief on a cross, “Remember me…”

Nothing halfhearted there.

His love, just now articulate!

Can anyone’s love compare?



Thief on that cross “Remember me…” when

What more was needed?

Compassion only Christ’s love in

His death conceded!



His love made Him do it!



the Sam  12.19.11


Malefactor doomed in the eyes of civilized citizenry.

Thief, killer, outlaw, crucified on a rough hewn cross tree!

A Roman cross, oh yes, I did it!  I am guilty as accused!

Why did I?  Oh agony, it hurts!  Please let me die and be free!



What is this another cross, another killer?  So quiet now!

What is that, His bloody face?  A circle of thorns on His brow?

Those eyes they look at me as if to say, “Yes, so full of sin!”

No!  This cannot be!  Those sad eyes cry out, “I cannot sin allow!”



“My sin You mean?”  “Yes, and all the sins of the sinful world.”

The Christ?  Come down, a third cross, like, ugly serpent curled.

I cried out in rage, “Oh, stupid one!  This man is innocent!”

The Christ?  The Christ!  A wild burst of colors, like, banners unfurled!



I see it all now!  Please remember me!  Guilty though I be!

My sins are on Him laid, the sinless One, He dies now for me!

“Remember me (one for whom You die) when You come.”

Through blood He smiles and nods, “This day…”  Oh bliss!  I am forever free!



(This poem may not be beautiful but neither is the cross!

The thief’s only baptism was a baptism of pain, to stretch a point,

but God saved him anyhow!  Hallelujah!)



Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful and my song shall ever be.

Oh now marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Saviors love for me!

A hymn by Charles H. Gabriel composed in 1800’s.



Sam Cox 03.18.03

Just another thief saved by Grace


Thief on a cross, many more like him.

Converted by Christ from life of sin.

Repentant, he comes defensively

Plaintive the cry, “Remember me!”



Without hesitation, “This very day,

Be home with Me, to live and to stay!”

Confess his sins?  Did not Jesus know?

Make restitution?  How could he go?



Why do we make it so hard to enter?

Christ standing there, the very center

Says, “This day with Me!  My home above!”

So we are accepted, our home in love!



He lets us know what He wants us to do.

Not cut and cooked, like, a bowl of stew.

Make it easier, like, walk in the park.

Do it by day, if afraid of the dark.



Did it for me, cannot remember his name,

But up in heaven it will be the same.

Will not fault me for a bad memory,

Hey you up there in heaven I will see.



I think of Mitch that twitching hand tells

Take to heaven cannot stand that hell!

A believer?  Yes, glad you made it, son!

War is over, that day is done!



Cummerford, Floto, no neither one

But how should I know?  I am not God’s Son!

He died for everyone by that tree!

Praise God!  Oh yes, He died for me!



S. H. C. 09.08.10


Truly amazing, just think of it!

God loves everyone!

The thoughtless rabble paid to scream,

“Crucify!” God’s Son.



If you are truly the Son of God, save yourself

And us!  One crucified yelled!

Yeah, save yourself!  The rabble echoed

Of cheap liquor they swelled!



Scribes, the Pharisees, and priests

Observed with satisfaction

This rabble rouser will not bother us now!

His miracles are done!



But the other thief had few words and

Full of self condemnation

“Would you please remember me when

You come into Your kingdom?”



“This very day…in Paradise…”

The Savior’s heart in tune

You will be with Me, I promise!

In spirit they communed!



Sure, suffering is a normal thing.

This sin cursed world, we do!

Consider, if you will, the cross

Unleashed agony!  So true!



Horrific, unbearable, torture,

Not just spikes through tender flesh,

Belabor spit and insults hurled

Not fighting it, longing for death.



Wanting to die but that last breath,

Difficult to ignore!

Wrenching, struggling, mouth open wide

With gasping reaching for more–



Air!  But not there anymore!

Sheer blackness envelops all

In an instant!  Then brilliant light!

Answering heaven’s call!



“Father, forgive them!” the muffled cry,

“They know not what they do!”

I wondered with my sinful ways

Did I know?  Yes, it is true!



Sam Cox 08.24.10


The “Heavens declare…” a limitless

Space, of course, unending!

God inhabits!  Oh, He is there alright!

And everywhere contending!



A thief on a cross, God there beside,

What more does this crook need?

“Remember me…” when You enter heaven.

He is remembered indeed!



“Today with Me in paradise,” declared,

Forgiven, converted, redeemed,

And there was not ever an altar call!

And that was enough, it seemed—



As a thief on a cross, God there beside,

What more do criminals need?

“Remember me!”  It is a painful cry!

He is remembered!  Indeed!



The right from wrong, He only determines,

Whatever the judgement pending.

Since the “Just shall live by faith in God,”

Many criminals contending.



I left the Marines in a borrowed car.

So long before you were born.

So this silly kid tried to reenlist, ha!

Rejected, of course, forlorn!



So I tried the Army, found my home,

Did expert with the rifle,

Sure, as I in the Marines,

Just had to add this trifle.



Figure this, no relation but another Cox,

Same outfit, news came in

Made expert also thought most unusual!

So what is in a name?



But no matter I am in God’s Army, now!

Forget all the expertise

To be His greatest, humble yourself!

Pray!  Down on your knees—



To the Christ, consistent, theophany,

Very person of God!

Can any presence ever be more real?

Than Jesus our Lord?



By the Sam 6.13.15


Thieves unidentified beside God’s Only Son,

Pain no, agony endured by each one!

A tortured scream from one thief fills the air!

“…If you are truly The Christ, come down from there!”



“If you are The Son of God, save yourself and us!

What then are we but creatures of the dust?”

He echoed the soldiers and the mob below!

He helpless!  Dangling there!  No miracles to show!



His destiny from beginning was to seek and save.

So then as Savior, He was the sinner’s slave!

The sinless One there the sinners’ death!

“Father, forgive them…”  So near His dying breath!



Other thief one forced to steal to stay alive,

With waning breath to the other cried,

“We suffer here because of sinful deeds,

While this One for our sins His Father heeds!”



“Remember me…”  His slow whisper reaches ears

Tuned to catch the wordless thought of one who fears

Is sorrowful, repentant!  And sees the only One,

The Only One qualified As God, God’s Only Son!



Jesus hears!  He knows this broken heart!

Knew his earlier life, knew from the start!

Also, of the sins before he had committed!

Shameful deeds we all would wish omitted!



Deliver!  Help me!  Save!  The only cries He hears!

Night a time before wept over a city His tears

Could be for this city maybe for one He died!

Remember me when you come, the crucified!



This day in Paradise, with me, His whispered words.

A thief in Heaven now, Oh Yes!  He heard!

Can He say for us with closing eyes?

If so another thief up there surprise, surprise!



I once a thief 1.12.09