Do not know much but what I know,

What I know I share!

Used to make a buck or two

In places here and there!



Four cents a word or six or eight

(Whatever house you pick.)

‘Ideals’ paid more than any other

But then you are up the creek!



Cannot write what you want to write

Just soft soap, sweet and fair,

But now I am free to write about

What I want!  So there!



Now that was long ago, you know,

Like, after I won W. W. II.

A five-church circuit what I had to do!

Like not much else to do!



But fish around fine farmer ponds,

Like, Iowa has lots!

Find shade, take it easy,

If no trees, it is hot!



Yep, five of them, they were pretty small!

But treated them like a crowd!

Pound the pulpit!  Face gets red!

You come off pretty loud!



One church on Monday nights,

Eight ladies heard The Word each week

All were past their prime.

But if I meet them all in heaven

That will be just fine!



Soon graduate to only two

There is time to visit some,

Get to know the people more

Know where they all come from!



Had a fine church in Ventura!

Daughter came front and got saved!

I prayed with her that day of days!

That is all there is to say!



In heaven, hopefully, I will meet

A few more full of smiles!

“Thank you!”  “No, thank The Lord!”

I will know it all worthwhile!



All my kids and grandkids saved!

Great grand’s?  Give them time!

Know what?  Keep praying, that is what counts!

They will turn out just fine!



Sam Cox 9.21.05


Moon walkers have been there,

Green cheese is out!

Even weighed down it is

Hard to get about!



Feel light as a feather!

Could jump over the where?

Already on the moon!

Yes, how did I get there?



Neil Armstrong can tell you!

Just what to expect!

He has been there! Has done that,

Dependably correct!



Moon is not much to look at,

Does not throw a lot of light.

Try walking in the country

Though on a moonless night!



Touch your nose with your finger,

Cannot see that hand at all!

Once you have run out of street lights

Better watch where you fall!



You feel gravel with your left foot

Grass with you right!

You left bed bugs in that hotel

Now, pitch black the night!



I do not care where I am heading,

Just leave that buggy place!

Just shiver as consider

The millions on my face!



No moon and destination

Just nose pointing West!

The only road leaving bugs,

So guess that was best!



Lost! You ever been there?

Course not! Safe at home!

Hitch hiking not civilized,

Black staggering alone!



Black that it was, nothing at all!

Minutes seemed like hours,

Finally caved in, I prayed!

As pitch blackness devours.



Then lights, a black angel in a

Black Buick, it is a ride!

Picks me up, soon fall asleep!

Cozy inside!



Destination, who cares?

One stop, Heaven bound!

Angel gave me money!

God’s eyes on this clown!



Now wondering days are over,

Paratroops then pulpit!

90 years of being led by

Angels! Cannot beat it!



Sam Cox 11.15.08