Truly amazing, just think of it!

God loves everyone!

The thoughtless rabble paid to scream,

“Crucify!” God’s Son.



If you are truly the Son of God, save yourself

And us!  One crucified yelled!

Yeah, save yourself!  The rabble echoed

Of cheap liquor they swelled!



Scribes, the Pharisees, and priests

Observed with satisfaction

This rabble rouser will not bother us now!

His miracles are done!



But the other thief had few words and

Full of self condemnation

“Would you please remember me when

You come into Your kingdom?”



“This very day…in Paradise…”

The Savior’s heart in tune

You will be with Me, I promise!

In spirit they communed!



Sure, suffering is a normal thing.

This sin cursed world, we do!

Consider, if you will, the cross

Unleashed agony!  So true!



Horrific, unbearable, torture,

Not just spikes through tender flesh,

Belabor spit and insults hurled

Not fighting it, longing for death.



Wanting to die but that last breath,

Difficult to ignore!

Wrenching, struggling, mouth open wide

With gasping reaching for more–



Air!  But not there anymore!

Sheer blackness envelops all

In an instant!  Then brilliant light!

Answering heaven’s call!



“Father, forgive them!” the muffled cry,

“They know not what they do!”

I wondered with my sinful ways

Did I know?  Yes, it is true!



Sam Cox 08.24.10


Sure, we knew Judas as Jesus did.

Think He was fooled just a bit?

As treasurer, Judas, like, held the purse.

No, Christ was not fooled by it!



As a servant of sin he fooled no one!

Sure, loved money more than God!

When he threw that money at Pharisee’s feet,

Was it repentance in accord?



In accordance with true repentance,

Did he ever truly repent?

True repentance is followed by true hope,

As though receiving consent.



His spirit bears witness with yours when true!

We just know by faith forgiven!

We know, by faith, there is a place reserved

For this poor soul in heaven!



Great rejoicing!  We feel it inside!

Faith tells us so!

“Confess our sins…He is faithful and just

To forgive…” that sinner below!



God knows your heart, can you receive forgiveness?



Just me, Sam 60.02.11


The tumult, the tears, Golgotha spread wide,

The horror, the rocks, the bleak mountainside!

The only way that Christ chose decisively

That frightful cross, it was for you and me!



His body so racked with suffering and pain!

And how could He tolerate the sorrow, the shame?

Priests so determined, their self-righteous cries,

“He claimed to be God, yes!  For this He dies!”



“If You are who You claim then come down from that tree!”

But He gazed down on them in sorrow, piteously!

The Pharisees (religious) many did not come.

Did any receive?  Yes, truly there were some!



“Save Yourself and us!”  Cried the thieves on either side.

“Father forgive them!  So long they have been denied!”

Soldier gazing upward no longer was he bored,

“Surely,” he exclaimed, “This is the Son of God!”



Mary and John close by comforting each other,

Their relationship much more like, son and mother.

Yes, Mary well knew that her son must die! (*)

She leaned into John, there were tears in her eyes.



The tears were for her sons suffering that day!

Together they ignored the earth splitting quake!

The priests, in terror, fled screaming from that place.

“It is finished!”  The Lord cried, while on His face–



Through the grim blackness a lone light shone

On my God!  On a cross tree, dying alone. (**)

No!  No!  Not the end!  They buried Him!  He arose!

Over five hundred saw Him alive!  His church grows!



(*)   But the cruel cross!

(**) My tears near hid my type.



S H Cox 10.24.05


The kiss of death, what brought that on?

Jesus knew they came,

As though they had already come

Predictably the same!



He knew what lay in Judas’ heart,

“Son of perdition,” he.

He did, I think, misunderstand

The sum of victory…



A zealot, victory from Rome,

Gung-ho all the way!

Like some who preach morality,

The same parade today!



You would think they had joined the Pharisees,

The priests, the scribes, the lot,

The same that Christ called hypocrites

The same that Judas bought.



As all who tried to keep the law

He worked at it and more.

The law rose high above their heads

Too late he learned the score!



Too late it was the score he learned

That Jesus died for all!

For every sin man could commit

Including Adam’s fall.



Still he could have been forgiven

But not his bitter end.

Still clinging to morality

Did not Christ call him friend?



Morality comes from within,

Once Jesus had bought in.

Morality with empathy

Compassion is the thing!



You do believe that Jesus lived

And died and rose again?

So take His Heart, the heart that counts

He has cleansed you from all sin.



Just follow Him, the walk of Grace.

You have heard the word before.

He is gracious, loving, oh so kind!

Forgives each sin and more!



More than forgive, He will help you keep from…



Sam Cox 12.22.04


Dense darkness covers, how can this be?

Sun still high, crucifiers flee!

Run into each other, terrified!

Not realizing for them He died!



Meant nothing, their religiosity.

In the Temple daily, so candidly

The ritual of sacrifice was just that!

Just a ritual!  The depth, the meaning fell flat!



Yet when the heavens blackened that day,

Pharisees, even the priests, fled away!

Tore into each other, ridiculous sight!

But no sight at all!  Black, the black night!



Only faint light on that cross was seen!

By those looking up, what could this mean?

John gazed long then covered his eyes!

The women wept!  This was no surprise!



“Mary,” the voice from the cross was clear!

The Savior’s face only seemed to be near!

“Behold thy son!”  All eyes turned to John!

His figure in darkness slight surprise shown!



“John, behold your mother.”  Tenderness plain!

Felt by each other, a pledge contained!

Silence was broken, when suddenly

They heard from the cross, “Forsaken Me…”



“Why?”  His scream shatters the dark!

But as soon clarity found its mark!

In measured tones, “Into Thy Hands…”

Tortured Spirit had followed commands!



Darkness fled, evening light came clear!

Mary’s gaze turned as John came near!

Sadness but peace!  Was it faith inspired?

A new day dawning, was it truth conspired?






S. Cox 04.05.09


Brutality displayed that day,

Can never be explained!

Savagery within the hearts

Of sinful man contained!



They spat upon Him, ridiculed

With whips, His flesh was torn!

The mob of Pharisees gave vent

Miserable creatures deformed!



This miserable creature, Christ of God,

What was the charge trumped up?

Just every crime ever thought of

With some, the mob made up!



And a jolly time was had by all.

Then many thoughtfully

Picked up the cry, “Crucify!”

Everyone came to see.



“Who is the Christ?”  Could not careless!

Come on , it is party time!

Declare yourself an enemy!

Despicable His crimes!



But what was this crime charged to Him?

What had this god-man done?

He claimed to be the Son of God,

Yes, He claimed to be God’s Son!



So are not we all sons of God?

What is so bad about that?

But look, He really had healing powers!

So many had made contact!



Then too, consider Lazarus,

Already dead and gone!

“Lazarus, come forth!”  This friend called out!

And he did!  Grave rags adorned!



What can one say about that now?

Power over the grave?

Another thing, said that He was from Hell,

Your sordid soul could save!



And what about this clincher,

Himself seen alive and well,

By over 500 people, living!

His ascension to tell!



Actually, the only proof I need is this,

He lives within my heart!



Sam Cox  04.08.09


Like diamonds sparkling in the sun,

Simple drops of water gleam.

The sun makes bright this H2O,

Shining brightly, they just seem.



Sparkling as the sun just setting,

I am facing West for certain.

Even before this poem is finished

Evening will drop its curtain.



Night comes fast or my thoughts are slow.

Both, I guess, as composing,

Causing every other line to rhyme, like,

A country-boy proposing.



Do not know why, sure, this country-boy,

Honest while some are not.

Simple and honest, we will allow,

A rustic sort of clout.



John Mark the name, a follower

Of Jesus, but not near.

We, just mingling with the Pharisees,

Spying, it would appear!



It was soon they discovered him.

Jesus was not surprised!

This glance of recognition noticed

By a someone standing by.



John Mark, younger but noticed,

And recognized as one

Who followed Jesus though from afar,

He a Scribes only son.



Who later would rely on this trade to

Write, compile,

An exclusive life of Jesus, the Christ,

After awhile.



But backing to that fearful night,

Of capture by the hoard,

Of Pharisees and soldiers there,

Both with one accord!



When John Mark was recognized by one,

“This lad is one of them, too!”

Saw him there one snatched his cloak.

Fled naked from that zoo.



Of course, a zoo where they all belonged,

As animals trained.

To think and act as animals.

Of sensitivity drained!



the Sam 08.31.11