Jesus healed all who came to Him,

The sick, the lame, and the blind.

The lepers, those incurable,

Still today it comes to mind.



“A hypnotist!  A fake!” they cried.

“Just watch the disease will return!”

“A master craftsman, magician,

He, with Beelzebub, will burn!”



But their unbelief came from him,

The one who ‘believes and trembles’ (*)

And the self-deluded just grow and grow

As today Satan assembles!



“What more can you ask?  The pleasures

Of sin, do they not satisfy?”

“Come live as you please and when life

Ends in oblivion, forever lie!”



This is not a true statement,

As Paul sincerely declares,

Who saw and heard from Paradise (**)

Secrets beyond compare.



And well we know, have felt the heat,

Of hell from time to time.

Nirvana, oblivion, how can you believe

The devils insidious line?



And still many chose the devils lies,

Just cannot seem to help themselves.

Deluded they think ole Satan’s imps

Are cute little furry elves!



Did not do Lazarus a favor when

God hauled him from Paradise,

Unhappy return to a world of sin,

To answer the sisters cries!



Yes, Satan lies, as God is truth!

He raised the dead!  And again

They will be raised everlastingly

Just whenever God says, “When!”



(*)  James 2:19

(**) II Corinthians 12:4



Sam Cox 09.26.03


God still rules the universe despite the noise and strife,

Must shake His head at times to us just a part of life.



Does He weep, I wonder? We were, “created in His image.”

“Jesus wept,” a time ago difference not hard to distinguish!



I believe He wept often for lost souls out of His reach,

A chasm, man’s will, contending even God cannot breach.



The Christ, of course, superlative seems at times so hard

To understand or reach Him. Do some then just discard?



Time to seek, search harder. Could be a test, do not know.

Test! I am sure! Just do not give up testing helps one grow.



Grow in Grace! Contingent command? Not uncertain if

Stay with it! The uncertainty can cause a rift!



Do not give up your faith! God gives! Stay faithful and trust!

Trust in Jesus, never let go without Him, back to dust!



Choking dust, philosophies of men, Nirvana and such.

Duplicities, the Shangri-La’s, all that turn to rust!



Choking dust measuring well the times that we have left,

Just an infinitesimal moment maybe soon to be cleft!



Yes, near next to nothing! Compared to Eternity!

Wonder when we arrive what happened to earth to we?



Forever! Can any fathom? Sure, imagination fails

Utterly to comprehend a suggestion that prevails—



Anytime in this short life to compare to immortality!

That anything will ever end and especially we!



God is Eternal! We cannot be like Him

Foreverness, Eternal, it surely grows dim!



How can any comprehend pre-existence? Only deity!

Does God know what I am trying to figure? Yes, and only He!



And He will know what we come up with as we project.

Not a matter of right or wrong! But so we connect?



In thought Word and deed, to the Saviors positioning?

For the Eternal life for which we are conditioning.



Are you ready, my brother, for that journey?



The Sam is 5.27.14


We are the most miserable of men

If the dead rise not!

Just to lie there, mingle with earth,

No soul just die and rot!



No!  “Goodness and mercy have followed me,

All the days of my life!”

The rigors of farm life projected an

Adventurous future of strife!



Cannot begin to describe the misery of

Some of the tasks I endured!

Could not wait to get away from drudgery,

Freedom from farming secured!



Like, up in the mow, been trashing time,

To describe sheer misery

Storm of dust!  The struggle to stand,

An impossibility!



“Let Sam me do it!”  They all agreed!

The dirtiest task for me!

“Sam likes dust!”  Another declared!

Who am I to disagree?



Those people all dead now, except for Paul,

Who seemed exempted from work.

Seemed like a tragic separation,

As there was nothing to shirk!



My only hope at times it seemed,

Death and my resurrection!

Hope in Christ and heaven above!

A beautiful connection!



Live this life!  Non-Christians contend!

This is it!  It is all done!

70 to 80 years at the most!

Not Nirvana, has just begun.



According to many, life goes on,

Interminably until no end!

Each new life in a lower form,

Until worm or amoeba tend.



To perish but then possibly

The upward swing begins

To drag one back to eternal oblivion!

To Nirvana!  All those things. (*)



Though my life on the farm seemed that way,

The ever downward trend,

Think I see it was good for me!

Determined not to bend!



My only pleasure now extends to

Doing His will each day!

My talents directed now to keep

On going the Jesus Way!



(*) Hinduism replete with foolishness!



Sam Cox 12.14.08


I do know what is next while I am

Still living in the past.

I have so much there to live for

Determining what lasts!



Remembering God’s loving call,

Through loss, then comfort comes.

Urging forward repeatedly

In spite of bitter moans!



Considering the loneliness

Involved in glancing back,

I am forced into thinking gratefully,

That He kept me on track!



Often I am kept wondering,

Especially through dark nights,

With knowledge of eternity that

Land that is so full of light!



Bright light of God!  Through the darkness now,

While past predicts the present,

Light, full knowledge, prophetically,

The future effervescent!



Convincingly, the future holds

The brightest of all prospects.

All I know is what Jesus promised,

His futuristic concept.



Many others, I am thinking,

Utopias’ by the dozen,

Laughingly Nirvana, forget it!

Forever sleep for the chosen.



Now, I am chosen for  “delights

In the Lord.”  This He will give

You the desires of your heart, with

Him I have chosen to live!



Many mansions, planets galore,

Forever!  No limit to space!

Forever, no end, eternity!

See everywhere, His face!



Eternity, identity!  Yes,

You will still be you!

Forever identifiable

Once out of this zoo!



Consider this, “I will return

That you may be with me.”

To dwell forever in Heaven-land!

In blissful  liberty!



Can any promise with this compare?

Whatever else is true?

No, nothing can come anywhere near

What He has promised you!



Sam Cox  08.09


What is life all about?  What?

Sure, “Image of God,” we know.

Christ came to earth, a baby, a man!

We saw Him learn and grow!



Image of God!  Of course!  What else?

We are not god-like!  Why?

Sin separates!  Does likeness change, too?

Looks deceive, sure, we die.



We look at Adam, Abraham, sure!

Mephibosheth, him, too!

Imperfections, sin!  Sure, it lays claim,

We know what sin can do!



Sin changes things!  Out of the Garden,

Out of Eden!  But see

For all who are changed by Christ’s presence,

Another Eden!  For free!



Paradise so near heaven’s shores,

Although not all that clear!

The where or what just leave to God.

Surprise me, Lord!  Do I hear?



God of surprises!  Just leave it to Him,

But good, bad, heaven, hell,

No surprise!  There!  All so clear!

The bad know all too well!



Who live for this day nothing beyond,

Death of a beast, life then,

Life of the beast, the death of one

No Nirvana for him!



Nirvana yes, some think City Neath a hill

Consider:  city not near big enough,

Planetary system!  Who then can know?

Not Biblical, Satanic bluff!



Should we not, then, leave it to God?

Surely His plan, you know!

City, planetary, God’s ideas far

The best for creatures below!



Sam 07.29.11