Will heaven enthrone kings of all tribes

And will there be crowns enough?

Do not bother this guy with such details

Crowns, robes all such stuff!



Crown is the symbol of top honor

All Saints will be honored there!

The least of all saints may show greatest

Nothing earth shows will compare!



What most of us think as important

Not fanfare, medals and such.

“Dear God, will you just let me in, please?”

Just being there almost too much!



But mercy and grace are much greater!

Matchless love is what I see.

Just how can you be sure old man?

His Grace far enough for me!



Yes, I am old and I am certain

I am close enough there to know.

The cleaning crew, if they have such,

Far better than Kingship below!



No cleanup detail, not needed there!

Stuffing oneself not for me.

Do not know if eating is involved at all,

Just have to wait and see!



As spirits we will know everything.

“Glorified body,” what is that?

What I think, there will be no restrictions

To Neptune in nothing flat!



Why Neptune?  Is limitless space not enough?

I believe that is what heaven involves

From here to Pincus #99,

Weightless, problem solved.



Existential is that near close enough?

No everlasting I will be!

In glorified body or spirit there

The heavens in heaven I will see!



So I will spend a millennium trying to figure

But time is no factor at all!

With Jesus there to inspire and bless

His presence alone will enthrall!



Ole’ Sam  06.03.10


Now can anyone doubt God’s existence?

His watchfulness and His care,

First, His existence, just look around,

No, you will not see Him out there.



He is Spirit!  He is everywhere.

Look up.  Can you see vast space?

Just a bit of it, a very small bit

And you cannot see God’s face!



So many things we cannot see,

Admit it!  The wind that blows,

A gentle breeze, soon a hurricane!

All is still but the result shows.



Can see devastation everywhere!

Tsunami, just what controls?

Are any Buddhists waking up?

Many women want to know.



Suns and planets in limitless space,

Billions of suns we cannot see.

Enough heat  generated in space

To last through eternity!



A loving God!  Yes, He can control

The earth, the skies, the seas!

Not Neptune, nor Thor, no man as God

Not even Hercules!



God made trees, flowers that grow,

Corn and wheat to sustain!

Sure, one can curse God, if he desires,

And one can get used to pain!



But I choose God!  Just no other way

Someone out there really cares!

I am beggar enough to take what He gives.

I will take it, thank Him, and share.



Jesus, God’s Son, God, none the less.

Who was crucified by scum!

Rose from the dead, ascended above.

Someday will rule everywhere!



He rose from the tomb and ever lives!

And living, He signifies

That Satan is doomed for eternity!

It is certainly no surprise!



Sam Cox 4.28.05


Stars, the Heavenly bodies’ shining fair!

Did Eternal One have in mind;

Neptune, Jupiter, way out there?

And closer Mars well defined!



By some, no not me!  I have no ax to grind.

I just exist on smaller earth!

Few smaller some may find.



Fading out the moon may have been

A planet eons ago!

I make no claims, what does

This country boy know?



But developing interest, I admit, as

On a time I did think

Hell, would have to bigger, much!

With so many on the brink!



Hitlerites to name a few million

Seclusive unbelievers all!

Whoever hated God enough to,

With other maggots crawl!



Defining in part God haters!

And not just in heathen lands!

Many who crucified Jesus!

Pretending to understand!



Godly nations filled with ungodly people,

Heathendom well defined!

One considered; earthly people stink!

Nose in air, so refined!



Claiming much!  Believing so little

Knowing even less!

Considering all those inventions

My stupidity, sure I will confess!



Yet without knowledge of Deity

How can I be any better?

I know but do not tell that

Not doing the latter.



Go!  Preach the Gospel everywhere!

The Christ’s last command!

Are we stupid?  Just do not understand?



Disciples understood!  Even the doubting one,

To India, Mar Thomas still tell

Of Thomas, no longer doubting, showing

The way from blazing Hell!



The Sam 1-2014

A bright sunny day in in January


The way to the God we nailed to a cross,

Tender mercies denied!

Chose a path of painful death but saved

By the One crucified!


Of  fish  species in the waters,

That is different kinds, my son.

Countless!  Just who can count them?

But God names every one!



While animals, not microscopic,

Cannot be counted!  True!

Or named!  Those above the waters

I cannot!  Can you?



While the stars in God’s endless space,

And planets way, way out there…

Mars, it is the nearest I can see,

Is dimmer but still fair!



Then Neptune, waters cover so much!

The fixed land, small by compare.

Who knows if there ever can be any

Creatures way out there!



Then there is Jupiter, really huge one,

And could it be the land

God has made to house the redeemed?

Heaven’s golden strand!



Do not know, of course!  And who am I to

Even contemplate?

Cannot figure at all and that is why

God is never out of date!



Trust Him!  You know He is trustworthy!

Fish He guides through the sea,

How much more important then

To God are you and me!



the Sam considers  10.19.12