Not what but Who created

The worlds and space without end.

Not what but Who stands by us

Always quick to defend!



What, suppose you, would happen

If God withdrew His care?

Look out into black darkness and see

Nothing, nothing out there!



No sun.  No moon.  We are spinning

Completely out of control!

A growing, roaring as we

Approach the blackest black hole!



What, suppose you, would happen

No heaven, no hell at all?

No retribution rewarding,

No God on whom to call?



We cry out, “Oh God,” or “My God,”

Most times we know not why.

Could it be that subconsciously

We are afraid and want to hide?



There is a heaven!  There is a Hell!

Both were created, you know!

One for repentant believers,

Satan goes down below!



No hiding place from God, you know!

One thief repentant, one not!

To one, “Meet Me in heaven today!”

The other received his lot!



There is no intermediate!

No western front, all quiet.

“I do not know Him,” but the other one,

Well, it is either heaven or riot!



Sam Cox 06.16.04


Ever stop and consider

The wonders of God’s Grace?

His own perpetual motion

Spheres spinning out in space?



Will earth, one day, stop spinning?

And what about His love?

The earth upon its axis

It is all controlled above!



The spinning is timed perfect!

It is out of control!

The sun, the moon, the planets,

Well-timed as ages roll!



This is not accidental

Nor is His love for me.

Well-timed and orchestrated,

Along with grace so free!



Believe Him and accept Him

Yes, it is conditional!

He will not force it on you!

Perpetual, free, and full!



Perpetually inviting

“Come,” He invites you still!

“Delight yourself,” to love Him;

Start spinning in His will.



I cannot understand it;

Nor can you, friend of mine!

So why not name it proper,

Perpetual God designed!



SHC 11.02.02


Moon walkers have been there,

Green cheese is out!

Even weighed down it is

Hard to get about!



Feel light as a feather!

Could jump over the where?

Already on the moon!

Yes, how did I get there?



Neil Armstrong can tell you!

Just what to expect!

He has been there! Has done that,

Dependably correct!



Moon is not much to look at,

Does not throw a lot of light.

Try walking in the country

Though on a moonless night!



Touch your nose with your finger,

Cannot see that hand at all!

Once you have run out of street lights

Better watch where you fall!



You feel gravel with your left foot

Grass with you right!

You left bed bugs in that hotel

Now, pitch black the night!



I do not care where I am heading,

Just leave that buggy place!

Just shiver as consider

The millions on my face!



No moon and destination

Just nose pointing West!

The only road leaving bugs,

So guess that was best!



Lost! You ever been there?

Course not! Safe at home!

Hitch hiking not civilized,

Black staggering alone!



Black that it was, nothing at all!

Minutes seemed like hours,

Finally caved in, I prayed!

As pitch blackness devours.



Then lights, a black angel in a

Black Buick, it is a ride!

Picks me up, soon fall asleep!

Cozy inside!



Destination, who cares?

One stop, Heaven bound!

Angel gave me money!

God’s eyes on this clown!



Now wondering days are over,

Paratroops then pulpit!

90 years of being led by

Angels! Cannot beat it!



Sam Cox 11.15.08