So we know when He is coming?  Told the disciples very soon,

Of course, we know that they had been with Him many years, ending gloom!

Simple glance at His timing, “A day is as a thousand years,

And a thousand years is as a day.”  Told them to end their fears!



At 95 I know I will see Him soon, time not an element!

To cause anxiety soon enough, all passing containment.

As pebbles left on a sandy beach change with time passing!

Time, short or long, as we make it, it is still everlasting!



 “A day with the Lord is as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.”

Give or take, think eternity!  No end considered, it is God’s way!

Mind boggling to consider, God always was!  But I have learned not to question.

He is Eternal!  No beginning, no end!  So what does it mean, predestine?



God knows all!  Sure, He knows you and me, it is safe to trust this condition!

God loves all!  Did He not say on the cross, “Forgive them, they know not what they do!”

And the thief on the cross, dying, “Forgive.”  They know not what they are doing.

“Remember me,” His answer, “This day in Paradise with Me!”



I do not question God!  This I have learned, Trust Me forever!

Loves me!  The cross proves that!  Procrastinate never!

One thug could be heard above the noise of the crowd gathered,

The cry, who can forget, “Remember me!”  Other went to Hell cursing. 

Then, how do I know?  Bent feeling still nursing!



But faith, “Substance of things hoped for,

Evidence of things not seen,” and much more.

Loved one long gone, like, nearly forgot!  Angels shining, a beautiful sight! 

Singing, This Golden Daybreak With Never A Night!



Title of a song I just must compose someday!



The Sam 01.19.14