PARADISE IS (II Corinthians 12:4)

I have no charge from God to keep silent

Over things apocalyptic by device.

No vision from God of the future

As had Paul of third heaven, paradise.



So why is it considered ludicrous

To contemplate imaginatively

The joys God has planned for His beloved?

Fantastic joys for you and for me.



We are to comfort one another with these words,

Words about our future God has planned.

Many mansions, so do not be troubled

And positions for many to command. (1)



Considering the wide open spaces,

(I do not mean deep in the heart of…)

Desert land?  Not nearly space enough!

But galaxies God’s space up above!



Ridiculous?  No!  I do not think so!

Ridiculous it is to assume

That every orb that God put out there

Is as dead as Mars or the moon!



So why is it thought of as peculiar

Assuming live planets, out in space?

Did God create voids unpredictably?

Not a chance, considering His grace!



He is gracious!  He is loving and almighty!

And He said, “I go to prepare…” (2)

In His house we are told, “Are many mansions,”

And by God’s grace there is one for me there!



(1) “   ruler over many…”

(2) John 14



Sam Cox


“Wrap the drapery of his couch about him,” how about a body bag?

“Lie down to pleasant dreams down there,” or watch that body sag. (*)


Forget all that corruption!  All dust to dust will turn.

May pipe some music to that grave, good listening while you burn!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  What difference will it make?

God puts it all together again almost like shake-n-bake.


God made us and He can unmake, like, throw away some stars.

Whole bunch of unmanned planets, too, like, Mercury and Mars!


Is there a purpose in all this?  Who knows?  I know God knows!

Tsunami power can destroy!  As can the wind that blows.


Whole lot of fire down below!  A lot of gas and heat.

Mount Saint Helens and Vesuvius both prove that is hard to beat!


So can we trust our God to save?  Provision has been made!

You cannot hack it be yourself, good works will not make the grade.


Salvation is by faith alone and absolutely free!

Christ made provision on that cross!  His blood now cleanses me!


What more can simple pilgrims ask?  Lie down to pleasant dreams?

That dream may last a second, you will wake up realities!


So real you will never give a thought to what transpired before!

So real we will not have thoughts to waste on skies or walls or floor!


So real we will recognize each face though ageless we will be.

And visit?  Time will be no more, just everlastingly!



(*) Some lines from Thanatopsis.



Sam Cox 04.04.03


How to activate the vision to see beyond the stars,

Beyond the Milky Way, our sun, Jupiter and Mars.

Imagination that is the key, just wander in the sky

It will take throughout eternity!  But first we must die!



Death so simple, so precise, a momentary change.

The spirit leaves the body, nothing else to rearrange,

Except the change so radical hard to understand.

We are recognized, called by name, yes!  By God’s command!



Paul was caught up to the third heaven, “Paradise,” he said!

“Unlawful to repeat.” That is where Angels love to tread,

So God wants to surprise us!  How happy we should be!

We will be with Him forever!  It is God’s eternity!



He will send us when He wants us!  He is the boss, you know.

If Saturn is where He wants me I will be glad to go!

Maybe some light years away but with speed of thought

Time and space are meaningless, yes that is what we have got!



Eternity with the spirit clad, matter will not matter,

The din of time obliterated, done obnoxious clatter!

Reality?  The spirit world!  It will extend forever!

The sounds of heaven soothing, clear!  Percussive sounds?  No never!



In Heaven music from The King!  Of course, He is the Master!

What we hear now just compare nothing short of disaster,

Noise!  Not tuned to heaven’s sounds, tangy and abrasive.

To worship adoration not at all conducive!



So what we have here we must live out!  Cannot hasten the process

Of dying!  God has work for us while here we must focus

Contributive to living in this life, in the dying!

Lying down to pleasant dreams to waken in the morning!



Meet you there!



Sam Cox today 05.31.05


Well over a hundred billion orbs out there

Are suns, we call them stars.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star.” Not planets,

Like Jupiter or Mars.



Little stars? That blasting exploding furnace

Emits more heat than one can imagine

Of course, it cannot be imagined. We try

But we are only men.



One cannot equate the power on a million

Three by five cards.

Impossible to measure, you may try, they have

Tried and tried so hard!



But God’s universe is immeasurable

Like way out there forever and ever

Just as God is Eternal, always existed

You can date Him never!



His Power, of course, what? Immutable! (*)

Just think! Examine the process

All universality examined

Impossible! It is not contest!



What is the point? Give it up! One cannot fathom

Forever Eternity!

Just how God always existed, it is just

Beyond you! Way beyond me!



Give it up! Admit it, you are not God

But know He does truly exist!

From the tiniest bug to the greatest star,

In Him, “All things consist!”



(*) Omnipotent


Sam Cox 2.10.05


Stars, the Heavenly bodies’ shining fair!

Did Eternal One have in mind;

Neptune, Jupiter, way out there?

And closer Mars well defined!



By some, no not me!  I have no ax to grind.

I just exist on smaller earth!

Few smaller some may find.



Fading out the moon may have been

A planet eons ago!

I make no claims, what does

This country boy know?



But developing interest, I admit, as

On a time I did think

Hell, would have to bigger, much!

With so many on the brink!



Hitlerites to name a few million

Seclusive unbelievers all!

Whoever hated God enough to,

With other maggots crawl!



Defining in part God haters!

And not just in heathen lands!

Many who crucified Jesus!

Pretending to understand!



Godly nations filled with ungodly people,

Heathendom well defined!

One considered; earthly people stink!

Nose in air, so refined!



Claiming much!  Believing so little

Knowing even less!

Considering all those inventions

My stupidity, sure I will confess!



Yet without knowledge of Deity

How can I be any better?

I know but do not tell that

Not doing the latter.



Go!  Preach the Gospel everywhere!

The Christ’s last command!

Are we stupid?  Just do not understand?



Disciples understood!  Even the doubting one,

To India, Mar Thomas still tell

Of Thomas, no longer doubting, showing

The way from blazing Hell!



The Sam 1-2014

A bright sunny day in in January


The way to the God we nailed to a cross,

Tender mercies denied!

Chose a path of painful death but saved

By the One crucified!