When Jesus was born in that manger

Did any expect to see

Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind,

Hanging from a cross tree?



Or anticipate the trouble felt

By disciples just learning to walk

Stumbling along in their sinful way

Listening while Jesus taught?



And did they anticipate God’s heart

Breaking in sending His Son

To die the torturous death He died?

Did they think that anyone?



On earth was near worthy of that price?

We threw it back in His face.

But He died for mankind anyway,

How can we measure Grace?



The measure is found when He rose from death!

When hundreds saw Him alive.

The same who had seen Him on the cross

The same we had crucified!



Sam Cox 3.23.05


Greens then lives on forever!

Of course, never dies!

Naturally baby cries out

Filling lungs where he lies!



As did The Christ in a manger

And to the world not strange

For you see He created it!

No, not just rearrange!



For from nothing He made it all!

Inventive genius for sure!

Earthly inventors all must fall, they

Have much to work with, endure!



We all must bow to revere,

Worshipping fully in fear

Or gladness, if sins are forgiven!

Anticipating the Heaven!



Joy unspeakable! Full of glory!

Ever praising who made the story,

Jesus came down purest baby born

All people around to adorn!



So happy it is Christmas everyone!

Work completed! The cross has won!

For those outside Jesus has tears

He already died what is left is in arrears.



What more can Christ do to prove His love?

What more is left to take us above?

His love inclusive of everyone

For this He died, yes! For everyone!



And He died for me, the Sam

Do you wonder why I love Him?