Yes, “Jesus, wept,” is weeping still.

Watch Him sobbing on that hill.

Jerusalem in darkness lies.

He sees the city, sees the cries.



He sees my city, He sees yours,

The tempting shadow that allures.

He whispers softly, “Come to me…”

I see Him hang on that cross tree.



I do not want to hang there ever

That would only comfort sever.

The ‘Man of Sorrows’ what a name

For the Son of God who came.



Ruined sinners to reclaim

Sinful wild offspring to tame!

Yet crucified with Christ I am

Unless I am a wayward lamb.



Sure, I must die if I would win.

I know He suffers for my sin

He weeps, He dies, how can I not

My life lay down, erase that blot!



So “Crucified with Christ,” I see

Eternal future, victory.

Yet see the Savior weeping still

Father comforts while oceans fill.



Will ever love and sorrow meet?

Only when we stand complete

And weep no more as Jesus’ bride

We are safe to evermore reside.


On Heavens shore The Tempter gone

Forever lake of fire borne.

Where he belongs no comfort zone

No pity! He will not be alone!



Sam Cox 12.28.04


Since reborn, often after sliding back,

Like, that lost lamb Jesus found.

Sure, He held me to His bosom there

His love like non else around!



Compassionate and understanding!

Even while He knew deep inside

This ‘Son of Adam’ so long deserted!

Knew I would sin again and hide!



Knew long before that a cross was prepared

Just waiting to do Him in!

Did then his shuddering ever stop?

Knowing He would claim all my sin?



Then I would sin again acknowledging

The cross that He must bear!

Did I give no thought to invariables?

Guess I just did not care!



Hiding what from the ‘Man of Sorrows’?

He sees everything and knows!

Every sadness and all sins always!

That on man always grows!



Of course, it was His reason for dying,

Perfection had to die!

The Pharisaical imperfections

All showed!  He must die!



Sinning often!  This I acknowledge

And for forgiveness always came!

Never considered myself as perfect!

Only Jesus was His name!



Not much thought given to my sinning

And would He die again for me?

What I realized through all of this,

He died once sufficiently!



All sufficient, once for all time!

Do I then wear Judas’ shoes?

Then will not walk long in presumption

To end up with Judas’ dues!



Not much thought given to repetition!

Or would He die again for me?

What I concluded through it all

He died once true sufficiency!



I am truly happily satisfied!



the Sam 12-13


He reads my mind!

Of course, He can!  He made it!

He does not make me think His thoughts

Nor can I contradict it!



Contradict?  But first I must know,

What God is saying truly,

And if my life is a contradiction.

Thoughts too are unruly!



God says more than the Bible tells us!

And here false teachers flourish!

The unprincipled, the ignorant

On this truly nourish!



Just they who, “Delight in the Lord abide,”

Abiding in Him we delight!

Cannot ‘delight in’ unless we abide!

Experiencing daily on sight!



Of course, we see Him, the One we love,

Deep in your heart you can know!

“Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!”

Small children who love Him so!



“Unless we become as…” we cannot know

Him who loved us so much.

He endured the torture of cruel death

From some who had felt His touch!



Many who had felt the Healing touch

Who slipped back into old ways,

As Israel, the backsliding heifer, (*)

Went sinning, the rest of her days!



Does not the word suggest as much?

The backsliding (one who once knew),

Had an intimate knowledge at one time.

Does not the word construe?



Seems tragically impossible to

Know salvation then skid

As far back into old ways of sin!

Like, Satan won the bid.



Liking the thought (of what he threw up)

Assimilating again!

Savoring, enjoying this time again

The sickening taste of sin!



(*) Hosea 4:16



the Sam 05.04.13


Christmas a mere holiday most of the world around.

India, Tibetan Highlands can be heard the sounds,

Silent Night, Holy Night, Joy to the World!

Even in China and Russia, atheist controlled.



Brings a tear to the eye of Africa’s savages,

Where time-out is observed, wildest ravages

But remembering, as you do, gifts given received

Without a thought of Christ-child, Heaven conceived!



We grow up wishing presents, sure, even aged,

Gift exchange, Santa Claus.  Sure he’s the rage!

Heathendom established, British American way!

Wonder what cannibals in around have to say…



But what about us exchanging gifts with one another?

Gifts were given by Wise Men to The Child’s Mother.

She received gifts given out of love for Him,

Truly wise, they knew that God was within.



So today gift exchange should be done with thought,

Not what they need, keep in mind bought

Us with the price, His Life on Calvary!

Torturous death of 6 hours for you and me!



Why then should I not arrogate demands on the flesh?

What then, His horrible death for me!

Think then, could I even bear the thought

Of torturous Calvary?



Destined for that punishment on that cruel cross.

Could any even think, horrible thought!

As a boy, He knew what awaited His future.

Just think of the shudder that brought!



“Man of Sorrows.”  Such contemplation!

So hideous that knowledge!

Of dying, sure, yes He knew that He would!

Our sins, from such carnage!



“Lay not this sin to their charge.”  His cry,

With blood, their spit hanging there

On His face!  Crown of thorns on His brow,

While tormentors laughed!  Not a care!



the Sam 12.18.12


“Lion of the tribe of who else?”

But Jesus!  The Christ crucified!

Prince of Peace!  The Lamb of God!

Who gave His life for all, died!



Now, hear His roar!  “It is finished!”

As submitting to cruel death,

Death on a cross.  Slow.  Torturous!

But triumphant the cry, with last breath!



“Man of Sorrows.”  Can you imagine?

Acquainted with grief all His life?

Resting in deserts, pillow a stone.

Suffering through stoning and strife!



His cry through such torture, challenging,

On a cross dying in shame.

So torturous, designed for worst criminals!

Very worst!  Not just in name…



Like, rapists, killers, the very worst,

Like, Barabbas, the one released.

“Free this one,” religious crooks yelled,

“Crucify!”  Barabbas freed!



Tragic death this man of sorrows!

Yet the Barabbas in me and,

You, for us, this Christ-man  d i e d!

Cannot think to any degree–



 Of hypocrisy of any kind,

Consummating mad!

Insanity.  Most terrible joke!

World has ever had!



Than God the Son as worst criminal

Man can ever imagine,

Dangling by nails!  For all of us!

Even that religious one.



Caiaphas, of the high priestly order,

They, all of them, leering there.

“He saved others, let Him save himself!”

John, Mary, so sad.  Fair.



Worshiping, full knowing why He died!

Sinners freed from death and hell

Receive not rejecting Christ of God!

Full knowing that all is well!



the Sam  10.25.12


He lived as a mas, the desert not kind!

Cold nights counted stars, like, any man!

But unlike any, He placed them all there.

Lived a man’s life, this He chose to do!

Left peace of Heaven!  How this construe?



Love for a lost world, so unspeakable!

Love, the holiest!  Unimpeachable!

Made us!  Loved us!  Oh, yes, sinful man.

Suffered for us, died as no man can!



One God, but God the Son, He chose to die!

The man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!

Why did He do it?  Sure, beyond belief.

How, unlike any, His love for fallen man,

Believe Him and live!  As the Angels can!



Delight in God, The Creator!  I see,

Miracle worker, so man crucified!

I am a man, oh, yes!  For me He died!

On a cross, sure, the very vilest of  all.

Chosen to die there and cannot you see?

He became the vilest, certainly for me!



Murderers, killers, myself, everyone!

Listen up!  From Heaven!  This is God’s Son!

No slimy creature on that cross tree.

Holiest from Heaven, Holy Angels bowed low!

Of course, just hate from that pit down below!

Sure, all of us have fallen, especially me!



the Sam 08.14.12


The beauty that God has created,

Just open your eyes and see!

So green the grass, who painted it?

And that beautiful leafy tree!



Sure, God alone could make all that!

To quote another poet,

“Only God could make that tree!”

And all about God did it!



Mount Everest, sure, and Kanchenjunga,

Nearing six-thousand feet high!

How can they not understand The

God who will never die?



And always was imagination

Staggers realizing the thought!

Of a God who had no beginning!

Yet man is loved and sought!



He created us, why He feels it:

The responsibility!

Did Jesus die for nothing up there?

On that horrible tree?



So why then did He suffer and die?

Of course, we know that He did!

‘Foxes have holes,’ but Jesus had no

Place to lay His head!



Then the very worst of torture,

Dangling by nails, named

Crucifixion.  Responsibility lies on

All mankind, to be blamed!



Man’s sins put Him there on that cross!

We are responsible!

Life so full, man of sorrows called

His suffering:  complete and full!



He endured for the joy set before Him,

The joy of His home above.

Is that not a part of our exportation?

Sure, He is the God of love!



The only God!  The Creator of all!

I do not worship high mountains!

Or the sun!   Or the solar system!

God who did contends!



the Sam knows it!  07.18.12