“I Am the beginning and the end”

Just no other God around!

Created, made from nothing at all!

Who else then can be found?



In Turkey soldiers boarded our ship!

I feared them, looked so important.

Sure, and did we have something to hide?

Remembered my deportment!



Just 10 of age, I was frightened!

But my brother, Bill, seemed so calm!

His attitude no cause for fear!

Sure, no cause for alarm!



Somehow I wonder did this feeling

Contribute to the thought

Of course, the ridiculous fear

Their self-importance brought.



And so this thought of self-importance

Was it contributively

To the slang descriptive of one

Like, a stupid Turkey?



Gobble Gobble, of course, the sound,

Not natural.  Sounds laconic

Adhering to the natural sounding

Made by one ironic!



Did Christians sound silly about Heaven?

Or was it the whole bit?

Eternity?  Heaven or Hell,

Sinners just do not buy it!



Jesus said it, sure God came down

His claims of Majesty.

We can know this beyond any doubt.

The Word as certainty!



Will I think then in my Heavenly home

How could I have even wondered?

Surely Satan lowers the mists of doubt

In what God has thundered!



Are you ready?  My Brother?


the Sam


Contingent upon nothing!  God’s Word does not comply

To sophisticated finesse or try to pacify

The arrogance of fledglings who claim to know it all,

Who trip on that stumbling block where Christ is all in all!



He is certainly a good man!  But then how could that be?

For was He not a liar in His claim to Deity?

Liar or good man?  Neither one for He was (is) God!

All His words and works proved that He was Lord of Lords!



King of Kings, who, in His love, proved true majesty!

Dying on the cross for all, setting captives free!

“A prophet, like, Mohammed…” oh please, give me a break!

“Mohammeds’ bones are on display.”  So Jesus was a fake?



Our Savior left the tomb complete, ascended to the throne!

“I go to my Father,” He said, and He was not alone.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Three in One, all there!

The Blessed Trinity!  One God, the fairest of the fair!



Miracle of miracles, completeness, blest Trinity!

God gave His Son, Jesus died, the Spirit comes to me.

Look about you, miracles!  In everything you see!

And you will see another in God’s Eternity!



(“Who (Jesus) for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross;

despising the shame, and is now at the right hand of God,”)



Sam Cox 03.04.04


Creator God! He did it all!

How can we not believe?

The predicated facts are clear

This mystery we receive.



There was nothing there to start with,

What God did is quite plain.

Created in a spacious void

All vast space contains!



“Came into being,” it was God!

Oh, how creation sang!

Made it all from nothing at all!

He did not need ‘the big bang’!



Song of creation! Song of Songs,

Behold! The mystery!

Everything from nothing at all!

God always! Majesty!



We cannot explain the mystery

Of God’s creative power.

How? Why? We do not need to know.

He is with us every hour!



Nothing out there, just maybe God

Always did have His place.

Let us face it, we cannot understand

His territory, space!



(And God does not make mistakes,

But I see somehow I made a bunch.

Guess I should not have stopped for lunch.)



Sam Cox 4.14.05


God is a mystery, man cannot define!

Explain His all power, God the Divine!

We cannot!  Definable only in terms

Of limitless Majesty nature confirms!



To continue the journey in mystical realms,

Contained solar guidance, ships without helms,

God guides, sustains, without sound or thought!

He powers the universe!  Cannot be bought!



For love is the catalyst far reaching beyond

Time, space, evermore, leaving no sound!

But His gentle thunder, while cannons insist!

Cannot compare to sounds of His bliss!



Reaching from the heavens with all embracing,

His love is real and not without tracing,

Trace all to Calvary, love without limit!

Can any fathom or ever explain it?



Became sin!  Who knew none or any defilement!

Contaminate purity?  Yet, was God sent?

God’s only Son but did He go willingly?

Living God’s love!  Loving continually!



Loving still loving just how can one doubt it?

Loving us still!  I will never debate it!

Proving daily, His love, through blessing!

Who then can keep from His name confessing?



Not me!



Sam Cox 03.25.09


My God, You are so wonderful to me!

You are wonderful and I see,

Creator God and lover of a  !

And ruling in Majesty!



But despised and hated, Satan’s first cause.

Christ, rejected by men

Crucified, died in agony!

Still our Savior when…



Once accepted and leave Devils Den,

Saved!  For Eternity

Devil is angered!  And we rejoice!

Each day, forever FREE!



Your beauty exceeds all the Angels,

Reflected in all you have made!

That everlasting sky!  Gorgeous flowers!

Resting in evening shade!



Crystal pools from waterfalls fed!

Rocks made smooth by all

The water falling, weather beaten.

Yes, I hear the call!



Call of the weathered, stronger because

Of toughening storms of life.

As man, Jesus, stronger through trials,

Sleepless, praying through strife!



And truly dread through Eternity of

The life you would have to lead.

Suffering and crucifixion

Laughed!  As they watched you bleed!



Crucified GOD!  Hard to reconcile,

Their maker, loving, true!

Still He cried out, “Father, forgive them,

They know NOT what they do!”



Ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed,

Reflection of Satan’s place.

Cross only answer to sinfulness.

And Heaven’s Eternal Grace!



gratefully, the Sam 01.08.13