What is it all about anyway?

What can we learn from life?

Nothing at all for the most of us.

Fun!  Make more money, strife!



Strife shows up in the wars we fight.

So many killed for – gain?

Make war!  Get!  What else?  Rule the world!

Profit and loss the name!



Love less, more war, beauty is pain,

More pain the beauty brings.

Then there is the war to end all wars!

Victory!  The heart sings!



Not to forget the profit and gain

For this no end is in sight!

Gain the world, lose your own soul.

Idea?  Might is right!



Money, “The love of…root of all evil!”

How can one fend this lust?

To gain all the wealth this world can boast

Then sigh as it burns to dust!



Fun, a dizziness, “Let it all ride.”

The Ferris wheel of life!

Headache, the heartache then following

How can one end that strife?



Except to love my Savior and Lord

More than all of these!

Exercise the prayer life much more!

Sometimes on bended knee!



But then the posture does not matter

As the posture of the heart!

A posture weeping for souls of men

Somehow a forgotten part!



Like, the “Go ye into all the world…”

Is this not why Christ died?

His purest longing for souls of men

Willing the crucified!



Willing, no, eager to suffer the pain

To assuage our sorrow our loss,

To bear our sins, torment assured!

Torment!  That horrible cross!



Suffering in Hell, could any forget?

Is it not what we deserved?

God claimed it!  He made it His own!

Eternally He conserved!



“I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live…”

Galatians 2:20



Sam Cox 0614.10


Well, of course, no money in it!

What makes the world go round?

Cannot do without it, to love it is sin!

A way to treat it I have found—



A necessary commodity

Purchasing things that you need.

But aside from that do not hoard it, right?

Do not let it go to seed!



Old farming expression, go to seed

As the weeds that spread when left.

Pull that weed, put it in the sack,

Bonfire tonight good effect!



The love of money is that seed,

Weed, root of all sin!

Contained within that love is the lust

To hold, embrace within!



“Money, I love it!”  My cousin once said.

I inadvertently cringed!

Learned later he owned half a township,

Dead now, trust he is not singed!



“Love of money the root of all evil.”

Money, I love it!  Do tell?

Truly do not know what happened later,

Except he died, I hope not in hell!



Greed, the desire to possess

To have, possess, to control.

“Hold them, fold them…”  Then in the end

Dead!  Never dying soul.



What then?  With the rich?

Nothing left to proclaim, had his way.

“I did it my way, truly I did…”

What now is left to say?



Cannot take it with you.

Rich man, from hell cried to Lazarus,

“Just the tip of your finger

A drop of water…”




Sam Cox 06.13.10


My love for money is no more!

What good can money bring?

Cannot buy my way to heaven or

Cannot bribe my Lord and King!



“Your money perish with you!”

That is what I would hear Him say,

For wealth is more that burdensome,

Forgotten how to pray!



No, money is not my problem,

I just need to do my thing!

Some men have to preach The Word

While some just have to sing!



So I just have to write a poem!

And write some more, it flows.

Some read, some do not!  It matters little,

I need to write, just grows!



Believe I will keep it up until

Christ come but then, I guess,

When I cannot lift a pen no more,

Type, I must confess.



What then?  Guess my life Is over?

What more can I do?

Oh God, forgive (I have preached it often)

I will pray!  Yes, pray to You!



Nothing, not much left you say,

To pray is that the best?

Compared to a fine table set,

Pray!  It is no contest!



“Praying always with all prayer

And supplication,” too

Whatever else, may have in mind,

Prayer!  Far best for you!



S. H. C. 10.6.05


Jesus suffered long before men

Beat His body! Watched Him bleed

Pain and suffering! These His fortune

Predicated by mans greed!



How could love profane a temple?

Love of money? Sure, it is true!

Temple hawkers, Christ rejected, (*)

What else could The Master do?



Give your life? This is the premise

This is what He is searching for.

“Save your life and you will lose it.”

Self-fullness God does deplore!



How can any miss the promise (**)

To the loving, giving soul?

“Give and it shall be given,”

Back to those in His control!



If we truly love The Master,

What we have belongs, you know,

To Him! For His ever loving service

For His work of love below!



Any other thought conspires to

A point of greed and shame!

Will he perish with his riches?

Cannot be blest in Jesus’ name!



(*) Discouraged? Is it strong enough?

(**) They do differ.



Sam Cox 2.08.05


My dreams may, like, happen but never come true!

Become, no matter how real seeming a few!

Development but not as Daniel’s became

Or a Joseph, thrown in a pit!  For shame!



Brothers feared those dreams may come true,

Sure, hated his guts, “I will rule over you!”

Strange, it may seem, those dreams did develop!

As a mean letter from a common envelop.



As those dreams did really happen that way!

In Joseph’s life, what more can we say?

Reads like a novel, Slavery and Imprisonment!

God had His way, we see Joseph as sent!



Ruled over the land during famine time!

Evil brothers driven, changed, near sublime.

Hey!  Read the strange story!  Thrill to the end,

Joseph with family reunited!  Contend!



Not pretend, all true!  Great men in the past

Have sworn by it and ‘on it’, truths that last!

And will last forever!  Washington’s claim!

May its truth continue ever the same!



“In God we trust,” as our money speaks out

Against itself, so without ever a doubt

As legal tender for change of necessities!

And not for power propensities.



The bent to hoard, amassing in greed

It is for the love of money, the very seed

“The root of all evil…” I must possess!

Cause of all conflicts, confess–



To the simplicity of truths learned in God’s Word

Basis for centuries that still under-grid

The seekers of truth as God is over all!

Not seekers of wealth inducing the fall

Of so many to a life of crime!



Did not Jesus promise, “I will never leave you?”



the Sam  03.27.12