Yes, “Jesus, wept,” is weeping still.

Watch Him sobbing on that hill.

Jerusalem in darkness lies.

He sees the city, sees the cries.



He sees my city, He sees yours,

The tempting shadow that allures.

He whispers softly, “Come to me…”

I see Him hang on that cross tree.



I do not want to hang there ever

That would only comfort sever.

The ‘Man of Sorrows’ what a name

For the Son of God who came.



Ruined sinners to reclaim

Sinful wild offspring to tame!

Yet crucified with Christ I am

Unless I am a wayward lamb.



Sure, I must die if I would win.

I know He suffers for my sin

He weeps, He dies, how can I not

My life lay down, erase that blot!



So “Crucified with Christ,” I see

Eternal future, victory.

Yet see the Savior weeping still

Father comforts while oceans fill.



Will ever love and sorrow meet?

Only when we stand complete

And weep no more as Jesus’ bride

We are safe to evermore reside.


On Heavens shore The Tempter gone

Forever lake of fire borne.

Where he belongs no comfort zone

No pity! He will not be alone!



Sam Cox 12.28.04