Sure, we knew Judas as Jesus did.

Think He was fooled just a bit?

As treasurer, Judas, like, held the purse.

No, Christ was not fooled by it!



As a servant of sin he fooled no one!

Sure, loved money more than God!

When he threw that money at Pharisee’s feet,

Was it repentance in accord?



In accordance with true repentance,

Did he ever truly repent?

True repentance is followed by true hope,

As though receiving consent.



His spirit bears witness with yours when true!

We just know by faith forgiven!

We know, by faith, there is a place reserved

For this poor soul in heaven!



Great rejoicing!  We feel it inside!

Faith tells us so!

“Confess our sins…He is faithful and just

To forgive…” that sinner below!



God knows your heart, can you receive forgiveness?



Just me, Sam 60.02.11


Doctors cannot do it, cannot heal the soul!

Cannot begin to try.

Cannot cauterize, may heal a heart but

To forgive, Christ had to die!



“The wages of sin is death,” so Christ

Assumed the penalty,

Because He loves us!  He took the cross!

Made it so plain to see!



Why cannot we take God at His word?

When He tells us, “I forgive!”

Gratefully lift up hands, now cleansed,

Thank Him!  Begin to live!



That is why He died!  Do not you believe?

Claim His forgiveness now!

Or did the Savior die in vain?

My sin He cannot allow!



The devil lies!  Forgive He will!

Do not live in doubt!  Receive!

He said, “Confess your sins.  I will forgive.”

Thank The Lord!  Just believe!



It was not an easy sacrifice!

Can you feel the agony?

The cost of our sins, His cruel death,

Something too hard to see!



Was Judas forgiven?  Of course he was!

Believe I hear Jesus cry.

Judas could not believe nor receive,

So in sin he had to die!



It is your never dying soul!

Take good care of it!



(*) “If we confess…” 1 John 1:9



S H Cox 11.1.05


Can God forgive when hearts are turned

From seeking Him, to sin?

Against His tender loving care?

Try proving, come to Him!



The proof is found on that one cross

With Jesus in between,

“This day in paradise with Me,”

And He found sweet relief!



The Donners, crazy killers,

Now walking in the light,

Can this be true?  Do not doubt it,

In heaven, what a sight!



“I never thought I would see you there!”

You greet with open arms.

“You either!”  The answer is clear

So safe now from all harm!



Yes, hypocrites, too, can be saved!

As the Judas followers.

The heart of Jesus, to “All who come…”

Cowards and deserters…



Ashamed to own Him Lord and King,

As Peter’s cowardice,

Did Jesus die for nothing then?

He paid each sinner’s price!



He died for me!  But my sins took

Me so far away from Him!

His invitation, “Come back now!”

Yes!  I found peace within!



Thank you, Lord!



S H Cox 10.13.05


Centurion, strong, his muscles firm,

Through many battles!  Little concern

As he gazed upon that cross, he knew

Just what he must, he was called to do!



“Yes,” he cried, his eyes a bright flame.

This innocent man assuming my blame!

For my sins He suffers!  Cannot allow!

“No, no!” he yells!  “Bring Him down now!”



At that same moment, the Savior cries out,

His voice merging with the soldiers shout,

“It is finished!”  Their eyes locked in death!

Centurion received with dying breath!



Judas, a Judas, reveals the scene.

Centurion called in, face seems to beam!

“Guilty!”  The verdict!  “I will now serve The King,

His cross I will accept, my heart will sing!”



“For all the men you have put to the sword,

You will die by the sword!  This is my word!”

The ruling sovereign makes his decree!

Soldier must die without dignity.



In his heart the soldier know full well

That he was doomed, could not wait to tell

How one tough soldier, happy to die,

For another tough soldier they had crucified!



How well he knew that in heaven he would see,

Many he had sent to Eternity!

But for one, the Special One, he would cry!

And await that scarred hand to dry his eye.



Many unworthy, including myself, we will see in heaven.



Sam Cox 5.11.05


“The love of God,” how marvelous!

He died for you and me.

It was not an easy death, I know,

Think of the pain and agony!



Contaminated purity

My sins up there alone

Enough they were to sully Him

And cause His anguished groan.



We cannot understand the pain

Caused by the sins He bore!

Your sins and mine disfigured Him,

His broken heart they tore!



Can we begin to understand?

How can I know or see

The cleansing He accomplished there

Accredited to me?



Deliberate, yes, concentrate

Consider what He bore

We need to really realize

The whip, the nails that tore!



Too lightly we consider it,

The untold misery

Imputed guilt the staggering load

He bore for you and me!



Consider it more often

The priceless gift He has given.

His sacrifice of love for all

Yes, by love He was driven!



Just think a bit, appreciate

Exactly what He has done!

Judas, Hitler, Stalin, too. (*)

He died for everyone!



The groans His pain elicited

From whip and nails that tore

Cannot begin to predicate

The agony He bore!



(*) Not that they accepted.



Sam Cox 3.11.05


I am growing old but refuse to decline.

God help me to be strong!

Body tired but please keep my mind

From lapsing far along–



In forgetfulness of your perfect word

My delight and my guide.

Please help me remember what You have taught

For you have never left my side!



Keep me from disobedience and sin.

The sins so rampant today.

Sometimes I grow calloused, not meaning to.

Keep my heart tender I pray!



Help me to remember others, the lost,

I know that is where Your heart lies.

Though Judas betrayed, You called him friend.

Over Jerusalem You cried!



Keep me from growing calloused and hard,

Turning away from the sad

When I could help with a kindly word

To make that sad heart glad!



So many thoughts and so many words

Debasing and sometimes untrue.

 Dear God, I pray for a heart like thine!

A right Spirit, I pray, renew!



Sam’l Cox 3.12.05


Even when we sin, God is there.

Flaunt His love, He will not leave.

Trash His grace, His heart is breaking

Though still there He will grieve.



There is a passion that made Him die.

Even the men that nailed Him there,

He would have nailed Himself or try,

To prove His love, His care!



You know His love. You have felt His tears,

His heart broken for you.

He saw sins punishment, His fears

He bore it all for you!



What did our sins cost Him? You know!

Despised, rejected, then

He would still to Calvary go,

He would rather die than condemn!



Rejecting, they condemned themselves.

They sent themselves to Hell!

“Father, forgive them.” This He prayed,

Loved sinners, cannot you tell?



He died for them! He gave His life

Such love, it cannot end!

Even Judas, betraying Him,

Remember that Christ called Him, “Friend”!



Sam Cox 2.03.05