I am growing old but refuse to decline.

God help me to be strong!

Body tired but please keep my mind

From lapsing far along–



In forgetfulness of your perfect word

My delight and my guide.

Please help me remember what You have taught

For you have never left my side!



Keep me from disobedience and sin.

The sins so rampant today.

Sometimes I grow calloused, not meaning to.

Keep my heart tender I pray!



Help me to remember others, the lost,

I know that is where Your heart lies.

Though Judas betrayed, You called him friend.

Over Jerusalem You cried!



Keep me from growing calloused and hard,

Turning away from the sad

When I could help with a kindly word

To make that sad heart glad!



So many thoughts and so many words

Debasing and sometimes untrue.

 Dear God, I pray for a heart like thine!

A right Spirit, I pray, renew!



Sam’l Cox 3.12.05


He suffered pain in Galilee,

And near everywhere, too!

The city of Jerusalem,

Wept over that place anew!



Whole nights He spent in agony,

The sins of Adam and Eve,

Transmitted to all creation

In need of blest reprieve!



Why chose He those disciples?

Their willingness to obey?

They left all to follow Him

Recalled what He had to say!



All left their mark in history

Including the one who conveyed

Hypocritical love for the Master

The very one he betrayed!



But we keep our eyes on Heaven

Walking through hell on earth.

Remembering that blessed earth family

Heaven’s body in earthly birth.



The pinnacle of pain He reached

Once nailed up to that cross.

Comparing to the agony of

The calloused souls He lost!



Sam Cox 2.17.05


Yes, “Jesus, wept,” is weeping still.

Watch Him sobbing on that hill.

Jerusalem in darkness lies.

He sees the city, sees the cries.



He sees my city, He sees yours,

The tempting shadow that allures.

He whispers softly, “Come to me…”

I see Him hang on that cross tree.



I do not want to hang there ever

That would only comfort sever.

The ‘Man of Sorrows’ what a name

For the Son of God who came.



Ruined sinners to reclaim

Sinful wild offspring to tame!

Yet crucified with Christ I am

Unless I am a wayward lamb.



Sure, I must die if I would win.

I know He suffers for my sin

He weeps, He dies, how can I not

My life lay down, erase that blot!



So “Crucified with Christ,” I see

Eternal future, victory.

Yet see the Savior weeping still

Father comforts while oceans fill.



Will ever love and sorrow meet?

Only when we stand complete

And weep no more as Jesus’ bride

We are safe to evermore reside.


On Heavens shore The Tempter gone

Forever lake of fire borne.

Where he belongs no comfort zone

No pity! He will not be alone!



Sam Cox 12.28.04


A man lost his family in a hillside slide,

Tried to claw his way through the mud.

Desperation etched in his furtive attempts,

Houses crushed together in the crud!



Futility met with his every attempt.

Exhausted and fearful he wept!

Blackened from the dirt, his head and his hands,

Hopefully his vigil he kept!



Neighbors nearby sadly shook their heads

Tried to comfort, assuage his grief.

Meanwhile they kept digging, encourage their friend,

They could not reach the family beneath!



Weary from digging with bleeding hands

Neighbors tried to help, hopelessly,

Cried out through crushed boarding, no answer within.

Most friends moved off helplessly!



Does Jesus care? Yes, He does! He is weeping still!

He wept over Jerusalem long ago!

His heart is breaking for lost sheep along the way,

Cannot read His mind, but this I know!



He is weeping still. Yes, He cares for you!

His love is everlasting, cannot you see!

As He died on that cross, suffering for all,

He wants you, his child, indeed to be!



Sam Cox 1.29.05


Thankful, so grateful we are for our home,

And home away from just never alone.

For loved ones who care and for friends galore.

Never a want a need anymore!



Fire that drove us our of our lair,

Loved ones compassionate always there!

Giving us comfort, shelter, and food.

We praise Him forever! God is so good!



Soon back to our home appreciatively!

Though surrounded by fires survived safely!

Black smoke overhead a blanket so strange

Colors all about a complete rearrange!



Houses about us appearances as of fire,

Queer coloration all not to desire!

Strange feeling about us, just made us know

Hell not desired! Not the place to go!



Church the compassion one feels in that place!

Each one for another this moment of Grace!

Yorba Linda protected miraculously!

Believers live there, like, divine decree!



Our Father above who cares for us all

Who guides us protects us lest we fall!

Our hearts reach out to those who lost homes

Their loss is grievous and they are not alone!



Jesus had no home on earth for three years

He slept on hard ground it received His tears!

Tears for others, Jerusalem, Galilee,

He is weeping still for souls that will not see!



The Bible gives us a road map to guide,

No other book as important beside

This book that is hidden beneath a pile

Of novels, magazines not worth your while.



Bibles destroyed by fire soon replaced!

To Whom do we turn for living Grace?

Gods’ Word became flesh, some have received

Those who trusted in Him and believed!



So why on earth am I on this earth?

And why was I ever given New Birth?

“Let your light so shine,” is the Lord’s acclaim!

For this very purpose, He did us ordain!



Sam Cox 11.18.08


Singularly the God-man resolved,

The curse of crucifixion

Into a blessing for all humankind,

Without contradiction!



Steel spikes contained Him to that crude cross!

Thrown together to hold,

Thugs, criminals, malefactors!

Or even someone so bold–



As to call them exactly what they were,

Murders, hypocrites!

Common fact all Jerusalem knew!

The Pharisees and Priests.



And the Scribes along with the Pack!

Writing their villainous spew!

Crucify!  It was a long list of misdeeds,

All the could construe.



Common criminal, according to them.

Crime?  He healed the sick?

Gave sinners a hope of Heaven,

Sure, a slimy trick!



Everyone knows, only Priests can go to Heaven.

And maybe some Pharisees,

False hope He’s giving to common folk!

Sure, everyone He sees.



“Hurting our business!”  The Synagoguites

Cried aloud in dismay!

Cannot make a living with a Jesus around!

Sure, we Priests can pray.



Crucify Him!  Who needs Him around?

Strange at best, monitor shows!

Priestly thugs make the grade!

We Scribes enjoy the shade.



Love of money of all evils the root!

Cry, “We have to make a living!”

Charge them for every sin they commit!

Much more than they are giving!



Love of money, of all evils, the root!

But we have to make a living.

Charge them for every vile thought committed!

Much more than they are giving.



Love of money, the root of all evil.

Do we have more than we need?

Can we then name sins any greater

Than the sole one, greed?



I have plenty of nothing and nothing is plenty for me.

Sam’s song