I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice

In praise to You. You were my last choice.

Sure, I tried the world, there were many things

That I loved and lost, like birds on the wing!



With flattering words and undulating forms

Hiding vanity, subtlety hidden thorns.

“Come and go with me!” They said and I went.

I awoke in time, they were not heaven-sent.



I remembered my vows, found a girl who cared.

Made a life with her that we gladly shared.

Through thick and thin, mostly it was thin,

But we always felt that through Christ we would win.



Everywhere we found hungry souls who came,

Not a lot, but we went in Jesus’ name!

He never left us, was near all the time,

Often times unfaithful but when I would align–



And return to His side, He would always receive

And renew me and bless! Oh yes! I believe!

How can I doubt when He walked by me side?

Sometimes through darkness but still as my guide.



I will never forsake Him, though dark clouds should hide

His face for a time. I know He will abide

By my side, by our side, my wife and I

And take us both to Heaven when we die!



Of course we were not worthy but depending on Him

Who “will never leave us” through brightness or dim.

Through sunshine or shadows whatever we go,

He will always be with us! His Word tells us so!



“I will never leave thee not forsake thee…”



Sam Cox 3.30.05