Moon walkers have been there,

Green cheese is out!

Even weighed down it is

Hard to get about!



Feel light as a feather!

Could jump over the where?

Already on the moon!

Yes, how did I get there?



Neil Armstrong can tell you!

Just what to expect!

He has been there! Has done that,

Dependably correct!



Moon is not much to look at,

Does not throw a lot of light.

Try walking in the country

Though on a moonless night!



Touch your nose with your finger,

Cannot see that hand at all!

Once you have run out of street lights

Better watch where you fall!



You feel gravel with your left foot

Grass with you right!

You left bed bugs in that hotel

Now, pitch black the night!



I do not care where I am heading,

Just leave that buggy place!

Just shiver as consider

The millions on my face!



No moon and destination

Just nose pointing West!

The only road leaving bugs,

So guess that was best!



Lost! You ever been there?

Course not! Safe at home!

Hitch hiking not civilized,

Black staggering alone!



Black that it was, nothing at all!

Minutes seemed like hours,

Finally caved in, I prayed!

As pitch blackness devours.



Then lights, a black angel in a

Black Buick, it is a ride!

Picks me up, soon fall asleep!

Cozy inside!



Destination, who cares?

One stop, Heaven bound!

Angel gave me money!

God’s eyes on this clown!



Now wondering days are over,

Paratroops then pulpit!

90 years of being led by

Angels! Cannot beat it!



Sam Cox 11.15.08


Yes, I remember my conversion,

A tent meeting early in life,

I am standing outside, eyes on fire!

Horizon sliced like a knife!



A boy, same age, confronted me,

Said something about the flames,

Reminiscent of  H e l l  I assumed

I then preached without shame!



I led the lad to the tent then

The alter there was still full!

We knelt together, first convert,

Seemed with God I had  p u l l(?)



Later, I believe, I  l o s t  it!

Wanted to do my own thing,

Back and forth it was up and down

Guess I needed a fling.



Guess that is what I wanted so I did it,

Saw the country my way!

Transgressor’s way is hard!  I kept going!

Hitch-hiking  m a n y  a day!



From ocean to ocean, crossed many streams,

Mountains, yes, rivers, et al.

Ozarks, Badlands, The Black Hills, too.

Rockies, yes, mountains still call!



Then the big war, fought as First Scout,

Yes, God had His hand on me!

Powerful prayers of my mother back home,

Consummate blessings now free!



I obeyed God’s call to preach The Word!

Married a wife somewhere.

Evangelistly on request

Place to  p r e a c h,  sure, I am there!



Of course, God supplied all our needs,

We never once suffered want!

Desires of our hearts, yes that,  t o o.

Need something?  Come to the Fount!



We came, God blessed  e x c e e d i n g l y!

From son, two daughters, a tribe!

Grand and great grandchildren galore!

Which I love best, cannot decide!



Do not you know that that’s God’s love for us?

Could I ever suffer loss?

Do not need to!  Jesus died for us  a l l!

Horrible death of the  c r o s s!



Sam Cox  05.08.09


I was never ever lost, could always find

My way.  Ocean to the sea!

Sure, Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific

Hitchhiking far more to see!



Back and forward:  Texas and, of course, Utah!

No Mormons ever bothered me.

“Great Salt Lake” even tried to swim there,

Just impossibility!



Nebraska, so flat, but a gradual climb,

Colorado then Arizona, palm trees.

Near forgot Minnesota, sure, Idaho.

Phoenix, no ocean breeze!



Washington, Oregon, California,

Of course, Mexico!

Orphanage there.  We ministered.

Arizona, Nevada, below.



Did I forget the New England States?

North Carolina, and South?

Missed Florida, born in Michigan.

Pennsylvania, States South.



Wooster, Ohio.  Chicago, Illinois.

A brother lived there a while.

Oh,  forgot islands and India,

Lepers, can’t forget.  Defile.



“Don’t touch them, we say, but JESUS did!

And healed them wherever.

No cure for that disease none at all.

But with GOD never a never!



I was never lost, went everywhere!

The Turkey to Timbuktu!

Hitchhiking, what else, riding freight trains!

Well, nothing else to do!



But lost I was in the depths of sin!

In Japan, I discovered, true!

A missionary and an Army Chaplin,

Found then, what I had to do!



Many others with circumstances

Conspired to bring this lost,

Who was never really lost until discovered

Why Jesus died, this cruel cross!



Hard to believe Army in combat

When it was Reverend, Preach, the

Out of the blue my decision made

To give Jesus my all!



the Sam  10.28.11