Considering the normal, I am poor!

Except for God’s rich blessings!

Oh yes, He blesses daily with

Fine treasures I am confessing.

The need for more each day as I

Reach out for His Presence.

That Presence that He visits now

It is His very essence!

My mind He fills with thoughts each day!

Of course, I will do His bidding!

I wish to write them down to share

Thoughts humble confiding.

What God has called you to do, do it!

Without expecting blessings!

Remuneration eventually

Up there! In white robe dressing!

What better payment can be had?

Hear His kind voice saying,

“Enter now the joys of heaven

These treasures you have been laying…”

‘It is life Eternal now, all yours!’

What more can this sinner ask

To be with God forever more!

And in His presence bask!

Gratefully, Sam Cox 4.20.05


This is our home in time,

Nothing permanent.

The beauty that we can see

For our pure joyment.



Though blighted we are with pain

And sorrows crowd around,

We know just where to go

Where peace and joy are found.



Sure we go to our Lord

A continuing display

Of trust and contentment

Along this pilgrim way!



Face it, we are but pilgrims.

The beauty that we see

Mere caricatures of Heaven

Its joy continually!



So as we sing His praises

In hymns we confess

Our joy in His presence

And the love we profess.



Our love for one another

Born of God’s own love.

Just like a brand new brother

When we reach Heaven above.



Sam Cox 5.5.05