Someday I shall be like Him for I will see Him as He is.

This is not inconceivable the desire is not amiss.



To be more like The Master in thought, in word, and in deed

Is desirable and natural not signifying greed.



For geed is not included in the spirit-fruits we see

Gentleness and kindness these will last eternally.



Patience, love, joy, and peace continue evermore

They litter the fair streets of that everlasting shore!



The brightest smile imaginable will greet you over there

Whether angel or first arrival the greeting will not be rare!



Listen up!  We are bought with the blood of the Savior.

We are justified and cleansed from all debased behavior.



Just as if I had died but God did it for me.

I am cleansed, I am made perfect, I am now forever free!



Was not righteousness imputed to Abraham by faith?

Reconciled and credited, giving then a perfect slate? (*)



The witnesses of Hebrews 12, great cloud of scummy folk,

All anticipated heavens joys imputed, not revoked! (**)



I am scum but I am a child of God!  Please elucidate!

For if I should remain scum I may miss my date!



(*)  Romans 4:4, 8, 9

(**) Hebrews 11 and 12: 1-3



Sam Cox 01.20.04


Ecstasy, true word describing

Heaven’s joys forevermore!

Never-ending bliss extending,

No escaping that fair shore!



Evermore to think it over,

Did I do something right at last?

Nothing for which I can glory!

Nothing in my sordid past!



Everything I owe my Savior!

He is the One, He paid my way!

With His death He bought my pardons!

Nothing good have I to say–



For myself! I am not deserving

Of His love freely bestowed,

To the cross He took my burden,

Bore my sins that heavy load!



Do I worry about that burden?

Sins committed in the past?

Let us get serious, they are forgiven!

This joy will forever last!



Joy unspeakable and glorious!

Nothing here do I deserve,

All I want to do is worship,

Praise His name, and humbly serve.



Now I know the tears I am shedding

Are from the gratitude I feel!

But God dries the tears I am crying

And I wonder, is this real?



Yes! It is real! His Hand so tender

Touch my eyes and dry my tears.

Then His look, a smile to render

Joy! Such peace to banish fears!



God’s forever love now tending!

Yes, forever! There is no ending!



Sam Cox 2.22.05


Confusion on a city street,

With the noise incessant!

Horns blaring and people cursing,

Sounds not so pleasant!



Of course, one can get used to it

The regularity

Expectant, think nothing of it!

But annoying decidedly!



Then peace once home and tranquil, yes!

Easy chair, shed the shoes,

Daily paper and that TV show!

Or even the evening news.



This realty we can anticipate,

Of course, most the time!

But as we well know in some cases

It is not so sublime!



Sure, drunkenness is accountable

In some cases, some homes,

And once in hell they can expect

The same!  Far worse with groans!



Much groaning decidedly true!

With fire all around!

Especially the fires or regrets,

Lamenting the sound.



What more then can sound be accounted for?

Of course, very much pain!

“Fires of hell!”  That was chosen,

Why then was Christ slain?



Through a hell He went, just for us!

Consider His expectancy,

His place up there with its joys!

Then slow death for you and me.



If we suffer with Him we will reign with Him!

Those losses through death,

The pain that He suffered for you and me,

Do we die with every breath?



If we can live now expectantly

Through all sorrows and woe,

In anticipation of heavens joys

Joyously we should go!



the Sam 06.11.13