The tears of God washed over the land

Tsunami it is called.

Two children perished hand-in-hand

The whole world was appalled!



Yes, thousands of these little ones,

How merciful is God?

He takes them to His home above

It is His matchless love!



His matchless love provides for all

Who will but come to Him!

But age makes promises that call

Away from Him to sin!



The choice is ours, provision made

How can we miss His call?

Yes, crucified! He died to save

Not just the young but all!



The choice contends we choose between

The one and the other,

Accountability maintains

It is either live or smother.



To live for Him who died for us

How can we ever miss?

He died but lives, yes, rose again

To lead to heavenly bliss!



The resurrection story tells

Us it is the only choice

That counts for Eternity!

Just listen to His voice!



Saying; “Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”



Sam Cox 1.08.05


Once fog has lifted clear away,

Thus revealing a sunny day.

Fog 0f sin, can we not see?

What Jesus did for you, for me?



He took it all upon Himself,

Leaving the comfort of that shelf,

Of joy of peace, bright realms above!

Left it all for men, it is called love!



Did He have to leave home, heaven?  No!

Did God, over all, command go?

His comfort secure as all can see.

Did he not leave all just for me?



And you?  And no answers can remain,

Tell me, who on earth could then disdain

The desire for joy evermore?

To remain in heavens’  blissful shore!



Can any then imagine this,

Leaving all, yes, heavenly bliss?

To suffer with sinful people below,

Who really cannot tell which way to go!



Loving the sin they are living in!

Cannot see clearly to live within,

Realms of peace and joy that Christ shows!

That we can have as river flows.



Joy supreme can anyone know?

Christ makes promise to us below!

“Take up your cross and follow me!”

To know real joy everlastingly!



the Sam 10.01.12