It was after that foray before it happened,

Other side of this page,

Told Al, our squad leader, “I am going down,

Find me a grave.”



Well, a place to sleep really I meant.

So I passed up about five,

Found a deep one and empty too until

Its owner dropped in alive!



Jewish boy just started with the words,

“Reverend, I am an atheist.”

So when this skirmish broke out, knew

I could not sign pacifist.



I tried to explain I was not a reverend

But he would not take arguments.

God’s protection of me, he assumed,

I was, like, heaven-sent!



How could I argue?  Just did not feel

Religious as they would say,

“I need sleep,” I yawned, but he would not quit!

No sleep for me night or day.



A grinning squad leader jumped our hole,

“Let’s go!” he said, “and do not argue.”

Off again!  Only he knew just where!

Enemy guns we withdrew.



Strategic he mumbled and that was it!

My tree was machinegun riddled

Found out later Al had told all!

Including the x-rated.



I had, like, spilled my guts to him

Including the preacher thing!

How I fought the call to be tied down!

I was such a ding-a-ling!



Decided much later it was all for good!

Survived on a banana each day!

Hitchhiked most states affordably!

And experiencing hunger at play!



Did God watch this hoodlum as he barely survived?

Of course He did!  And survived he did!

Through Sin Town, Las Vegas, a slot machine

Doled out enough, home my bid.



Where I found another chance at real life!

Azusa Pacific I enrolled

Got my degree with a burning desire

The preaching task my goal!



What do you know those predictions?

Did come to pass!

And I have a purpose in life now,

And a joy now, joy that will last!



Your humble servant,

S. H. C. 10.11.10


I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice

In praise to You. You were my last choice.

Sure, I tried the world, there were many things

That I loved and lost, like birds on the wing!



With flattering words and undulating forms

Hiding vanity, subtlety hidden thorns.

“Come and go with me!” They said and I went.

I awoke in time, they were not heaven-sent.



I remembered my vows, found a girl who cared.

Made a life with her that we gladly shared.

Through thick and thin, mostly it was thin,

But we always felt that through Christ we would win.



Everywhere we found hungry souls who came,

Not a lot, but we went in Jesus’ name!

He never left us, was near all the time,

Often times unfaithful but when I would align–



And return to His side, He would always receive

And renew me and bless! Oh yes! I believe!

How can I doubt when He walked by me side?

Sometimes through darkness but still as my guide.



I will never forsake Him, though dark clouds should hide

His face for a time. I know He will abide

By my side, by our side, my wife and I

And take us both to Heaven when we die!



Of course we were not worthy but depending on Him

Who “will never leave us” through brightness or dim.

Through sunshine or shadows whatever we go,

He will always be with us! His Word tells us so!



“I will never leave thee not forsake thee…”



Sam Cox 3.30.05


Sit at the feet of Jesus the best place to begin

Your day! Do not think to start it without the Lord within!


You have started now remember your day has just begun.

Awake now and happy! You have just started to have fun!


Remember live for others that is where the fun begins!

Be careful, though, presumption could kick you in the shins!


Presuming to be helpful when not needed it is a no go!

A compulsive sort of service, happy ending? No show!


Best place to begin is in prayer, down on your knees!

I know not what you think but it is what the Master sees!


Just ask Him for His guidance then relax, sure He will lead!

Be surprised! When presented with the task to plant seed!


“He leads in green pastures,” do not you know that is what He meant?

Wonderful to step out knowing that you are Heaven-sent!


You do not agree you have to get out! Win the lost to Christ,

Grab the first one by the collar, start freaking out, not nice!


Not nice and bad behavior He may just punch you in the face,

Just pray for God’s guidance! Be happy! Show God’s grace!


What attracted you to Jesus? A tug on your tie?

I do not think so you just straightened it, turned and said bye, bye!



Sam Cox 1.04.05


“Save thyself…and us!” Christ could not!

For this He had come to earth!

Saved too from Herod’s fearful edict,

First of all a humble birth!



A sinner saved leaves much unsaid!

Just insert, “Saved by grace!”

That changes all!  I look up and see

Agony, one bloody face!



Cannot overstate His suffering

Immensity of His pain!

The spike, hands and feet, hanging there

Can sanity remain?



A thief blurts out, “Save thyself and us!”

Raging within himself!

No pity from that crowd below!

They have long stayed on a shelf!



Convenient there those ugly sneers

As thief screamed obscenities.

“Of course, I stole! What else could I do?

Beg for food, like, ‘help me, please!’”



“I would rather die than that begging thing!

Go hungry long before.”

Did You not fast for 40 days?

Nor do rich folk keep score.



He had heard of this Christ many times!

Of course, he believed,

But his desires ranged elsewhere.

Not begging, instead deceived!



“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.”

Is this not what you say?

Much more than mere credulity

Acceptance long delayed!



Follow the way of the Heaven-sent

“Leave all! Come and follow Me!”

“Take up your cross!” “Abide in Me!”

Is that all I see?



No, learn to love as Jesus loves!

Be what He wants you to be!

For whom the Son of God makes free

Shall be free indeed!



The free indeed S.H.C., that’s me! 11.18.10