I am leaving this world; I am going home!

A change must first take place

Whether dust to dust or to ashes. (*)

There is nothing left to trace.



Man cannot always salvage,

Recycle, or amend.

All he can dare is say a prayer

Then to the hereafter send!



Which, of course, is really nothing

For man has not the say.

God alone can read the timer

That tells us yea or nay.



So when the yea comes time I will sing,

I will belt it out for real!

I will sing “Hallelujah glory,”

For that is how I will feel!



The laughing angels gathering

Will sing along with me.

Of course, they know the song by heart

Whatever it will be!



The Savior hears our song and smiles;

Another saint has come.

How precious in my sight they are

I love them every one!



Like, you are either a saint or you ain’t!



(*) Sorry DNA excluded.



Sam Cox 01.8.04


Ecstatic in the wonderment as spirit did embrace

Another spirit known to Him a spirit saved be grace.

The joyful laughter from each one each relative and friend.

The laughter, more like singing, that with each other blends.



And this goes on forever, ah yes, so full complete!

No time or inclination for worry or defeat!

Just joy and peace forever, in fact, what do they mean?

No opposites of joy and peace not here so it would seem.



A new vocabulary now, hallelujah!  Yes!

I press toward the throne of God, many bow, I press!

His body glorified, I see nail scars in his feet!

The horror of His suffering I can see like a repeat!



My tears came slowly then a flood, the Savior reaches down.

He dries my eyes then tenderly He places a crown

Of righteousness upon my head.  This crown I do not deserve.

“You do, by virtue of My death, I took your sins.  Observe



The one you felt was hopeless, a prostitute, she came

I died for her I heard her cry.  She called out My name

I died for her, I died for you.  Now you are both the same!

This ‘Crown of Righteousness’ I give; I give to you in My Name!”



(His righteousness imputed to me as if I were truly

righteous, and I am in His sight!  “We shall all be

changed, for we shall see Him as He is.”  I Corinthians 15:51-56



Sam Cox 03.12.04


So there I was in the middle of it, this river so clear and wide,

And bright it was from a hidden source and I had no place to hide!


But why should I hide?  I thought to myself.  There is nothing around here to fear!

This ‘River of Life’ from the source of all life radiates nothing but cheer!


The water was calm and crystal clear and cool as an evening breath.

And strangely, I thought, there is feeling here!  Just does not seem like death!


But is was; in memory I felt the pain, the blackness of night,

The slipping away from reality, the loss of feeling and sight.


But look at me now!  Oh, look at him!  (The stranger running ahead.)

I followed him though I knew not why.  It was as though I was being led!


Impulsively I kept following on; I felt his exuberance, too!

Soon I was leaping as high as he with joy, so crazy and new!


“Come!” he cried, his arms flailing wildly!  “Where?” I answered but ran!

He plunged in the river then I plunged, too.  Together we laughed and swam!


“Up there on that hill, the heights above, the city we will see from there!

“Up there, the center of all our light!  Our Savior beyond compare!”


Recognition then dawned!  We rolled in the sand hugging and laughing for joy!

He had died of the plague, so many years past, when I was but a small boy.


Father and son reunited at last!  What could be better than this?

“Son,” father said, “You have not seen half.  Soon you will experience true bliss!”


Same age now, though ageless we ran!  Tirelessly and strong!

Soon mother, brothers, relatives, friends comprised a glad, joyous throng!


The City appeared, ‘The City of Light!’  So bright and yet without glare.

I just could not wait!  I ran ahead to be welcomed by Jesus up there,


But wait I must!

Just keep in touch!



Soon and very soon we are going to see The King!  Hallelujah!



Sam Cox 05.13.03


Malefactor doomed in the eyes of civilized citizenry.

Thief, killer, outlaw, crucified on a rough hewn cross tree!

A Roman cross, oh yes, I did it!  I am guilty as accused!

Why did I?  Oh agony, it hurts!  Please let me die and be free!



What is this another cross, another killer?  So quiet now!

What is that, His bloody face?  A circle of thorns on His brow?

Those eyes they look at me as if to say, “Yes, so full of sin!”

No!  This cannot be!  Those sad eyes cry out, “I cannot sin allow!”



“My sin You mean?”  “Yes, and all the sins of the sinful world.”

The Christ?  Come down, a third cross, like, ugly serpent curled.

I cried out in rage, “Oh, stupid one!  This man is innocent!”

The Christ?  The Christ!  A wild burst of colors, like, banners unfurled!



I see it all now!  Please remember me!  Guilty though I be!

My sins are on Him laid, the sinless One, He dies now for me!

“Remember me (one for whom You die) when You come.”

Through blood He smiles and nods, “This day…”  Oh bliss!  I am forever free!



(This poem may not be beautiful but neither is the cross!

The thief’s only baptism was a baptism of pain, to stretch a point,

but God saved him anyhow!  Hallelujah!)



Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful and my song shall ever be.

Oh now marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Saviors love for me!

A hymn by Charles H. Gabriel composed in 1800’s.



Sam Cox 03.18.03

Just another thief saved by Grace


”The heavens declare…” Do we really need that?

Just look at yourself, whether skinny or fat,

You are a masterpiece! Cannot begin to portray

Your functions, physique, how to convey…



Well, your heart for one, is it pumping? And why?

It is pumping and if it quits, you will die!

Are you working the handle or switch? Well, no!

Then what keeps it beating? Does my ignorance show?



Explain! Well, of course, only God can do that!

But I know one thing, if it stops I fall flat!

If it stops this I know, I function no more!

Than what? I will anticipate Heavens fair shore!



We do not worry about that! I look forward, do not you?

There are many who do not, it is sad but it is true!

I anticipate changing, maybe drastic, but wait

Just one moment, and then arrive at Heaven’s Gate!



Do not know about you but the wait does seem long,

But it will not be too painful, I will still have a song!

In Heaven I will contemplate earth’s time was so short

Though I never attempted or thought to abort!



The song drowns out every thought of before

The worry, the fret of that brief earthly shore!

Forgotten at last! The glad song finds its way

To lift me to God’s blissful Eternal Day!






Sam Cox 4.11.05


“Fear nothing and no one,”  man once said.

No, not too long ago, now he is dead!

Hell his home now with many others.

Contemplating Sisters and Brothers!



But enemies there, sure, hating all!

For Satan taught hate since the fall!

Hate one another just no place for love!

Love only for those sissies above!



God’s love purposely misunderstood,

“Just for those holier goody-good,

But I am a man, ride the range all day,

And when I play I know how to play!”



Cut the corners!  Free love the night long.

Dazzle with footlights and one more song!

Sing it again, Sam!  Sure, that wild one.

Filled with loving and mucho fun!



No!  These are the songs I love, Hymns of praise,

Praise my Redeemer all of my days!

Lofting my heart to His perfect love!

With other glad voices, praise above!



Above and within just how can I not?

Praise adoring with Heaven-bought!

Bought with a price blood He shed,

Nailed to that cross, suffered until dead!



Dead with the dying, but we did not stay,

In that damp tomb resurrection day!

Hallelujah!!!  He lives and not just above,

Lives in my heart with perfect love!



Life I now live in the flesh I give,

Back to My Savior, with Him to live.

Such love all former loves dispelling,

In the light of love so compelling!



the SAM (who)  09.22.11