Raised in India, British parents,

But American controlled.

Citizen fought in W. W. II!

As First Scout, leading patrol!



Many the scary ventures contained

Death-wish, do you suppose?

Stood down on a path, enemy in plain view!

Planted grenade, to propose!



Thinking that they may want it later

And they did!  I stayed awake!

Over the snoring I heard creeping feet,

Tossed the grenade.  What a break!



Both exploded, as I had hoped,

Someone exclaimed, “It is just Sam.”

I heard scraping as though being dragged,

Not a blink of sleep for this man!



“Move out!”  Order given, next day

“Where?”  No one around could see!

“Just follow us!  Trail ahead will take…”

“Where?”  Left to Squad Leader and me!



I had fixed my bullion and coffee,

Others opened their cans,

My liquid diet, after six months,

I had lost 30 pounds!



I had prayed for protection, as before,

Habit, I guess, but God heard.

Look, I am 93, think there is still more?

Up to nature,  not disturbed!



For me, God is still under-girding as

I keep praying for strength!

But not presuming as before

Heaven awaits at length!



Presumptuous presumably, no, no!  For sure!

But “I go to prepare a place…”

All He has done for me these many years!

As I have walked, “Saved by Grace!”



the Sam 02.07.12


So long ago I was but a child,

Came to Jesus! So very real!

So truly repentant, the experience

Traumatic it was to feel!



I led another to The Savior!

Joy! The happiness so very rich!

The realization lingered so long,

Satan then left his usual pitch!



Creeping up on this child unawares

Presenting one or another

Pleasures, sins, the drawing away,

Farther away and yet further.



Still God’s child though I often forgot

To call on Him or praise.

Then combat in those far-off islands

Forget how many the days…



Until so real the danger that hit!

With a silent cry for help,

Sure, without thought this cry would come!

Fearful then only for self!



I tossed a grenade that darkest night

Down our line, I heard, “It’s Sam.”

Heard a dragging, like, scraping sound.

The well-known Sam, I am.



Grenade along with my before set bobby trap,

Sounded! Horrific the roar!

Followed by stumbling, scraping sound

Two Japs then realized, war!



Then it was high pitched excited cry,

A Japanese officer,

Understanding failure on his plan!

His screaming heard a ’far!



End of that skirmish, enemy had enough!

In fact, end of the war,

Come morning, squad leader yelled, ‘Moving out!”

Sure, it was Por-favor.



Smiling, a prisoner, he was behind bars,

“I will not need this no more!”

Gave me his wrist watch, knew his treatment

Would be better than before!



Americans well known for kindness,

Shown to past enemies.

Could it be Jesus, dwelling within

We see as Jesus sees?



Sam 05.2014


We live as if this day is the end,

Nothing after this life.

If that is so we are a miserable lot,

End it in battle and strife!



As I tried, way back in W. W. II,

Yes, flaunting the enemy.

“Here, come get this grenade, up for grabs,”

They back behind those trees.



They saw, they came, sure, just 2 of them,

I stayed awake, the rest slept on.

Two enemy silently trod the night,

While I, my vigil kept on.



I had set a trap just a hand grenade,

As I held another, too.

Tossed it, sure, they both went off!

What else could they do?



Screams of displeasure from the enemy camp,

Jap Officer sure displeased.

Of course, he had guessed what happened to them,

Lead poison from them trees.



Far to the right, some G.I. exclaimed,

“Oh, it’s just, Sam!” he said.

Sure, I guess they knew me pretty well,

As next to Squad Leader I slept.

(Separate fox holes, of course.)



I guess he knew me and trusted,

That I would not endanger the rest.

Stupid stunts, like, tossing grenades,

He slept on, I had passed the test.



Of course, war!  And I was caught in it,

I was, like, twenty-eight.

Way way back, course while rest of you

Were not even out of the gate.



Man on a train just recently,

As he was walking by,

Smiled, then said thank you!  Did he know?

That it was World War II that I–



Had experienced so long long ago,

And do I ever think to praise,

Jesus, my Savior, for giving His life,

That I could know Heavenly Days!



Sure, Heavenly days In Heaven above,

All because God became flesh.

Preached, healed, then died on a hideous cross,

That I may start life a fresh.



the Sam 08.13.12


A new day dawning and with it comes

Hope, new joy to rest upon.

Sure, rest for the people of God!

By faith this work is begun!



“Faith, the substance of things hoped for

The evidence of things not seen.”

By faith we know Jesus is near!

The arms on which we can lean!



Do not need a leaning post

Have everlasting arms!

Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost are

Keeping me from harm!



Delighting in His presence near!

Just what have I to fear?

At ninety-three I realize

End of this life is near!



Do I fear death?  Of course,

Like, the feeling so unknown.

Often I pray, “Lord, let it be night

When You and I are alone.”



You are never alone in combat

Though often I felt that way!

Leading patrol, the only scout,

Can do it himself!  What is to say?



Has a call to preach.

Cannot kill him!  Guess everybody knew!

That the Hand of God was on this boy

That God would see him through.



After I had planted that grenade

And foreseeing the result

Sure, it happened as I knew it would

I am not out to start a new cult!



Just to praise God’s abiding presence

Your faith too, if you believe

I am way past age when most folk expire!

Combative?  No, just peaceful me!



I am since soldiering for the cause of Christ!

Nothing evil l can harm!

This has distinctly positive proof!

In Christ, no cause for alarm!



Instinctive this knowledge within me!

God said, “No harm can come!”

So “Trust in the Lord with all your heart!”

In God’s hands, His will is done!



Sam trusts, you can, too!


Dear Jesus, You died to forgive but You live!

To take me up there!

I will never quite understand such love

But gladly accept so fair!



I am selfish, I know, but admittedly

Of course, that I am!

Eat my food, though I am hungry or not!

And gasp for breath as I can!



Avoiding the grave a large part of life!

Especially when you are 93!

While I used to look out for the other guy

Now I care more for the me!



Gasping for breath realization comes

The preciousness of this life!

Now I am praying, “Lord, take me home!”

Avoiding all of life’s strife!



Now remembering when shrapnel whistled

About my helmeted head!

Like, almost wishing for some to dig in

Sure, wishing I was dead!



Reckon a death wish sure had to be!

When I waved that grenade

In plainest view of the enemy!

Down there in the shade!



Of course they could see me!  But why

Suppose they waited

For night when they could get us all!

With that grenade I had planted!



Just a stupid trick!  I stayed awake

Sure, then I heard them come

To get that grenade and sure I had another!

Threw it!  It was done!



Of course a suicidal kid!  And

No, I have – no, I have no regrets!

It was war, supposed to be done!

‘Old one’ now Heaven gets–



This Scout!  Dear God, am I ready?

Blood all washed from my hands

Dying soon with Heaven my home!

Because of His love bands!



“Samuels’ only Prophecy!”



the Sam  04.18.12


Those days of ceaseless activity – what?  Forever past?

Course back then I feared that they would always last and last!

Leading patrol, World War II, hundred-sixty lbs. back then.

Could not stay there, few more months near weightless when–



I tipped the scales a mere 130 lbs., so what happened there?

Near weightless felt I could run always going anywhere.

Combat far but I lived on just the bullion and the coffee!

Six continuous months of this and I could barely see me!



Felt weightless, healthy leading patrol each day.

Walking fast, “Slow down, Sam!”  From the rear, I hear,

Shot rings out!  Enemy wakes!  Then on quietly!

We soon learn enemy lives!  Keep moving silently!



Then someone asks, “Where?”  Do not ask just follow!

Very soon after more losses, wordlessly swallow,

So many words unnecessary silently obeying,

Like, pack of wolves prowling in secret, praying.



Sleepless night spent just listening, watching,

Al, squad leader, next hole, quietly snoring

Eerie long footsteps heard just below me,

Pulled pin on grenade, let fly, so sorry!



Sent 2 heathen to hell, of course, I am certain.

Father forgive me!  But this Bamboo Curtain

Does separate all that with soul will go

Heaven above or hell below!



At that time, did not care, meant nothing to me.

TV at home or banana under a coconut tree

Two enemy meant to kill but I came in first!

Enemy, sure, and without Christ cursed!



Are we guiltless then, living on so abundantly?

Caring not that men are dying endlessly!

My God help me to go, give or pray

In obedience to your dying living way!



Did not Jesus die to save souls from hell?

Killing mission so far from go and tell!

Dear God, forgive!  This is what matters most!

Do I deserve Heaven with the Spirit-led host?



None deserve, Salvation is free to all!

We must seek, accept provision on Him call!

On the name Jesus.  Died to make us free!

Now and forever, yes, eternally!



the Sam hath spoke!  04.13.12


Maybe a death wish, could not careless, do not know!

Could be just plain crazy, as I went below

Our well concealed hide-out, bushes and trees,

To a trail below, plain view of enemies.



Well, I waved that grenade, wanted them to see.

Sure, seemed back then the right thing to me.

Just knew where they hid, that gully down there,

But they could see me!  Did not see fair!



Of course, I like planted it!  Thin wire cross trail!

Still quite confident my plan would not fail!

But relieved when finished, hastened back up!

Could squad leader tell I was one scared pup?



I sat on my tree root, settled back and sighed,

Well aware this just one more time I could of died!

Still feeling there was this death bid on me!

In plainest view the root of that tree!



Knew they could see me, squad leader confident

That we would both survive, that I was not hell-bent.

That what I had planned would work out for all!

Course he felt safe in his deep hole and all.



Certain felt safe in that deep hole he had dug!

Snug as a proverbial bug in a rug!



How could I forget that way back in World War II?

What a life!  Of all the crazy things to do,

This was the craziest!  And how did I know

That God was protecting?  And I had live to show–



People back home that God’s way is best!

That this poor sinner survived that war-test!

Then from east to far-west, many churches heard my song

Of His tender care!  He led all along!



Sure, I left some out,

Wanna hear more, just ask The Sam