One of a kind was Roy, there will never be another.

A loving father and everybody’s brother!



Man of God foremost, seeking first God’s kingdom,

Preaching wondrous Grace, everyone is welcome!



That is the gospel buddy, “Whosoever will”

“Come to Me…”  Inviting the age-old gospel still.



No easy payment plans, like, the many paths of God.

Roy stuck with the truth, he walked where Jesus trod!



Christ who made the claim, “The Way, The Truth, The Life!”

We follow Jesus’ way or end in bitter strife!



“Come unto Me,” He called, “And I will give you rest.”

Have you ever done this?  Why not put Him to the test?



If your church does not teach this, better make a change!

The Good News that is the gospel, your life can rearrange.



Take it or leave it friend, this is not something new!

Old as creation!  That only God can do!



Good business something Roy kept in perspective,

Not a priority, sort of an elective.



“Seeking first the kingdom of God,” this was his goal!

And still his goal in heaven with God in control. (*)



I will see you soon, Roy!



(*) I would not have it any other way!  If you have a better plan I would like to hear it!



Love, Sam Cox 08.03


Old is closer to heaven!

Why this long wait, 95?

I want to fly up there with the Angels

I am 95, ancient, I strive–



Strive to walk, of course, I cannot run

I used to beat all runners.

ARMY races, ole’ Sam, always first!

Now, at 95, too many summers!



Brain still active for that I thank God!

Does He like my poetry?

Why I keep writing it is my greatest joy!

And I like to think that He—



He likes it, too and that is the why,

Big why I am still here!

To praise Him! Through my poetry

To any listening ear!



I preached the Gospel for over 30 years,

Like that, give or take.

Small churches from East to the Far West.

Still preaching! No break!



I say, “Who needs a break from preaching?”

Through poems singularly

No church would hire a 95 year old!

So I write poetry.



And I will do it until God takes me higher.

Try not to malfunction here (*)

Too close to heaven to quit or give up!

That country beyond compare!



Fly with the Angels that is just one reason

See Jesus to glorify!

Wonder of wonders! Thrill above all!

Be like Him, I will purify! (**)



(*) Malfunction – old army term. Easy to figure

     even if you did not experience W.W.II.

(**) Must be pure to be like Him!



The Sam 05.19.14

(The year 20)


And that is whether or not

We forget what He said.

The promise to supply all our needs,

Not just our daily bread!



30 years in small churches I spent!

And in spite of my faithfulness,

God was always faithful to me.

Not deserving, I confess!



There were so many came to visit,

Sure, fellowship to a point.

Then soon disagreements arose,

Just spiritually out of joint.



Garret Biblical Seminary the

Culprit as I could see,

Choosing portions misinterpreted

Soon questions bound to be!



About the “Good Book” itself, The Bible!

Conflicting thoughts arise!

Interpretation consistently to

So many doubts comprise.



Especially miracles of Christ in the Gospels.

Such questions declared

Lack of credibility in God as spirit

Who operates everywhere!



“God is spirit, they that worship Him.

Must worship in

Spirit! And in truth!” God declares!

Worship from within!



God is in you as you take Him,

Person! The Personality!

This is serious business as belief

Becomes in identity–



Knowledge! How can I help credulity

In essence known factor.

Every part of me and I in Him!

And He’s my contractor!



Developer, engineer, builder, and maker, God!



Sam, in-dweller, 11.09.11

“Whose Builder & Maker, is God!”


A growing church is people who care!

So many congregations

I remembered as I gave God thanks!

During my devotions!



Well, of course, I take it seriously!

A friendly church is loving!

Just as they care of the other folk

Caring, freely giving!



Some I did not acknowledge as I

Cannot always see!

What is coming around the bend,

So I do not fall all over me!



Got to watch where you are going, you know!

A fundamental trick

That you will learn so you will reach 90!

Not hampered by walking stick!



I suppose it is amazing

As one card greeted me,

All my family mostly relatives

Gone, I am sure, heavenly.



“Beauty from ashes,” it has been said,

Do I misconstrue the saying?

True beauty lies way deep inside!

See it as one is praying!



Or do not see it just sense the prayer?

Of the one who is living near?

This friendly attitude comes from

The one who has learned to fear.



This fear, “The beginning of wisdom,”

Devotion, respect, love,

“Love the Lord with all your heart,”

That Holy Spirit, gentle dove.



Sure congregations appreciated!

But I will not tell the lie!

Nothing that this old codgers done,

He just will not let me die!



I have written some these past few years!

As poetry is my thing!

Since high school days, then off and on

Riches it sure does not bring!



Of course, sold some, made a few penny’s

Past times when in need!

Always with a Christian content,

Spreading the Gospel seed!



No need of money anymore.

My treasures all up there!

No rich no poor just pure fellowship

In that glory land so fair!



Then, “Did my Savior bleed?

And did my Savior die?

Would He devote that sacred Head,

For such a worm as I”



Sam Cox  12.03.08


Pew warmers now aplenty,

Like 6-thousand or more!

Of course, we sit to listen!

As disciples long before.



12 disciples for 3 years taught

Sitting at Jesus’ feet!

Did they just sit, try to forget?

Did they then retreat?



No!  Jesus commanded, “Tarry ye…”

Wait (1) expectantly

Until the Holy Spirit appears to

Baptize spiritfully!



A “Mighty rushing wind,” they felt,

They heard, and everyone (2)

In some 12 different languages

The Gospel in their own tongues. (3)



The “Greater things,” consider this (4)

First the many tongues…

Every tongue for many ears!

The Gospel for everyone!



The many churches truth is preached,

The Message pastors bring.

And worshippers lift voices high

In praise songs they sing!



Now in every tongue truth is heard

In every land we know!

Can we then now anticipate

God’s Son coming to show–



In readiness awaiting that

Heavenly “Trumpet sound,”

“The dead, in Christ, will rise,”

Then we Heaven bound!



Consider now, is God confused?

I think only we,

The Saints of God in wonderment,

Someday soon we will be–



Enlightened!  All confusion past!

Anticipate that day!

Working for the Kingdom first!

God’s Kingdom!  The only way!



But pray much, looking to the cross!

Where Jesus gave His life!

One look, His look of love, will

Eliminate all strife!



This day in Paradise, thief heard!

Accepted joyfully!

Can hear the same, just look to Him!

In pure humility!



(1) Luke 24:49

(2) Joel 2:28

(3) Acts 2:9-11

(4) John 14:12



Sam Cox  02.06.09


The rambunctious past?  I did it all!

Reiterate?  No!  Just believe!

Space travel, scientist?  Nothing like that!

But earth?  What more to conceive?



A scholar of travel, take it in!

Rough and tumble!  Delight!

Hitchhiked the states, tumbled each sea!

Plus the Indian Ocean!  That’s right!



Atlantic, Pacific, many seas!

English Channel, what else?

No!  I did not swim all these waters!

Sri Lanka, too warm for me.



But brother and I swam it anyhow!

Indian Ocean, a bit too warm!

Ceylon, I prefer it that way!

Do not think it could bring it harm!



The harm involved, monsters of the deep!

Judging from what we found

In our pockets once on shore,

Baby black snakes abound!



Pockets emptied, watched as they slithered

Up the sand toward mother!

Ashamed to recall, we laughed at her fear!

Self and my older brother!



“They are harmless!”  I yelled as she moved away!

Huge something gave them birth!

Were they harmless?  Do not know.  Do not care to know.

To discover, surely not worth.



Sea serpents, some small, some huge!

Humongous denizens of the deep!

Could they crush, swallow?  Maybe both?

Do not auction them off, too cheap!



No other swimmers in that warm bath

Waters tipped down sudden depth.

Suppose God watched over both of us?

To present 90 He has kept!



90-plus years He has kept me,

But what purpose suppose?

I preached the Gospel most everywhere,

Now poetry I propose!






Sam Cox  06.01.09


I hardly think about Dad anymore,

Now my concerns about me!

Fifty years older than he now,

As he died about forty-three.



My dad, a great preacher man, I know

Accomplished more in that time

Than many of us, no all of us

In my family combined!



Swindon, England his birthplace,

Stateside bound at age sixteen.

Worked his way on a steamship,

Nyack, New Jersey seemed–



Like, forever his education!

India that was his call,

Impatient but dedicated,

We embarked one and all!



I was six months, my brother two years,

Adventure for him and myself!

Ten years for growing up and school!

Monotony laid on the shelf!



Father was impatient to get going

Language study a bore!

Teacher became his interpreter,

Converted!  He asked for more!



He got it, preaching as father did!

The two a perfect pair!

Sincerity stamped their features as

They thundered the Gospel there!



“Why waste time at language study?

Young converts can preach, too!”

They preached everywhere!  The perfect team!

How better could they do?



Forgot!  Oh, yes!  Forgot about me,

Great-grandchildren, seventeen!

My only claim to fame, I fear,

So I on my father lean.



Maybe someday my great-grandson, Luke,

Will brag about this poor soul!

I have been everywhere done everything!

Now everything is under control!



Someday Hanna and Luke will know

Their great-grandfather, long gone

“In the sweet by and by,” they will hear

Just where did he find that song?



Father’s Day Sam Cox 06-09