The tumult, the tears, Golgotha spread wide,

The horror, the rocks, the bleak mountainside!

The only way that Christ chose decisively

That frightful cross, it was for you and me!



His body so racked with suffering and pain!

And how could He tolerate the sorrow, the shame?

Priests so determined, their self-righteous cries,

“He claimed to be God, yes!  For this He dies!”



“If You are who You claim then come down from that tree!”

But He gazed down on them in sorrow, piteously!

The Pharisees (religious) many did not come.

Did any receive?  Yes, truly there were some!



“Save Yourself and us!”  Cried the thieves on either side.

“Father forgive them!  So long they have been denied!”

Soldier gazing upward no longer was he bored,

“Surely,” he exclaimed, “This is the Son of God!”



Mary and John close by comforting each other,

Their relationship much more like, son and mother.

Yes, Mary well knew that her son must die! (*)

She leaned into John, there were tears in her eyes.



The tears were for her sons suffering that day!

Together they ignored the earth splitting quake!

The priests, in terror, fled screaming from that place.

“It is finished!”  The Lord cried, while on His face–



Through the grim blackness a lone light shone

On my God!  On a cross tree, dying alone. (**)

No!  No!  Not the end!  They buried Him!  He arose!

Over five hundred saw Him alive!  His church grows!



(*)   But the cruel cross!

(**) My tears near hid my type.



S H Cox 10.24.05


“This is My body…” The Christ proclaimed,

You cannot survive without Me!

See Him then crucified, the Golgotha,

Ancient, the ugly cross tree!



Reserved for criminals, very worst kind,

One on either side of Him!

Just one gave thought to the long ago,

But youthful days had grown dim.



Angels appearing, all gleaming white,

White clothing? Just who can tell?

Thief who gave thought to the long ago

Remembered the stories well!



Wept, sure, in pain and memory lingering,

Remembering the stories well!

To Him cried out, “Please remember me!”

“This very day in Heaven! We will see!”



And be seen, glory filled eyes in splendor,

Bright tomorrow heavenly!

The place all Angels remember well!

Happiest place to ever be!



The sky grew dark, with Angels gathering,

“This travesty cannot happen!”

One word from Christ, all were stilled,

Peace! It will be as written!



“…wounded for our transgressions,

He was, and bruised for our iniquities.

Surely He bore our sorrows,

And with His stripes we are healed!”



We today still await His coming,

Anxious with things yet undone!

Many lost, still lost in their sins,

Christ still waiting for that one!



Were you the one He was waiting for?

Watching days and nights through?

Waiting, watching then death, crucified!

Rising then just for you!



And me! He Lives! Truly living now!

Living to intercede

To touch and work through hearts of prayer

And in green pastures feed!



What more can I seek? Christ is in all!

My desires, my everything!

Death casts no fear! For this,

His Son makes my heart sing!



And my voice sounds out bright,

Clearly, hymns now still new!

Did not the old hymns recalling, from childhood,

And youth we knew.



Praise through old hymns have kept me through,

Every trial and test,

With God’s forgiveness, cleansing throughout

What more to be blest?



Scriptural hymns demonstrating

Power through Jesus shed blood

May be called a bloody religion,

Yes! Jesus! His cleansing flood!



the Sam 04.2014


The cross is not greater that His grace.

The thorns cannot hide His blessed face!

Well aware of this cross on a hill.

Golgotha, Calvary, it is still!



Place of the skull, it was well known

Through Titus, Roman ruler, thousands thrown

Down on Roman crosses, nailed.  City saw

And heard screams of agony to draw.



Birds of prey, stench unbearable!

Showing Pilate up!  Titus, the terrible!

Dead and dying, starving Jews, forced me to see

How frightening this ruler could be!



But on that rugged hill, The Christ, alone

Left heaven and came to die!  Sins to atone!

There words, prophetic of coming tragedy,

As He told the women, “Weep not for Me!”



Comparison:  the Romans, terrible.

Compare to Christ:  His love, incomparable!

Centurion gazed up, heavy sandal shod,

Cried, “Surely, this was the Son of God!”



Purpose found in this fowl tragedy,

Jesus said, “I will draw all men to Me!

If I am lifted up…”  There to die!

He named the cross, there CRUCIFY!



Sam Cox 06.13.09


Season’s Greetings!  Well, I guess that’s fine.

Merry Christmas!  Does miss the Divine!

It is Divine!  Yes, know as tenderly

Wrapped in birthing clothes, Wise Men see…



Shepherds saw Him first, humble to adore!

Wise Men from the East, then gifts to bestow!

Little did they realize that sometime later

Gifts of gold and silver would prove a help in danger.



Danger of the edict all boys to be killed!

Flight to Egypt saved them!  Death then not until,

He had had made His point, for all the world to see,

That Christ must give His life first on Calvary!



Born to die!  Can this then be a celebration?

Born to die!  But His life a joyous collection

Of happy people, delivered from their sins!

Oh, yes!  Sickness even death!  His miracles to win!



So come and go with me.  He accustomed to the crowds,

One soul could not quite make it.  She just touched His robe,

Sensed pure healing flowing through her!

That is why He came.  Can we not concur?



He born to seek, heal, and save on black Calvary!

That rugged hill, Golgotha.  Mary came to mourn, to see.

Some who were healed by Him now yelled crucify!

It was just the thing, flow with the crowd.  Dare anyone deny?



Time or two in the faraway past, like, Peter, I denied!

Afraid to ridicule, then later ashamed, like, Peter I hid and cried!

Just so we can feel shame, return to Calvary,

Just so it gives me strength to aim to others free!



the Sam 12.20.11



Merry Christmas (???)