Contingent upon nothing!  God’s Word does not comply

To sophisticated finesse or try to pacify

The arrogance of fledglings who claim to know it all,

Who trip on that stumbling block where Christ is all in all!



He is certainly a good man!  But then how could that be?

For was He not a liar in His claim to Deity?

Liar or good man?  Neither one for He was (is) God!

All His words and works proved that He was Lord of Lords!



King of Kings, who, in His love, proved true majesty!

Dying on the cross for all, setting captives free!

“A prophet, like, Mohammed…” oh please, give me a break!

“Mohammeds’ bones are on display.”  So Jesus was a fake?



Our Savior left the tomb complete, ascended to the throne!

“I go to my Father,” He said, and He was not alone.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Three in One, all there!

The Blessed Trinity!  One God, the fairest of the fair!



Miracle of miracles, completeness, blest Trinity!

God gave His Son, Jesus died, the Spirit comes to me.

Look about you, miracles!  In everything you see!

And you will see another in God’s Eternity!



(“Who (Jesus) for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross;

despising the shame, and is now at the right hand of God,”)



Sam Cox 03.04.04


“Give me liberty or give me death!”

Meant every word with every breath.


Patrick Henry I would like to have known.

Recorded in history and not alone!


Proclamation of freedom, liberty bell,

Independence, self-rule, and governed well!


Free government but not anarchy!

Lawlessness in governing deliberately.


Second Continental Congress in 1776

Declared independence, learned some new tricks.


Keeping order!  Savages put down!

Liberty extending!  There will be no crown!


Over three hundred years ago the main thrust,

Liberty!  Like, “In God we trust!”


Washington, a totally God fearing man!

Accomplished only what God’s man can!


Land of freedom, so many folk claim!

Immigrants, “My Country,” in freedoms name!


So freedom in Christ we may also seek!

Everland, heaven, just for the meek.


Meek shall inherit what?  Forever life!

Heavenly Home!  Free from all sins strife.


A Continental Congress for all who come!

Home in heaven, if you truly seek one!


“Seek Me, you will find Me…”  Truly God’s Word!

No sweeter promise ever made!  That I have heard!



Sam Cox 05.18.10


I wonder and that is the difference

Between me and the animals!  All

They do is wonder, live, sleep, and eat

Never experienced a fall!



Eden’s garden without the presence there,

Fallen angel making plans to rule

Above even God universally!

We wondering what kind of fool!



Would be so presumptive?

Made it all happen complete.

Made all the angels, Lucifer, too,

One to soon know defeat!



Significant in this one created

What he thought presumed,

How could one created be so rash

As to sing impossible tune?



Nature of temptation may just be

Such an impossibility,

A situation way, way beyond

Any probability.



Lucifer forgot so much of everything!

Including His Creation!

Created does not contradict Creator

Unless plain ill-flation—



To do anything but the right,

Inflated to follow wrong!

In the wrong kind of most everything

Can hear it in every song!



Surely do suffer the consequence of

Determining difference

Decided the right from the not quite

Ultimate significance.



God’s Word does state very clearly

The difference between

One thought actually sums it all

Opposite of demean!



Opposite depresses to lift up!

With God’s help we can do!

Resist the Tempter with all his ways

Lifting up Jesus’ name!



the Sam 08.24.14


The earnest of our inheritance (*)

Is the pledge of the same!

The promise that we will receive

For it is pledged in Jesus’ name!



The inheritance that we hold dear,

We value above this life,

It is the promised life beyond the veil,

This veil of tears and strife.



Sure, there is beyond, within, the stars

Real life that will never end!

Heaven, the heavens, make no mistake

Real!  I do not need to defend!



It is promised in God’s Word to all

Who will trust Him and obey!

Once you have entered, become God’s child,

There is no other way!



We look alive when we come alive in

New life that He bestows!

A realization that we receive

Knowledge that grows and grows!



Revealing new truths as we receive

What He has already taught.

We grow in grace and the wisdom that

He, with His life, has brought!



He went “to prepare a place for” us

As real as ever we will know!

More real than the life we live on earth

Or lived that He will show.



The life we now live is punishment

Compared to New Life once arrived.

Truly alive when in heaven’s shore

Forever!  By Jesus’ side!



(*) Ephesians 1:14



Sam Cox 11.14.05


If we could only see God now,

How could He then be God?

God is Spirit, created all

As Spirit He is Lord!



Lord of everything I can see

And everything I cannot.

Creator of galaxies

And every bug and plant.



You cannot see a spirit but

As Spirit He controls.

He is everywhere! Cannot you tell?

Created and enfolds!



And can you understand Him now?

Of course you cannot nor can I.

As fathomless as infinity,

No matter how I try!



Cannot understand but I can see

The eyes of faith are strong.

Much I cannot see but still there

Will be enough to carry on.



Cannot see the wind or seasons change,

What else that I do not know?

Could write a book to just arrange

Then ignorance would show.



Not necessary to be smart

To know dumb, we are.

Oh yes, I know some minds out there

Are brighter far, by far!



Some see infinity as just

Something that may happen,

But I know what God’s Word tells me

And nothing will faith dampen!



Some blind spots are inflicting eyes

That only see the present!

Who cannot understand a God

Creator of the firmament.



Who cannot understand my God

Who cares and wants to live

Not just out there, but in your heart!

To love and live forever!



He gave His life! Remember that?

On Calvary’s cross He died!

He saw your sins and for to those sins

He became. Was crucified! (*)



(*) Became sin.



Sam Cox 4.05.05


You cannot imagine, in your wildest dreams,

Your imagination will fail.

To conjure up, yes, the simplest joy

That Heaven presents in detail.



It would bridge the gulf of hopelessness and

Faithlessness just one glimpse

Of that city beyond that He has prepared,

That is all it would take to convince.



But we are not of those who need convincing

We believe God’s Word! So we know

That what He promised He will fulfil!

That is what He came down to show!



A Man of His Word? Of course! He is God!

What He has promised He will do!

He did! He arose! He ascended to Heaven!

This we know to be true!



So many have died in this happy hope

Convinced of their home above!

The persecuted who welcomed death!

For the Heaven He promised in love!



“O death,” I do not see your victory,

“O grave,” thy sting is gone.

To die, to awaken in Heaven above!

Bright robe and spirit adorn!



“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, no mind

Has conceived what The Lord

Has prepared for those who love Him, and

Prepare to meet Him above. (*)



(*) 2 Corinthians 2:9



Sam Cox 3.03.05


Thankful, so grateful we are for our home,

And home away from just never alone.

For loved ones who care and for friends galore.

Never a want a need anymore!



Fire that drove us our of our lair,

Loved ones compassionate always there!

Giving us comfort, shelter, and food.

We praise Him forever! God is so good!



Soon back to our home appreciatively!

Though surrounded by fires survived safely!

Black smoke overhead a blanket so strange

Colors all about a complete rearrange!



Houses about us appearances as of fire,

Queer coloration all not to desire!

Strange feeling about us, just made us know

Hell not desired! Not the place to go!



Church the compassion one feels in that place!

Each one for another this moment of Grace!

Yorba Linda protected miraculously!

Believers live there, like, divine decree!



Our Father above who cares for us all

Who guides us protects us lest we fall!

Our hearts reach out to those who lost homes

Their loss is grievous and they are not alone!



Jesus had no home on earth for three years

He slept on hard ground it received His tears!

Tears for others, Jerusalem, Galilee,

He is weeping still for souls that will not see!



The Bible gives us a road map to guide,

No other book as important beside

This book that is hidden beneath a pile

Of novels, magazines not worth your while.



Bibles destroyed by fire soon replaced!

To Whom do we turn for living Grace?

Gods’ Word became flesh, some have received

Those who trusted in Him and believed!



So why on earth am I on this earth?

And why was I ever given New Birth?

“Let your light so shine,” is the Lord’s acclaim!

For this very purpose, He did us ordain!



Sam Cox 11.18.08