Since I am losing my sight and my hearing

And I am older than Adam and Eve,

I do not know, anymore, what I am good for

For certain I am not going to grieve.



I have forgotten where it is I come from

But where I am going I know well!

I can hear the voice of God, a mere whisper,

I do not need a clanging dinner bell!



So what did God say?  He said, “Keep writing!”

Same thing I always feel He says.

Not that He says it, like, audibly,

Just a couple of times I confess.



Well, how can I know when God is speaking?

Or how can I recognize His voice?

I know I want to do what I am doing

So I figure it seems I have no choice.



If I just wrote crazy stuff I would wonder

But I write what God puts on my heart!

And some tell me that it is a blessing

So what it is I do not need a cart.



I do not need a cart full of ‘thank you’s’

Just to realize I am doing God’s will.

For this is the talent that He gave me

And someday I will send you a bill!



Sam Cox 03.03.04


Jesus cried, “My God, My God why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

Gabriel wept a waterfall!  He could barely see!

“My Lord,” he sobbed, “It is because you are full of sin!”

The Father cannot look on sin, now you are that sin!



Remember how you saw man’s sins as in a filthy cup?

In the garden as you prayed, tempted to give up?

But then you drank that bitter cup because You knew God’s will!

The only way to save mankind and so you suffer still!



How I wish, my Friend, that I could die there in Your place.

Could take the spear, the thorns, the nails, and the disgrace,

But sadly now we know that You alone can be the One,

Fulfilling scripture; “Lamb of God…God’s beloved Son.”



It will not be long we will meet again, My Master, My King!

In three days you will arise again all heaven then will sing

And mankind their reaction, many ransomed ones

Rejoice together evermore as God’s beloved sons!



Great place for the Hallelujah Chorus.



Sam Cox 08.11.03


Word of God is delivered here!

Both pastors love The Lord!

It is obvious from their preachment

That Jesus is adored!



In depth the Teaching Pastor

Carries as we go,

Presenting obscure passages

Developing to show–



God’s will, the Spirit leading us

In this prayerful task,

To be delivered from the evil one

To in God’s presence bask.



In depth they are both presenting

The Holy Spirit’s work

In and through believers

Work we should never shirk!



“Work for the night is approaching,”

But we seek less work, more fun!

There is joy in work that we scuttle

For when our work here is done—



Inevitably the day ends!

For some of us quite soon!

I will be in heaven before most!

Singing some heavenly tune!



In that blissful new by and by,

With the angels we merge!

Who needs wings, we will just fly!

So with then I will converge!



Hard to associate this life now,

With anything waiting there!

For now we see through a dirty glass

Can this with heaven compare?



Sure, I think not!



I am Sam’l Cox 11.07.10


But striving for excellence God’s will!

The power-hungry of the past,

How marked the sad demise of so many.

Following the dye was cast.



Often Germany has fallen following the bad!

Also Russia’s deluded hoards,

Vain power of mad-hungry leadership

Presuming to guide as lords.



“Heil Hitler” so the cry of mighty ones,

Rule the world! Our heritage!

So they conquered everything, except God’s will!

Left all time to disparage.



Then those who sought excellence, in the past,

I am thinking, “Oh, so many!”

Edison, everyone knows what was

And, of course, Madam Curie–



Radium and Polonium, she found and

Many others we owe!

Such a debt of gratitude, thanks!

How can we ever bestow?



Of course, God’s guidance precluded all this,

Inspiring those who found

And they would be very first to admit

God’s wisdom sought and crowned!



Dismay, perhaps, in gun-powder and the like,

Sure, Satan can claim his due.

Trust God to keep us from sin’s power!

Know Satan tries to get you!



But Jesus saves! He keeps, satisfies!

Trust Him to see you through!

And remember, one set of tracks in the sand,

When He was carrying you!



How can anyone keep from loving,

Our sin-crucified Lord?

Just harden your heart against His care,

That you must not afford!



To consummate this treasure hunt,

No need to hunt it at all!

For it is right there freely bestowed!

Just receive answer His call!



God’s timing is perfect! May say, “Wait awhile.”

He knows what He is doing!

Have patience, do not throw a fit!

Then find His love showing!



Who else? Near end of November, guess what’s coming up soon!


I thank you Lord for caring friends

And for wife’s care that never ends!

I am thankful for a church that spreads

The Word, the Living Bread!



Old age can be a blessing, too!

At ninety still have lots to do!

Composing four poems every week,

Compulsive? No! It is God’s will I seek!



Sixty-eight copies of each I do,

Fifty for church then relatives, too.

Make books for relatives, Christmas give out,

Blessing I cannot do without!



Now look at those flowers all around,

Beauty everywhere abounds!

Seems like all outdoing others

Much like carefree happy brothers!



Glad for wild roses left here for us,

But around on the sunny side impatience must

Do its thing! Through bushes it grows!

No! It does not smell like a rose!



Smells like dirt from which it thrives,

Good old dirt, keeps plants alive!

The plant has root, stem, of course flower,

Reminder of God’s triune power!



“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Impossible to discredit it!

As natural as the plants He’s given!

Though by wind and storm often driven.



One tree, the flowers beautiful,

Roots, the stem, leaves plentiful!

True flowers are reminding us

We also were built from dust!



Thankful too, when we realize

God sent His Son to earth to die!

Then pointed out the three-in-one

With Holy Spirit and the Son!



Sam Cox November 2008


Jesus, not a sophisticate!

Had no care for degrees,

Doctor of this or doctor of that,

Why should He bend His knees?



Nor did He act, like, a know-it-all!

His speech was always clear!

The common knew what He meant!

They knew the Lord was near!



What the God of all creation,

Mastered long before time,

Master of disciples, everything! (*)

Our knowledge, you can put on a dime!



Bachelors degree, what though you have reached,

Admittedly, I still learn!

No!  I do not know everything!

But much of no concern!



God taught my mother with no degrees,

Mastered six languages!

Knew to do!  And when to let God!

Who never discourages!



Knew God’s will and how to perform,

Knew not to interfere!

Her boys were committed to God’s care,

So she had nothing to fear!



World War II in the Philippines,

First Scout leading patrol!

Mother prayed and trusted God!

Left me in God’s control!



Thought of the mad man, Jesus cured!

I am discharged and returned home,

Watched as I mowed that enormous lawn,

Knew I was not alone!



Bathed, sat at the piano, played,

Sang, first song I could find.

Mother listened then said softly,

“Fully clothed and in his right mind!”



(*) An MD at least



Me, Sam Cox 07.21.09


Twice the age that my father was then

Sure, I remember when.

Smallpox took him.  Buried there

So near that river’s end!



Seemed like the end to me as a boy,

Sluggish, shallow, wide!

Near the bulrushes, the crocodiles

Toward the far side!



I was reaching for a plant out there,

When Father’s oar shot-out!

Lifting my hand from sheer demise,

Then down!  On  crocodile’s snout!



Sternly once more, “Hands in the boat!”

“We will not tell mother!  agreed?”

All agreed, nodding heads sagely.

Has all the worries she needs!



Bit later, another crocodile

Under our craft lifted.

Blast from the shotgun did its turn,

Sped away.  Boat evicted!



“I believe we should return now, shore

A bit safer for all!”

“We will not tell mother…”  All know she prayed!

It was her favorite call!



Her call to prayer, best calming device!

Of course, she worried still!

But in God’s will, the center-most,

“Dear God!  As You will!”



Then when God took him home, age forty-three,

Devastated.  Call for comfort!

Buried there by his favorite river,

Of course, all were distraught!



For years he was missed and mourned!

Comfort slow!  Pillows wet!

Shedding tears and throughout the days

Memories will not let!



Forgetfulness despite promised Heaven,

Happy there!  We are told.

Course, one day, Heaven we will see!

Loved ones glad in the fold!



Decidedly delightful!

Heaven awaits!

the Sam 12.07.11