“He was wounded for our transgressions,

Bruised for our iniquities:

Chastisement of our peace was upon Him;

And with His stripes we are healed.”



It was my sins that put Him on that cross,

Every vile deed I had done!

He did not deserve but went willingly

Because He is the Only One–



Sinless, who could assume all our sins.

Mine, yours back to Adam and Eve

The Only One with no sin at all!

The Only Perfect One!



Godhead decreed as was prophesied

That Jesus would give His life

As a vile sinner for every sin,

To end sins death and strife!



Equip, yes, for heavens eternity,

Deserving of hell though we!

Punishment He took every lash!

Already half dead, for me!



Created us so he is responsible?

Is that not what we believe?

Then did He not assume it all,

On that black Calvary?



He died as a sinner, criminal yet!

Christ, The One Sinless One!

Capital punishment the cross!

Lifer, the chair, like, hung!



“God is Spirit,” the Three in One.

Dare any deny?

The Almighty, only Creator!

For all mankind to die!



Excruciating the death pinioned up there!

Suffering why?  You and me!

From the very beginning of time (*)

Torture determinedly!



Since it was love that put Him there,

Love only God can know.

The hateful defiled the hideous,

He died for all below!



(*)  God always was, contemplate but believe!



Sam Cox 11.04.10


Someone is up there listening, do not

Know how, do not know where!

Up or all around you sure I

Know He is everywhere!

How can this be?  Cannot see Him,

Rain is falling!  Just one spot?

Sun is shining, lights the sky up,

Night falls now, one black blot?

Cannot see Him!  Impossible to,

Cannot see all the stars that shine.

“God is Spirit!”  What does that mean?

Cannot see the spirit anytime!

How big is God?  How limitless is

Space?  Yet God is love!

Small enough to see your problem

Yet all around and above!

He sees everything and always!

So what then can we hide?

Everywhere in all creation!  Yet,

He is always by your side!

Can you dig it?  Sure, it cannot be!

How can this possibly?

How can God be everywhere?  But He is Spirit,

This I cannot see.

“No one has seen God the Father,”

No one at any time.

God the Son?  Yes, men beheld Him,

Truly man yet divine!

Quite enough for these eyes knowing,

Mind boggling though it be,

My spirit eyes can and do behold Him!

I will praise God eternally!



Sam Cox 6.10.05


Balaam, Molech, Krishna, the rest

Gods one could see and feel.

Our God is Spirit!  Lots more, no less.

He stands alone, He is real!



Put gods on a shelf and worship them.

That makes you god, do not you see?

You motivate, not him or her. (*)

Is that what you want to be?



You show, you move, you bow down to it!

How can it help you, a thing?

Cannot use his legs, his hands, cannot move!

He (it) has no voice to sing!



Of course, he has nothing to give,

He is nothing!  Just what do you see?

An object, a thing, with protruding eyes

That stare at you sightlessly!



What else do you see?  It is an it!

Cannot you tell?  It does not move.

Move it around and dust it off!

Stays in its protective groove!



But we know that our God can do stuff!

We can buy things to satisfy!

They do for a while but another thing,

That is our God!  For Him we would die.



(*) You motivate, you are the god.



Sam Cox 4.28.05


If we could only see God now,

How could He then be God?

God is Spirit, created all

As Spirit He is Lord!



Lord of everything I can see

And everything I cannot.

Creator of galaxies

And every bug and plant.



You cannot see a spirit but

As Spirit He controls.

He is everywhere! Cannot you tell?

Created and enfolds!



And can you understand Him now?

Of course you cannot nor can I.

As fathomless as infinity,

No matter how I try!



Cannot understand but I can see

The eyes of faith are strong.

Much I cannot see but still there

Will be enough to carry on.



Cannot see the wind or seasons change,

What else that I do not know?

Could write a book to just arrange

Then ignorance would show.



Not necessary to be smart

To know dumb, we are.

Oh yes, I know some minds out there

Are brighter far, by far!



Some see infinity as just

Something that may happen,

But I know what God’s Word tells me

And nothing will faith dampen!



Some blind spots are inflicting eyes

That only see the present!

Who cannot understand a God

Creator of the firmament.



Who cannot understand my God

Who cares and wants to live

Not just out there, but in your heart!

To love and live forever!



He gave His life! Remember that?

On Calvary’s cross He died!

He saw your sins and for to those sins

He became. Was crucified! (*)



(*) Became sin.



Sam Cox 4.05.05