Can anyone count the stars out there?

Like in our galaxy alone?

A trillion, quintillion, perhaps googolplex,

No countless!  The mind sheer blows!



Then there is the rest of the universe!

Forget the Milky Way!

Seems like a galaxy in itself,

Numberless stars displayed!



Our star cluster within this vastness

No mind can ever contain.

But to the One who made it all,

To God, of course, it is so plain!



“Without number…except to Creator God,”

Every planet controlled!

And named and charted to be used

As the future unfolds.



This only God knows surprises complete!

As His smile lights the way!

Untouched by time; His presence aglow!

Promise a brighter day!



“Many mansions,” that Jesus promised,

With a twinkle in His eye.

Was His reference to planets about

A thought to fetch a sigh?



Mansion to mansion, planet to planet?

Does this present a problem?

Not a problem to this glorified body. (*)

Through the Spirit to solve them.



“The heavens shout the Glory of God!”

That glory will not be diminished!

We will dwell in that glory, the heavens,

When for us it is finished!



(*) John 14, “I go to prepare a place for you.”



Sam 11.10.10


Praise Avenue in the city of bliss

Built by God!  Cannot beat this!

City of Light, sure, heaven it is called

Just no sorrow or pain there at all!



No sickness there, purest health and joy,

This is what I want for this old boy.

“Like the Angels…” Christ said, do not require

Such substance nor do they desire—



Stuffing the body with food that looks good.

Less calories, I guess, it is as it should!

I expect with old age one just tapers off

Getting ready for heaven!  Now, do not scoff!



A spiritual feast we know little about,

The banqueting table cannot do without!

But glorified body not in need of food

Substance, spiritual, and always good!



So very good as the reference suggests

Banqueting table without all the mess!

Mess here, mess there, we eat way too much,

Substance only consider as such!



Of course, it is required!  On food we depend

Required the system to defend!

Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

More spiritual food we need!  Must seek!



Food for the spirits, our scriptures, provide

Prayerfully we in Christ do reside,

But in all sensitivity always we pray

For spiritual food each and every day!



So we have food and there is food for the soul

This intake we do not need to control!

Cannot get too much scripture and prayer

Strength you will find as you meet Jesus there!



Strength we all need to keep strong in spirit

One thing is certain devil is not in it!

He just took off when we prayed the Bible!

Do what it says and you will not be liable

to sin!



Sam’s simple preachment! 08.16.10


Will heaven enthrone kings of all tribes

And will there be crowns enough?

Do not bother this guy with such details

Crowns, robes all such stuff!



Crown is the symbol of top honor

All Saints will be honored there!

The least of all saints may show greatest

Nothing earth shows will compare!



What most of us think as important

Not fanfare, medals and such.

“Dear God, will you just let me in, please?”

Just being there almost too much!



But mercy and grace are much greater!

Matchless love is what I see.

Just how can you be sure old man?

His Grace far enough for me!



Yes, I am old and I am certain

I am close enough there to know.

The cleaning crew, if they have such,

Far better than Kingship below!



No cleanup detail, not needed there!

Stuffing oneself not for me.

Do not know if eating is involved at all,

Just have to wait and see!



As spirits we will know everything.

“Glorified body,” what is that?

What I think, there will be no restrictions

To Neptune in nothing flat!



Why Neptune?  Is limitless space not enough?

I believe that is what heaven involves

From here to Pincus #99,

Weightless, problem solved.



Existential is that near close enough?

No everlasting I will be!

In glorified body or spirit there

The heavens in heaven I will see!



So I will spend a millennium trying to figure

But time is no factor at all!

With Jesus there to inspire and bless

His presence alone will enthrall!



Ole’ Sam  06.03.10


This life will merge with the after,

What difference, who can know?

God knows, all I need to know!

Where, when, He leads I will follow!



Glad and happily, bliss it will be!

Sure, joy we can have here now,

But what can compare with ecstasy?

It is what God will allow!



Hampered by body weightfulness

Someday with the Angels fly!

Not weighted down, spirit’s release,

Then, yes! “The sweet bye and by!”



Glorified body spirit’s release!

Could they be one and the same?

Do not know! Have to wait and see!

But this is no waiting game!



When God is ready, shout we will hear

Cataclysmic for some!

Who will cry for the rocks and mountains

To hide from wrath to come?



THE KING IS COMING!! Rules the heights!

Created everything!

Stars! Planets! Space without end!

Of course, birds that sing!



“Delight in God” He will give you

Desires of your heart!

My desire: ‘Abide in Him!’

In Him to never part!



“In that great getting up morning,”

Our spirits will fly!

Will not need this body no more.

“In that sweet bye and by.”



the Sam 10.26.11


Do not know what in heaven I will see,

Astonishment!  Sure!  Gloriously!

Glorified body or spirit?  Do not know!

Delighting in Angels!  Cannot wait to show!



The dark planets exit, soon realize

Bright assailing near hurting the eyes.

“Heavens declare…”  sure, heaven is here!

Exit the heartaches, tortures the fear!



Exploring, of course!   Got Eternity!

Wherever I look happiness I see!

Soon realize I am visiting stars!

Planets inhabited forget about Mars!



Way out in deep space!  Unexplored!

Forever!  No limit!  God adored!

Eternal the God-head!  Do not you see?

Always existed:  infinity!



Cannot be limited!   He is overall!

Interplanetary, while minutely small

Microscopic!  To limitless space!

Cannot keep God confined to just one place!



He is everywhere!   Of course, same time!

Cannot limit limitless confine!

Impossible!  Sure, He is everywhere!

Descended to Hell!  Sure, did not stay there!



Heaven His home.  Soon my home, too!

Heavenly choir!  Keep my voice in tune!

Impossible sounds floating over to me,

Sounds one is hearing, can also see!



Not impossible!  Sure, God shows the way!

From this time to everlasting day!

Within reason, soon God will show!

Like, analyze now!  But soon I will know!



Probability, like, living forever everlastingly.

Consanguinity, my Father’s son.

God is my Father!  The Only One!



Sam Cox, Eternity NOW!