When we finally learn to love Him as we fear Him,

When we recognize the fatherhood of God,

A Father who taught fathers how to cherish

The children reaching up to be adored.



When we graduate from fearing Him to loving,

The fearing turns to awe of His great power,

We never lose the sense of His provision

His awesome love and grace we have each hour!



Who, just who can have this confidence within him?

He whose sins have all been nailed up to that cross!

We who placed our sins upon the Savior dying

Believing that for all He suffered loss!



Believing that the all is whosoever,

The whosoever includes even me!

That all my sins were taken by the Savior

To be forever transferered to that tree.



I cannot deny the work that He did for me.

I cannot deny the changes made within!

Nor can I ever doubt the promise given

Of forgiveness and pardon from my sin!



Another promise also He has given

I need not fear sins wages anymore! (1)

The gift of everlasting life is given

The promise of sheer joy on heaven’s shore.



Oh God, I know that you know I am not worthy,

But because of love You had to die!

Even though the ones You loved all got together

To hate You and reject then crucify! (2)



(1) Romans 6:23

(2) John 1:11



Sam Cox 04.09.03


You have your Father’s eyes,

His ring is on your finger,

His robe is wrapped about you

Urging you to linger.



The banquets preparation

Accompany happy sounds!

The banquets in your honor!

Joyous laughter now abounds!



Your ‘sonship’ re-established,

Forgiveness in the air.

Tears of happiness flow freely

No room for sorrow there!



Guilt feelings, bad memories

No longer enter here.

The past is gone, forgiven

With not a lingering fear!



You are studying a portrait

Your Father’s loving face.

It truly is your Father

The eyes so full of grace!



Your eyes dart to the bottom

A signature with care

Bold, blood red it is written;

Your name is written there!



Sam Cox 07.15.03


No you cannot afford to miss it!  Do not you know forevermore?

Life eternal!  We are immortal!  Cannot take stuff to that fair shore!


Some folk striving to be better, got to earn my way up there!

We cannot earn it!  Do not deserve it!  Got to go up and get my share!


Never happen!  You cannot make it; your own righteousness will not do.

Work, work, work, and work some more.  “Not of works,” His Word is true!


All my goodness, righteousness, filthy rags.  The Bibles call!

I am better man than you are!  Well, okay but watch him fall.


Cannot you get it through your noggin?  “Not of works lest we boast.”

Jesus paid sins debt completely so you do not end up toast!


All you need to do is believe it and then gratefully accept!

Alternative?  Keep on striving, grace and mercy then reject.


No my friend, you cannot afford it.  On your own you cannot depend.

Come to Jesus sins confessing!  Without Him you cannot contend!


Many years I tried to earn it, tried to work my way to God.

Dismal failure!  Could not cut it until I cried, “Please help me, Lord!”


He is my Savior!  Daily helper now I must “Abide in Him.” (*)

“Abide in Him” in Him continue!  Yes, it is possible to sin.


Provision has been made for victory but we must confess that sin. (**)

He is faithful to forgive us and we then may enter in.


Renewed fellowship with Jesus until we see Him face to face.

Then we shall be like Him in forgiveness, mercy, love, and grace.


No, I did not have all the answers but I know who I believe.

This I know, my Lord is risen and His Grace I now receive.


Stop, Stop, Stop striving to be good!  Just abide, “Abide in Him!”

He will lead you to perfection.  Do not give up, “Abide in Him!”



(*) John 15:4-6 and 10, I John 2:24, 27-28

(**) I John 1:9 read verses 6-10



Sam Cox 04.15.04


Unless the bond is thick as thieves,

Despite the busyness of bees,

Unless once driven to your knees,

The terms were tenuous!



If grace was easy to accept,

Or just another loose concept,

Not causing any great effect,

The terms were tenuous!



If tears were never once involved,

Or some old problem left unsolved,

With no real basic terms resolved,

The terms were tenuous!



Too easy to adjust to changes,

No major acts to re-arrange,

No real great difference, nothing strange,

Your terms were tenuous!



“This is so easy!  Do not you know!

“This grace thing really hot to go!

“Forgiveness easy,” is that so?

The terms too tenuous!



“Cannot I do as I always did?

“Presumptions sinning as I bid?

“For strange displays Pandora’s lid?”

Oh, God, forbid!



Not easy, not over hard!

Not tenuous so be on guard!

Where love constrains there is nothing barred. (*)

The multitude of sins…” (**)



(*) “Love of God constrains and controls us.”

(**) “Love (agape) covers a multitude of sins.”



Sam Cox 8.01.03


What kind of fool I am though I long

For much more of Christ within.

I cannot seem to capture the song

Of praise in cleansing from sin!



He does cleanse, I know, when I beg

His blood that flowed from Calvary!

It is available still!  I surely know

Available to me!



I am not presumptuous, I know his blood

Avails for all who come!

The thief on the cross cried not in vain

He plead for forgiveness!  It was done!



Opportunities lost?  He does forgive.

Presumptuous I am not!

He forgave my calloused faithfulness

Buried my sin!  Forgot!



“…in the sea of His forgetfulness…”

He buried them long ago!

Upon my acceptance of His grace

And I have nothing to show—



Except forgiveness!  How deep my debt!

How can I just go my way,

Forgetful of all He has done for me?

My gratitude says, stay!



Yes, stay, abide in His tender love.

Divine forgiveness I claim!

How can I ever forget such love?

To live to please Him is my aim!



Sam Cox 6.7.05


Man was given ‘Angel food’, yes, manna from above!

And quail when they craved fresh meat!  How is that for Father’s love?

“Streams in the desert” just struck a rock and there

A stream poured forth and followed them, just near everywhere!



Whatever they needed God gave them where ever they went!

Sometimes, around in circles, believe it!  They were sent

Until the old doubters, old fogies, had all cashed in!

The complaining unbelievers, yes, complaining is a sin!



Caleb and old Joshua were the only old folk left!

They entered the Promised Land and in it made a cleft!

A cleft not the whole deal the Promised Land was all theirs.

They claimed a little here and there but nothing to compare–



To what God had promised them so they were all bereft.

They dared not say God cheated them, they got just what was left!

So compromise as we today seem satisfied to stay

Just on the fringes of God’s care, oh sure we sing and pray–



But then refuse to follow Him wherever He would lead.

Green pastures on a higher plane He would have us bask and feed!

It is sure we do not trust Him.  We claim we do but no!

Afraid that where he would lead, we maybe would not want to go!



Trust, sometimes I wonder, have we ever learned to trust?

Trust and obey, for trusting Jesus is a must!

If you have failed Him, beg forgiveness!  Sure you know that is the key!

I confess I have failed Him often but ask forgiveness, works for me!



Sam Cox 5.3.05


Not to mention only a life,

Deep breaths we can take,

Or the hunger that gnaws

Once we are awake!



Also, hearing the birds out there

Chirping their song

And keep up their singing

Just all the day long!



Not to mention the turtles,

Crawling somewhere

Slower than just anything

Carrying homes there.



Not to mention the fish in the sea

Or in the river or lake

Or stream just waiting to be

Eaten by whoever can take!



Or certain animals wild

Out there just roaming,

Waiting to be eaten by

Anyone showing…



Any interest at all for the

Beef or the mutton,

Or like birds of a feather

For any glutton.



Did God like make arrangements

For our hunger needs?

And then supply the veggies

Vegetarian sees?



Did He not form clouds to rain

To water, lay the dust?

Farmers pray for rainfall often

No thought given to rust!



Fail not to mention we who live,

And not by bread alone,

Word of God our privilege!

And His shed blood to atone!



We do not live in misery

To go to flaming hell at last,

Can find forgiveness at the cross!

Quench the devils blast!



Will not fail to mention cruel death,

Spikes maintaining control!



Did He not give His life freely

To save worthless souls?

And yet they crucified Him

Like they were in control.



I am a poet and I know it!

And that is not so bad

Write to glorify my King!

It is what makes me glad!



the Sam 5.2014