A perfect work of art, that filigree

Gold and silver lining this tapestry!

Bejeweled splendor forever to behold!

By beauty expert’s eyes, passionless and cold!



No not lovers, just eyes to see

Observing, sure, so knowledgeably?

Paid to observe!  Just that!  No more!

And price this work of art, what is it for?



So, what price this One who made a claim

To divinity or deity, no not the same!

For deity applies to only One,

The Godhead!  Holy Spirit!  Father and The Son!



Many the signs and wonders this man performed!

Lazarus raised from dead!  And Self formed!

Do we not at Easter, recognize

A mighty triumph over all His foes!



Miraculous life, sure, start with virgin birth!

Countless deeds of mercy, healing the sick.

Many have tried since nor can they begin

To duplicate.  Who, then, can “forgive your sin”?



We come in Jesus’ name, not just a man.

Today still heals, coming in Jesus’ name.

Be not conformed, this world, but transformed

This change only God can perform!



What is real?  Life?  A few years then gone!

Heaven reality to lean upon!

This life a vapor.  What is left to build?

They that built skyscrapers, all fulfilled.



Life so short!  Only old men can see!

What lies beyond the tomorrow?  For you?  For me?

Life, real abundant!  So full and free,

Only then will we know, how abundantly!



Precarious positions, we are often assigned

In the service of our country.  Where peace of mind

Is challenged to the limit, our safety insecure!

“Sure death” the alternative, can we endure?



But forever security promised to believers

Trusting Jesus, He only can free us!

From fear of certain death, truly not to fear it!

Whether natural or combative in praise to receive it!



Can we face death as did the apostle,

“For me to die is gain!”  It is there in his epistle.

We know of a place built by God above

Sinners are accepted, yes, saved by His love!



the Sam  02.29.12


Sleepless no, not Seattle.  Placenta, I believe.

Thoughts intruding through the night, what I receive

Three crosses on a hill.  What else there?

On one cross, criminal!  What to compare?



Cursing his plight; as he did all his life!

Mean thief and killer.  A real life of strife.

All he knew was to steel and to kill.

Cursing his vile life there on a hill!



Center cross, a different story is told.

People yelled, “Crucify!”  Sure, He had been bold

To heal the sick, forgive sinners, raise the dead!

“God alone forgives sins!”  Priests truly said–



“This man claims ‘Godhood’, crucify this man!”

We know God in Heaven forgives!  Only God can!

Impostor!  Blasphemer claiming to be God!

Sure, performs many tricks hucksters can do more!



Calvary crucified!  The end of His tricks!

So now if He is able to escape this fix?

A borrowed tomb, many friends mourned as they buried,

Soldiers guarded, later the Mary’s.



Remaining cross tells a different story.

“I had to do it!  See, he tried to kill me.”

“When You come into your Kingdom, Remember me.”

Suffering Christ heard!  Through pain, gritting teeth–



“This day, in Paradise!”  You hear this now,

With Me you are forgiven as I truly declare

Kingdom or Heaven!   Everlastingly we will share!



the Sam  01.12.12


Sure, we knew Judas as Jesus did.

Think He was fooled just a bit?

As treasurer, Judas, like, held the purse.

No, Christ was not fooled by it!



As a servant of sin he fooled no one!

Sure, loved money more than God!

When he threw that money at Pharisee’s feet,

Was it repentance in accord?



In accordance with true repentance,

Did he ever truly repent?

True repentance is followed by true hope,

As though receiving consent.



His spirit bears witness with yours when true!

We just know by faith forgiven!

We know, by faith, there is a place reserved

For this poor soul in heaven!



Great rejoicing!  We feel it inside!

Faith tells us so!

“Confess our sins…He is faithful and just

To forgive…” that sinner below!



God knows your heart, can you receive forgiveness?



Just me, Sam 60.02.11


Forgiven by the forgiving Master,

Died on the cross to forgive!

“They know not what they do,” cried the Savior

In agony died!  But He lives!



And still today he pleads, “God forgive,

I died for them.  Is it not true?

I am sins sacrifice, none other needed

There is nothing else left to do!”



At God’s right hand He stands, still pleading

We come in Jesus’ name.  God forgives!

I do not quite conceive the scenario

But this I know, He still lives!



And so He lives to intercede for us

Our own High Priest by the throne!

Surely understanding for He lived with us!

His passion pleads for His own!



God’s holiness swayed by Christ’s tender love!

What other way can we see,

His passion, His death for a sinning world.

“Father forgive” even me!



God’s holiness swayed by His love for man?

Compassion before man was born!

No argument fully aware of our plight,

He died, our souls to adorn!



Sam Cox 9.1.05


Oh God, with broken heart I pray;

Forgive and indwell me today.

I saw the distant land last night,

I was not there! Awoke in fright.



Could not forestall the tears that fell

So fearful of that burning hell!

I felt the flame, I smelled the smoke,

That is when I, thankfully, awoke!



Oh God! Contain me in this hour.

Now give me peace, do not want to cower,

In the shadows fearing evil

Darkness of a hateful devil!



Keep me from falling, guide I pray!

I want to walk with You this day!

Identify! So hard to do!

But so much better, Lord, with You!






Sam Cox 3.17.05


So we know when He is coming?  Told the disciples very soon,

Of course, we know that they had been with Him many years, ending gloom!

Simple glance at His timing, “A day is as a thousand years,

And a thousand years is as a day.”  Told them to end their fears!



At 95 I know I will see Him soon, time not an element!

To cause anxiety soon enough, all passing containment.

As pebbles left on a sandy beach change with time passing!

Time, short or long, as we make it, it is still everlasting!



 “A day with the Lord is as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.”

Give or take, think eternity!  No end considered, it is God’s way!

Mind boggling to consider, God always was!  But I have learned not to question.

He is Eternal!  No beginning, no end!  So what does it mean, predestine?



God knows all!  Sure, He knows you and me, it is safe to trust this condition!

God loves all!  Did He not say on the cross, “Forgive them, they know not what they do!”

And the thief on the cross, dying, “Forgive.”  They know not what they are doing.

“Remember me,” His answer, “This day in Paradise with Me!”



I do not question God!  This I have learned, Trust Me forever!

Loves me!  The cross proves that!  Procrastinate never!

One thug could be heard above the noise of the crowd gathered,

The cry, who can forget, “Remember me!”  Other went to Hell cursing. 

Then, how do I know?  Bent feeling still nursing!



But faith, “Substance of things hoped for,

Evidence of things not seen,” and much more.

Loved one long gone, like, nearly forgot!  Angels shining, a beautiful sight! 

Singing, This Golden Daybreak With Never A Night!



Title of a song I just must compose someday!



The Sam 01.19.14