We rationalize or tend to customize

The not good things we do.

“That is not so bad” or “What is wrong with that?”

Oh please, get me out of this zoo!



“Whatsoever is not of faith,”

“Sin liath at the door!”

One little sin can lead to others!

Sin, does God not abhor?



Sin is why Christ had to die, you know.

Little or big, it is all sin!

Cannot customize the wrong we do!

It all comes from within!



The Devil made me do it,

We are so prone to blame

Anyone else but we ourselves!

Of course, I have done the same.



“Forgive us our trespasses,” Christ prayed,

Teaching us how to pray!

And “Father forgive me as I forgive…”

Is that not what I should say?



Dispense with all the finesse!  Do not need!

Just recall with humility!

God knows all the fancy words there are!

Just thank Him, do not forget please!



Please is begging and beggars we are!

In God’s pantry, the best place!

“Thank you!”  Is what I will say once I get home!

Thank you for Your saving grace!



He saved a thief on another cross,

Suppose He can save this one, too?

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful

And just to forgive,” it is true!



“Until death do us part” wedding vows claim!

In heaven not the same!

Our life starts with our death!

Is that not why Jesus came?



That Sam man 05.24.10


My life is just beginning,

True, I stagger a lot,

But just the seventh inning!

Much more time I have bought.



Agreed, breath near wasted,

So do not run anymore!

Since swimming is now floating

I am that close to the shore!



But can I figure the ending,

Is postponed a little?

Time ago busted two ribs!

Of course, bones do get brittle!



Sure, they mended fast, a hurry!

Believe that just a good sign.

And I have slowed down a little,

But that is not a crime!



Since the time I have bought is

That raging within

To express thoughts poetically,

Do not think that is a sin!



I love Jesus, my Savior!

Salvation came down!

I am presumptuously asserting

That I am Heaven bound!



But it is no presumption

I just say I accept!

What Jesus freely offers,

This fantastic concept!



Of course, I pray, “Forgive me!”

How can anyone say,

Jesus died, it is a sure thing,

Please, Lord!  “Teach us to pray!”



“Forgive us our trespasses!”

Cannot we then just assume,

Since He died to forgive us!

Listen up!  Wrong tune!



“Godly sorrow!”  True repentance!

God graciously forgives!

But don’t you dare take for granted,

The Salvation freely gives!



Yes, life is just beginning!

With Jesus just no end!

Eternity begins now!

It is God’s perfect blend!



Sam Cox  11.25.08