Raised in India, British parents,

But American controlled.

Citizen fought in W. W. II!

As First Scout, leading patrol!



Many the scary ventures contained

Death-wish, do you suppose?

Stood down on a path, enemy in plain view!

Planted grenade, to propose!



Thinking that they may want it later

And they did!  I stayed awake!

Over the snoring I heard creeping feet,

Tossed the grenade.  What a break!



Both exploded, as I had hoped,

Someone exclaimed, “It is just Sam.”

I heard scraping as though being dragged,

Not a blink of sleep for this man!



“Move out!”  Order given, next day

“Where?”  No one around could see!

“Just follow us!  Trail ahead will take…”

“Where?”  Left to Squad Leader and me!



I had fixed my bullion and coffee,

Others opened their cans,

My liquid diet, after six months,

I had lost 30 pounds!



I had prayed for protection, as before,

Habit, I guess, but God heard.

Look, I am 93, think there is still more?

Up to nature,  not disturbed!



For me, God is still under-girding as

I keep praying for strength!

But not presuming as before

Heaven awaits at length!



Presumptuous presumably, no, no!  For sure!

But “I go to prepare a place…”

All He has done for me these many years!

As I have walked, “Saved by Grace!”



the Sam 02.07.12


The heat is on!  Cool summer, hot fall!

July is most of August most, et al.

So pleasant!  Could eat in the sun, enjoy!

Sun even pleasant, I recall, as a boy.



Enjoying the sunshine but do not wish again.

Maturing at ninety disturbing but then

Recalling sweet pleasures, is it a sin?

I live a full life I am convinced.



Convinced that the bumming around quite clear

I could not settle down but had nothing to fear

But fear itself!  On a rock coming down

Clinging one hand, cool head, got around!



Cannot remember even fearing, as calmly with care,

Praying the next hold my God ever there!

Certain I could make it convinced the end

Not yet but could be just around the bend!



Then around the bend first jump from a plane,

With 6 more pending, could I do it again?

Facing the combat I just could not miss

Dreading the Philippines, First Scout, no not bliss!



False feeling of confidence, could this be the way?

The war, led patrol, new paths everyday!

The whittled down replacements back to 12.

Whittled down again, sometimes 4 not shelved.



Still going!  My cobbers (*) I outlived them all!

Mitch the final, would not listen, knew the call.

Looking straight ahead picked one between the eyes!

I still cannot stand watching while one dies!



A buddy tripped a landmine, I nearly turned sick.

Left side blown to kingdom, medic come quick.

Died on the way down so just as well,

Heart, lungs, innards all punctured!  Just where is hell?



Can we picture this life without problems?  No!

Face that machinegun, go with the flow.

Hand twitching, help me!  Just no help around!

Not even buried naked was found!



(*) A pal a chum



S.H.C. 08.26.10


Memory a slow process,

Association complete,

Especially to an oldster

Of a sudden to defeat.



Most every previous thought wave

Obliterating same!

Remembered!  How could I forget?

That thing, that place, that name?



Al!  Our close association

Through six whole combat months.

2nd squad hit that crummy trail,

Sure, we took our lumps!



But Al, how could I have forgot?

Like, a military thing?

Forget all unpleasantries

That combat will bring!



First Scouts are expendable!

2nd, well, I soon took lead!

Al, Corporal, our squad leader!

Promoted, “Sam, you take lead!”



Soon just gave up questioning

When Al said, “Hit the trail!”

Learning that Jap beaten path,

How could I ever fail?



Of course, Al would not know up or down

Excepting a Corporal was he,

Two stripes!  I had only one

A lowly P.F.C.



Since First Scouts first took the hit

Most squad leaders lived on.

We, squad of twelve, left with just four!

Which one we depend upon.

No need for 2nd Scouts no more!

So long as I existed!

Remembering one time a heart to heart

In which squad leader persisted–



With questions, until I admitted

To Christian!  A believer!

Long talk, My Heavenly Hope that

I would live forever!



We left it there but from that time

He felt that I had garnered

A protective shield from above,

Protected as like armored!



But better still he trusted that

When I took dumb chances,

Not so dumb but as one

Whom God enhances!



Did seem dumb, that grenade I waved

Plain view of enemy cave,

But turned out right in the end

As they dug their own grave!



An Act Of God at times preformed,

At time unwittingly.

May seem dumb to human mind until

The simple truth they see!



Sam Cox 12.14.08


Yes, I remember my conversion,

A tent meeting early in life,

I am standing outside, eyes on fire!

Horizon sliced like a knife!



A boy, same age, confronted me,

Said something about the flames,

Reminiscent of  H e l l  I assumed

I then preached without shame!



I led the lad to the tent then

The alter there was still full!

We knelt together, first convert,

Seemed with God I had  p u l l(?)



Later, I believe, I  l o s t  it!

Wanted to do my own thing,

Back and forth it was up and down

Guess I needed a fling.



Guess that is what I wanted so I did it,

Saw the country my way!

Transgressor’s way is hard!  I kept going!

Hitch-hiking  m a n y  a day!



From ocean to ocean, crossed many streams,

Mountains, yes, rivers, et al.

Ozarks, Badlands, The Black Hills, too.

Rockies, yes, mountains still call!



Then the big war, fought as First Scout,

Yes, God had His hand on me!

Powerful prayers of my mother back home,

Consummate blessings now free!



I obeyed God’s call to preach The Word!

Married a wife somewhere.

Evangelistly on request

Place to  p r e a c h,  sure, I am there!



Of course, God supplied all our needs,

We never once suffered want!

Desires of our hearts, yes that,  t o o.

Need something?  Come to the Fount!



We came, God blessed  e x c e e d i n g l y!

From son, two daughters, a tribe!

Grand and great grandchildren galore!

Which I love best, cannot decide!



Do not you know that that’s God’s love for us?

Could I ever suffer loss?

Do not need to!  Jesus died for us  a l l!

Horrible death of the  c r o s s!



Sam Cox  05.08.09


Jesus, not a sophisticate!

Had no care for degrees,

Doctor of this or doctor of that,

Why should He bend His knees?



Nor did He act, like, a know-it-all!

His speech was always clear!

The common knew what He meant!

They knew the Lord was near!



What the God of all creation,

Mastered long before time,

Master of disciples, everything! (*)

Our knowledge, you can put on a dime!



Bachelors degree, what though you have reached,

Admittedly, I still learn!

No!  I do not know everything!

But much of no concern!



God taught my mother with no degrees,

Mastered six languages!

Knew to do!  And when to let God!

Who never discourages!



Knew God’s will and how to perform,

Knew not to interfere!

Her boys were committed to God’s care,

So she had nothing to fear!



World War II in the Philippines,

First Scout leading patrol!

Mother prayed and trusted God!

Left me in God’s control!



Thought of the mad man, Jesus cured!

I am discharged and returned home,

Watched as I mowed that enormous lawn,

Knew I was not alone!



Bathed, sat at the piano, played,

Sang, first song I could find.

Mother listened then said softly,

“Fully clothed and in his right mind!”



(*) An MD at least



Me, Sam Cox 07.21.09