The sun swept hill from the toe to brow

Is bathed in brilliant color now,

And doubly blest by natures scene

In early summers color scheme.

Appreciating all this joy

Is father with his fair-haired boy.

A hand is shading fathers eyes

He is looking out across the skies

Then down his gaze encounters blue

Far deeper than the lighter hew

Of cloud specked skies where seagulls glide

They too survey the ocean wide.

He sees the green of shallows wind,

And darker grow as depths they find.

A band of waves roll in and break,

And fleecy foam is left in wake.

The darkened sand once more turns white

As foam and water take their flight.

But boy, where is his gaze and why?

Does he with awe inspect the sky?

Does he have eyes for yonder sea

Or for that lonely scrub oak tree?

Is he, perhaps, engrossed with flowers

Or dainty fern that humbly cowers?

Nay!  None of these deserve a shrug!

The boy has found a ladybug!






Sam Cox 08.03


“Father, forgive them for they do not know…”

He prayed from that cross for sinner below!

Who tortured, tormented then nailed Him there!

Jesus, who did nothing but show His care!



Untouchables, lepers He touched then and healed!

Could they not know what this action revealed?

The great God who heals, who raises the dead!

“Only wise God provides us with bread.”



Provides us with comfort, rest, when required.

Mary and John from that cross inspired,

“Behold thy Son!  Receive they mother!”

Brothers and sisters with one another.



Saw Him raise Lazarus, how could they not know?

This Jesus was God’s Son sent down to show

That believing on Him would mean their salvation!

As prophesied since Adam’s creation.



His seed should bruise the ‘Serpents head’

As man’s heel shall be bruised instead.

As the struggle continues, we against Satan, contend!

Victory is ours, Satan’s loss in the end!



With God deciding, how can we lose?

Just one way to lose when it is loss you choose.

But why would anyone chose such an end?

Understandably loss without a friend!



But we have a friend in Jesus we see

His promise He keeps, “I will never leave thee!”

Any separation, you can surely tell.

Say yes to Satan, he will take you to Hell!



Sam Cox 07.06.10


The real you is captured by

The One who never fails!

He has loved you forever

And finally prevails!



You had to try the world with

Its fantasy of joy,

No real joy!  It just ridiculed

And teased to annoy!



Insidious the tempter tried

Many times but failed!

To return you to swine husks

But each time Christ prevailed!



“I will return to my father”

Confess that I have sinned

Just take me as your servant.”

But the father only grinned!



Through his tears of joy, “My son has

Returned!  Kill the fatted calf.

We will celebrate with gladness

For it is in his behalf!”



“He has sinned but sins shackles

Are no more! Now he is clean!

We will rejoice!  We will not frown

Not slander nor demean!”



“Brand new suit!  Put him in it

For my son who was lost

Is not found!  He is alive

Penitent forget the cost!”



Jesus told this story.  Yes,

Those tears of joy are real!

The tears of God, The Father,

Believe it!  He does feel!



He feels our sins, He felt them on that cross!



S H Cox 12.2.05


Yes, there will be tears in heaven,

But God will wipe them all away!

Is not that just like a Father?

What more is there left to say?



I dreamed that I searched vainly

Through heaven for a dear friend.

A dream that left me sorrowful,

Sorrow that had to end!



I wept when I knew that he was not

In that fair City of God!

Sorrowfully cried until God found me

And proved He was truly God!



He wiped those tears and then

Caused my heart to rejoice!

Just with His glorious presence when

He touched me!  I heard His voice.



His voice so strong and kind, it was,

Like, no voice ever before!

His love drove thought long past, away!

Including hurts I deplored!



Though such bliss was hard to ignore

But why ignore such joy?

Forgetfulness of sorrows past

Equally hard to destroy!



Not impossible for God who

Never gave thought to that word!

Negative thoughts all driven away

Just words of joy now heard!



It was, like, miraculously a loss

Of memory of the past!

All bad memories gone, forgotten!

How could they ever last?



As God, long past, did forget my sins

“To be remembered no more.”

“As far as the east is from the west”

On that happy, yes, blissful shore!



S H Cox 11.11.05


I have been through intense suffering

Much more than the common pain.

Though it was more debilitating

Do not want to do that again!



Then another pain came over me

Vary hard to describe!

A feeling that so torturous

Hell fires may ascribe!



Without the fire, unquenchable,

A feeling, what can be said?

That pure peace and rest I would never attain,

That I will never more know sweet rest.



Rest from the memory of suffering

Rest from the pains of hell,

Rest from the feeling that never again

Would I sense that all is well!



But praise The Lord!  I have that rest now,

A night of sweet, dreamless sleep.

Not that it ended the pain within

But this assurance I will keep.



Assurance that God is always near!

That this is the basis for praise!

That He will see me safe at last

To be kept through endless days!



Thank you, Father!  You are good to me!

What would I do without You?

You know my frame, You see right through me!

Worship!  What more can I do!? (*)



(*) Not just and exclamation, an honest question!



Sam Cox 7.11.05


Even when we sin, God is there.

Flaunt His love, He will not leave.

Trash His grace, His heart is breaking

Though still there He will grieve.



There is a passion that made Him die.

Even the men that nailed Him there,

He would have nailed Himself or try,

To prove His love, His care!



You know His love. You have felt His tears,

His heart broken for you.

He saw sins punishment, His fears

He bore it all for you!



What did our sins cost Him? You know!

Despised, rejected, then

He would still to Calvary go,

He would rather die than condemn!



Rejecting, they condemned themselves.

They sent themselves to Hell!

“Father, forgive them.” This He prayed,

Loved sinners, cannot you tell?



He died for them! He gave His life

Such love, it cannot end!

Even Judas, betraying Him,

Remember that Christ called Him, “Friend”!



Sam Cox 2.03.05


Many of those who took bread from His hands

Would later cry for His blood!

Along with others who followed the crowd

Whom figure were not worth crud!



But Jesus prayed from His cross for this crud,

“Father forgive…”  They are but sheep!

Wandering, lost, with no Shepherd!

But in my mind vermin that creep!



Forgive me, Father!  Sometimes I forget,

Even apart from the crowd,

That I once hated, cursed to my shame!

Not whispering but out loud!



When I looked on you as God without love,

I just did not understand,

You had promoted him to realms above!

To a far superior land!



The lost ones who once cried, “Crucify!”

Could later be Spirit led.

Cry out there at that very same cross and

Receive the Living Bread!



I forgot, Dear Lord, You who died for all!

Shedding your precious blood,

That I was once a recipient.

That I, myself, was once crud!



S. Cox 01.24.09