Sleepless no, not Seattle.  Placenta, I believe.

Thoughts intruding through the night, what I receive

Three crosses on a hill.  What else there?

On one cross, criminal!  What to compare?



Cursing his plight; as he did all his life!

Mean thief and killer.  A real life of strife.

All he knew was to steel and to kill.

Cursing his vile life there on a hill!



Center cross, a different story is told.

People yelled, “Crucify!”  Sure, He had been bold

To heal the sick, forgive sinners, raise the dead!

“God alone forgives sins!”  Priests truly said–



“This man claims ‘Godhood’, crucify this man!”

We know God in Heaven forgives!  Only God can!

Impostor!  Blasphemer claiming to be God!

Sure, performs many tricks hucksters can do more!



Calvary crucified!  The end of His tricks!

So now if He is able to escape this fix?

A borrowed tomb, many friends mourned as they buried,

Soldiers guarded, later the Mary’s.



Remaining cross tells a different story.

“I had to do it!  See, he tried to kill me.”

“When You come into your Kingdom, Remember me.”

Suffering Christ heard!  Through pain, gritting teeth–



“This day, in Paradise!”  You hear this now,

With Me you are forgiven as I truly declare

Kingdom or Heaven!   Everlastingly we will share!



the Sam  01.12.12


“Coming down from God out of heaven?”

New heaven and earth shall be

Forever glorify our King of Kings,

Then we will know eternity!



Eternity means no more than life evermore!

Eternity is God designed!

Whatever man may boast, all he can do

Only God!  Man halts at that line!



We will live forever but God always was!

God created everything!

Admit that you cannot understand it all!

Finitely we to Him cling!



The stars above He has counted them all!

He gave to each one its own name! (1)

Pleiades of Taurus, Antares all the stars

And each one unique, none the same!



Great is God’s power!  His understanding, too!

Infinite His wisdom! Agree? (2)

Beyond imagination beyond all our means

We are but mortality!



So now consider His mercy and His grace,

Not just His power but His love!

“Heals the brokenhearted, binds up our wounds.” (3)

Fits us for heaven above!



A mighty blast of thunder!  Spinning galaxies!

A sparrow falls, what?  The Father sees?

Not only sees He cares!  He reaches out!

By His Spirit, He our spirit frees! (4)



What more do we seek?  What else do we need?

God’s promise, “Each need I will supply.”

Happiness today!  “Joy unspeakable,” always

Everlastingly.  “The sweet bye and bye!”



(1) Psalm 147:4

(2) Psalm 147:5

(3)Psalm 147:3

(4) We are God’s sparrows, His eye is on us!



Sam Cox 04.25.03

(With a lot of help from God!)


When Jesus does come, what will it be?

Glorious or calamity?

Up to you my sinner friend!

Sure, I say sinner for the in the end—



We are all sinners who must pay the price

“Wages of sin,” not so nice.

But look back, what do you see?

The Christ hanging on a cross tree!



Virtuous! Perfect love shining through!

He only could tell us what to do.

For He alone lives eternally!

Eternal God and Everlastingly!



Always was! The only Creator!

Made all! Just none greater!

“No beginning,” this baffles us all!

This I accept, it is faiths call!



Credible or not by any standard

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for

Evidence of things not seen.”

Believing Christ’s words, we now on Him lean.



Forever, everlasting, eternal He,

And we with Him! How can this be?

Earth, Milky Way, one cluster there

Sky is endless, what can compare?



We in His image! This humbles all,

God considers ever since the fall

That though I, a sinner, because of Him

That price is paid! He claimed my sin!



Eternal the meaning always was!

He eternal! We only dust

With a beginning but endlessly

Knowing each other, endless be!



In Heaven a place He has prepared!

For disciples that we will share!

Fly with Him, investigate evermore

Places on that heavenly shore!



Endless time and space the same!

Do you know yet why He came?

Time? No, it is forever done!

So now we know joy for everyone!



the Sam 4.23.14


Once fog has lifted clear away,

Thus revealing a sunny day.

Fog 0f sin, can we not see?

What Jesus did for you, for me?



He took it all upon Himself,

Leaving the comfort of that shelf,

Of joy of peace, bright realms above!

Left it all for men, it is called love!



Did He have to leave home, heaven?  No!

Did God, over all, command go?

His comfort secure as all can see.

Did he not leave all just for me?



And you?  And no answers can remain,

Tell me, who on earth could then disdain

The desire for joy evermore?

To remain in heavens’  blissful shore!



Can any then imagine this,

Leaving all, yes, heavenly bliss?

To suffer with sinful people below,

Who really cannot tell which way to go!



Loving the sin they are living in!

Cannot see clearly to live within,

Realms of peace and joy that Christ shows!

That we can have as river flows.



Joy supreme can anyone know?

Christ makes promise to us below!

“Take up your cross and follow me!”

To know real joy everlastingly!



the Sam 10.01.12


Jesus is all the world to me!

What more could I desire?

The things of earth have grown quickly dim!

Nothing left to inspire!



His Grace, His love there is nothing more

This side of Heaven’s  shore.

Food?  Why bother to eat anything?

Just worship the One I adore!



He who created everything

Yes, the never dying soul,

Giving life more abundantly!

All life is in His control!



Souls that perish, there is no such thing!

Live on eternally!

Man created to never die!

Live on everlastingly!



Soul is the spirit of life!

Body only will perish!

Real life is found in the Spirit!

This only I will cherish!



Older I get, more Spirit lives!

Heaven’s Eternity!

Fly with the eternal creatures!

Angelic Host I see!



An angel’s smile reveals it all!

Happiest people alive!

Positive aiding the souls of men

So glad I am on their side!



Sam Cox 12.07.10