Considering the normal, I am poor!

Except for God’s rich blessings!

Oh yes, He blesses daily with

Fine treasures I am confessing.

The need for more each day as I

Reach out for His Presence.

That Presence that He visits now

It is His very essence!

My mind He fills with thoughts each day!

Of course, I will do His bidding!

I wish to write them down to share

Thoughts humble confiding.

What God has called you to do, do it!

Without expecting blessings!

Remuneration eventually

Up there! In white robe dressing!

What better payment can be had?

Hear His kind voice saying,

“Enter now the joys of heaven

These treasures you have been laying…”

‘It is life Eternal now, all yours!’

What more can this sinner ask

To be with God forever more!

And in His presence bask!

Gratefully, Sam Cox 4.20.05


Adam and Eve in the Garden, yes, they did surely die!

True, they lived on for centuries, that in the Eternal eye,


Was a mere drop in a bucket; it was not even a day. (*)

The Bible says that a thousand years, in God’s sight, is but a day!


Man would have lived on forever!  One grain of sand by the sea

Could never begin to measure up or fit the analogy!


Infinity is the measure of space, space that has no end.

Just as eternity goes on and on and is hard to comprehend!


The angels are not eternal for they were created, too.

The angels are everlasting just the same as me and you!


Yes, man will live forever and where?  That depends on his aim!

If he cares not about heaven his future?  Oh, what a shame!


The Godhead, blessed Trinity, the matchless Three in One

Cooperated together and the universe was begun!


Yes, begun, for creation continues a world that has no end!

Can man confine the Eternal?  No, he will neither break or bend.


Who cannot confine the Eternal?  Do not you know He died long ago?

When God dies, we die too.  Who keeps us going?  Surely you know!


Our Eternal God, in infinity, impossible to trace!

So what really does keep us spinning?  Only His love and grace!


Consider the brain, so intricate, only God’s love could inspire!

Our brain is a miniscule fraction yet we presume to conspire!


Give up?  Nothing like this could evolve or start from whatever they say.

The suns, worlds in perfect control through time, like, night and day!


Now a glance at division of time, was God involved in this too?

Before Christ and after, Anno Domini, infinite and true! (**)



(*)  2 Peter 3:8

(**) The Year of The Lord



Sam Cox 03.15.04


Just what did that poor soul miss that he desired

A fine palace and crown up yonder?

When we all get to heaven what a day!

We will be home!  No longer wander!



Considering song I remember from the so long ago

“Wrote my name down for a palace and crown,”

So then how can I help being happy and free?

Just no more begging or wanting for me!



Now if everyone gets a palace and crown,

Just kings up there will I see?

Just no one up there to rule over, at all!

Thank you, Lord for this fine country!



Everlastingly means forever and just God,

Only God is eternal, no beginning,

Always was!  No counting of ages He,

He, Himself did everything!



By Himself!  Sure nothing in this universe exists

Without His thought!

Sure, He thought everything into existence!

Stars, oh, and that frog that you caught…



Yes, once you were just an embryo then

A miracle of love!

God so loved that He gave!

Us to reign above!



Reigning sure, like, be my own boss,

Ruling my own kingdom!

Will be like the angels above!

Now where did that come from?



It is scripture, you know, God’s own word!

I did not make it up!

You know good spirits that keep us safe

Guardians who take us up!



Some glad day to be with Him!  Heaven!

Everything new, attitudes!

Communing surely and the way we will act

And think in all that we do!



Spanking new and so different!

With no night there, how sufficient!



the Sam 06.10.14


For my indigenous citizenry

Felt it right to fight for country.

No thought at all, then to not fight!

In my thinking it was only right!



So I joined up!  Pearl Harbor time!

Whole lot of joiners in that line.

Country needs me!  I am feeling good!

Just twenty-seven, good as I should!



Do not care to take on Panthers as yet,

Made perfect score with rifle connect!

But the hand-to-hand just is not for me,

As a youngster we played that you see!



Sure, got knocked around but a rifle is better,

Bullet through heart!  Wrote the letter!

Expert on rifle range, perfect score!

So Tommy gun forced on me, I am fighting no more!



Preached then for 30 years across the country,

And that is what I aimed for once set free.

Traveled through many states, preached in most

Jesus remembering the Holy Ghost!



Now it is, “Lord please help today,”

At 95 praying pain away!

Soon be with You!  Sure, then it will be,

‘My country ‘Tis of Thee.’



God’s country, heaven, way up there!

No place here to compare!

Imagination cannot even come close,

Eternal, ever irrevocably most!



Of anything desirable to see

In heaven throughout all eternity!

Something Satan cannot start to spoil

Heaven forever!  No more turmoil!



No other love can come close to His

Made us for joy in Him, perfect bliss!

Where sin corrupts there, His gladness shows

As looking to Jesus who conquers all foes!



So I pray, “Lord Jesus, help me today,

Please give me courage to keep sin away!

Sin I will no longer abide

As long as I am close by Your side!”



Remembering Jesus on that cross there

Agony!  Torture!  Way beyond compare!

Bore all for you and me, can there be more?

Yes, love must see us with Him on that fair shore.



Contaminants?  Never!

Only pure in heart

Will enter those Gates of Pearl!

Sure, that is just the start!



the Sam


God attending to small details features this from the eternal.

Each skinny silk of corn attached to every little kernel.

The silk extends outside the husk to catch the rays of sunshine!

Each sun kissed kernel bursts with sweetness tasting, like, divine!



Just think other things, similar like the apple and pear,

Can you, the sweetness of a grape find just anywhere?

Sure makes our taste buds water that is not all!  God made them grow!

God made everything that pleases!  Does not this His kindness show?



In hundreds of tasty tidbits we find pleasure every day!

Mouthwatering juicy vegies there is just nothing left to say!

God loves us tries to prove it through our taste buds, nothing more?

Just gaze into the future.  Look by faith and see that shore!



“Many mansions” this foretelling beauty, luxury, beyond

Any human comprehension!  Listen!  That angelic sound!

Coming from ten thousand voices, do you wonder, cannot you hear?

Clear sound harmonious mingling, imagination brings it near!



Let us not spoil it by imagining, just know that it will transcend

Any, every mortal talent!  Nothing earthly can contend!

Music there is never ending, reach other planets, all

Bathed in constant praise extending, reaching those that did not fall!



Other planets, heavens pieces, like to ponder, think a bit!

Not suggesting this as scripture, so do not throw a tizzy fit.

Angelic choir from main heaven televising words from God

Around the clock?  No!  Daylight always!  Waking hours can afford!



Can imagination offer anything to beat this trip!

Do not know!  I do not think so but then I do not give a rip!

Through all our tears and troubles can we ever understand

That we were handpicked for heaven?  For we have sought a better land!



Sam Cox 10.25.05


Dead is dead, yes, but there is a resurrection!

We will be like Him and there is a connection!

All who die in Christ will never see corruption,

But all who die without Him inherit destruction!



Destruction, yes!  For as sensibilities go

No more peace, no more comfort, no more joy below!

Delusion interrupts every soul that remains!

I will be glad to leave it with all it contains!



Will not need cars, trains, or ships where I am going, be so glad!

I will be leaving this world, not that I am good or bad,

But I am saved, ‘born again’, I am salvation’s own son!

And I am not alone!  For He died for everyone!



All who want may come and be with Him forever!

This is no delusion!  I know I will perish never! (*)

Yes, dead is dead but know this, the clock is still running,

So whatever you do just do not keep on shunning!



Have you ever considered God’s seniority? (**)

His response is triggered by your activity?

You do not have to yell in prayer, He hears your thinking!

Dwell on all those bad thoughts and He knows you are sinking!



Of course He knows our thoughts before we ever think them!

And He equips us with a conscience to refute them!

Never underestimate His wisdom, love, or power!

Timeless, He is always with you, now and every hour!



(*)    in the sense of oblivion

(**)  better believe it pilgrim, from eternal to everlasting!

That is what eternal means!



S. H. Cox 10.21.05


Above Darjeeling but highest spot on this earth of ours,

Himalayan mountains covering Tibet and that hill, of course,

Mount Everest!  Then 200 feet lower appearing, higher Kanchenjunga!

Appearing higher as it was nearer to that church overlooking the Jungah!

From that church high on that hill we could admire the two of them,

Snow covered decidedly; challenge to climb, to win acclaim.

I tempted not, many died trying, temptation the fame!

Acclaim of other men amounts to what?

To the winners, some large and some not,

Many the large!  What in the now conspires!

Devastating defeat could wish I had not tried!

Those tears of remorse, could wish I could hide!

A trouper, I recalled, would, like, practice every day

And then when he lost, just had nothing to say

But tearful at night in the bed, secrecy.

This I observed!  No, it was not the me,

I was the winner in the racing each time!

Training, paratroops, first to cross the line!

Determinations helps and speed!  Oh yes, that too!

Certain sergeant liked to show off, just what he could do,

I beat, was not proud when I looked at him there.

That is when I determined to try out way up there,

Paratroops, of course, with a few others share

Twice the pay!  Sure, that was some incentive!

But slapping the dirt!  Just no preventative!

Then unprecedented activity in heaven we will see!

Visiting all those planets, will take eternity!

Everlasting life for sure, this son will have

Not eternal but everlasting!  Only God has no past!

No past, no beginning.  Do not you know our God always was!

Building our forever, that is not all that He does!

Only God is eternal!  The man beginning had!

Did sin begin with Eve?  Sure, Adam was just as bad,

Condemned to die (the body) no more flesh left to sin!

Just the spirit (soul) will live on and on forever!

We are saved by grace by Christ only through faith, enter in!

the Sam 6.1.14