My heart, spirit, my  everything

Longing soul cries out

To my Maker, Lord, and my King,

What is this life all about?



Just why did you make us?  Why, why?

Surely You knew we would sin!

Capricious, You are not!  Life of strife

Could never salvation win!



Winning nothing.   You had to die!

Proof of Your love that is it!

Knowing consequence You would die!

Sin’s wages You assumed it!



Everything known before it occurred

And that’s what omniscience means!

Perfect in knowledge, everything known!

Surely this is what  it seems!



We created free moral agents

The meaning I, I can decide,

Sure, where I spend the Eternal Life.

That Deity contrived!



Meaning, the choice is mine complete!

I decide my own fate!

As Judge sits in His Judgment seat.

I come early or late!



Sure late it is assumption correct!

Too late to say, I am sorry?

But who can tell where God is concerned?

So I missed the trolley.



But God was a mind.  Mind of minds!

Nothing improbable!

Thinking worlds!  Into existence!

So what  could be impossible?



He has to love with our love in return

While His love is consummate.

Desires same but cannot be controlled,

Though it some early or late!



That thief on a cross, “Remember me…”

Nothing halfhearted there.

His love, just now articulate!

Can anyone’s love compare?



Thief on that cross “Remember me…” when

What more was needed?

Compassion only Christ’s love in

His death conceded!



His love made Him do it!



the Sam  12.19.11


God who created us for joy

Unspeakable, defenseless.

The Adam and Eve did something wrong

Sin from then on, endless!



Eternity truly in His plan

Loves all that He made!

Some of it we cannot understand

But do not know how we would trade.



Insect world and germology

Not disannulled by me

I cannot understand all He did

Microbes or yet the flea.



But all, everything has purpose

True!  Fundamentally!

God over all did everything!

All purposefully!



No mistakes in anything

The fish breathing in water,

Tadpoles turn into something else.

Did Eve have a daughter?



Snakes have a purpose, truly do!

Some fish in rivers and seas

Devour others and we eat,

Some good for you and me!



Many who doubt eternal life,

Suppose we die like dogs!

So glad God had a purpose for all,

Including maybe frogs.



Frog legs delicious many folk consider

And remember God does know all!

For everything there is a purpose!

We die but live on God’s call!



Call of the wild is for many understood

And Cain killed his brother, too!

Wonder what became of that killer,

I have nothing better to do!



Now that I am way too old to work

Just sit and write poetry!

Used to sell some now just to give

To anyone for free.



And it is a pleasure!  God’s gift to me!

No need for money anymore,

As we all know it grows on trees

And that is what they are budding for!



Gifts from God, way out of reason!

Air we breathe included!

Sin to shine every season,

Nothing is excluded!



Cannot imagine nor try anymore,

The joy unspeakable true!

Fly with angels visiting stars!

Just everything left to do!



No end!  Eternity!



The Sam 11.14


Sin put you in prison for life!

Nothing to do but think!

Small window up high, stale air

To breathe, tap water to drink.



Hopeless there, four walls to see

Just two meals a day!  What crime?

Jesus comes!  Impossible!  But

Offers to do your time!



You stubbornly reject His offer,

Sadly He goes His way,

The gimmick, what does He get out of this?

You close your heart and stay!



Or this way:



Sins penalty, “sins wages, death!”

Jesus will take your place!

“Yeah, right!  What does He get out of it?”

Nothing!  It is only God’s grace!



Grace?  Of course you do not understand,

Why would anyone die?

Motive questioned?  Consider well,

“Grace, His love will not lie!”



Cannot trust yourself?  All hope is gone?

“Eternal life?  What is that?”

Dream world!  Come out of the clouds!

You are heaven, just way too pat!



Jesus promised!  Enough for me!

My hope is heaven’s shore!

Anticipation sheer delight!

With Him forevermore!



“Grace, God’s grace, grace that pardons and cleanses within!

Grace, God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sin!




Sam Cox 11.02.05


In that everlasting Kingdom

What will happen?  I do not know!

I am no prophet just a poet,

But that is where I want to go!



Great intentions prospects aiming

Cannot quite make it on my own!

But it is my destination

Got to make it to God’s throne!



Who can get there that vast haven?

David, Jacob, Abraham?

Billy Sunday?  Billy Graham?

Or my father?  Or old Sam?



Sorry buddy, all unworthy!

“All have sinned and all fall short,”

If you would scrap the devils arrows

Have to build yourself a fort!



All those saints who have gone before us

Not excluding Samson, too (*)

Had a fort, their faith increasing

Without it one is faithless crew!



Faithless?  Yes!  For without Jesus

Without faith in Christ you are dead!

Be sure of it, if not in heaven

May as well have stayed in bed!



That rugged cross that is where Christ took them,

All my sins and yours!  Believe

On Jesus Christ’s propitiation

Eternal Life you will receive!



Believing now I do receive it!

Heaven is my eternal home,

Unworthy?  Yes!  Confess, receive Him!

He is ready to atone! (**)



(*) Ready Hebrew 11

(**) Atone – make two as one



Sam Cox 9.12.05


The speed of wind blowing strong,

The speed of sound, of light!

The jet speed of a Thunderbird,

A dolphin’s freedom flight.



Our feet are slow comparing all

And slower still with age!

When sight begins to fade away

We are slow to turn a page.



The worm gets nowhere very fast

And other things appear

To travel slower than that worm,

Unchanged by thought or fear.



The sun, old sol, up in the sky,

What is up?  What is down?  Why?

Do not know a thing, some know it all,

Enough to make one cry!



Just why?  I ask as I look up

To see the sky so blue!

Can people make stuff to destroy

Who died and never knew?



The joy of making peace with God

The peace of knowing Him,

“Whom to know aright is life,”

Forever free from sin!



But how can some folk know so much

Yet never give a thought

To that which lies beyond the grave?

The life by Christ’s life bought!



Yes, we sin but know the power

Of cleansing through His blood!

That is why He died to give us life

And take us home above!



The breath of God eternal life,

We live as soon as death

Consumes this flesh to liberate

The Spirit with new breath!



The Breath of God, the Spirit Life,

Like, Angels we will be.

With Angels we will investigate

Live planets eternally!



Sam Cox 5.18.05


“If only we could see our path as God sees it,

We would have selected it as well!” (F. B. Meyer)

But when we are suffering an afflicting trial

It is pretty hard to tell!



But later, after learning, we know it was worth while

That lesson that we learned, though hard,

Was important and worth it, and contributive to

Total betterment with regard–



To the Spirit, soul, and body in development

Of natural qualities and skills

That make us better people. God developing

Useful servants, His plans to fulfill!



Of course, He has a plan! For each and every one!

He loves us! Will lead us along

As long as we are willing to follow His leading

Avoiding the wild aimless throng.



But never ignoring someone who needs our help

In leading to a far better way!

The way of salvation, leading to eternal life!

And God’s Everlasting Day!



Sam Cox 04.05


God still rules the universe despite the noise and strife,

Must shake His head at times to us just a part of life.



Does He weep, I wonder? We were, “created in His image.”

“Jesus wept,” a time ago difference not hard to distinguish!



I believe He wept often for lost souls out of His reach,

A chasm, man’s will, contending even God cannot breach.



The Christ, of course, superlative seems at times so hard

To understand or reach Him. Do some then just discard?



Time to seek, search harder. Could be a test, do not know.

Test! I am sure! Just do not give up testing helps one grow.



Grow in Grace! Contingent command? Not uncertain if

Stay with it! The uncertainty can cause a rift!



Do not give up your faith! God gives! Stay faithful and trust!

Trust in Jesus, never let go without Him, back to dust!



Choking dust, philosophies of men, Nirvana and such.

Duplicities, the Shangri-La’s, all that turn to rust!



Choking dust measuring well the times that we have left,

Just an infinitesimal moment maybe soon to be cleft!



Yes, near next to nothing! Compared to Eternity!

Wonder when we arrive what happened to earth to we?



Forever! Can any fathom? Sure, imagination fails

Utterly to comprehend a suggestion that prevails—



Anytime in this short life to compare to immortality!

That anything will ever end and especially we!



God is Eternal! We cannot be like Him

Foreverness, Eternal, it surely grows dim!



How can any comprehend pre-existence? Only deity!

Does God know what I am trying to figure? Yes, and only He!



And He will know what we come up with as we project.

Not a matter of right or wrong! But so we connect?



In thought Word and deed, to the Saviors positioning?

For the Eternal life for which we are conditioning.



Are you ready, my brother, for that journey?



The Sam is 5.27.14