Do you ever wonder, your thought expand in awe,

That the tiniest creation that centipede you saw,


That blasting sound of thunder that jolts you up in fright!

The steady sound of crickets that lull you in the night.


The living, lively voices that never seem to sleep,

That bull frog in the swampland with voice so rough and deep.


Ever stop consider the intricate design

The nerves, the blood bone structure so obviously divine!


Continuing this process, the tiniest of cells

The enzymes they produce; to tell us all is well.


What you cannot see that established well being

A confluence of streams in action without seeing.


The simple act of breathing; simple?  No!  Complex!

We cannot comprehend it!  Eliminate pretext!


Understanding, comprehending, only the Creator

Whose breath entered the clay.  Can anything be greater?


Could Darwin explain it?  He gave up near his death

Denouncing natural causes with his waning breath.


Many the dead planets that still keep spinning around

God’s perpetual motion so basic and so sound!


We too, will keep on spinning, eternity so fair! (*)

From mortal to immortal.  We will see the cause up there!



(*) Only God is eternal.  All man can boast is everlasting.



Sam Cox 03.04.04


Does God still rule the universe

With everything around?

Including what Satan turned about

Whatever He here found?



So many poisonous creatures

On land and waters, too!

The air alone seems satisfied

To be breathed as we all do!



But even there some can be found

Disruptive to feelings,

Like, itching from sun’s hot rays

With plain sweat dealing.



“Curse God and die!”  What Job’s wife yells,

Plain sick of all his cries!

Easy to reject that crazy idea

As Satan’s idea implies!



Ashes from his fire do not help much

But determination wins!

Does Job bless God and thank?  No,

But at least he does not sin!



Why then does God dress him down so?

Maybe to emphasize

His right Divine to test everyone!

Testing no surprise!



All God’s children should expect

This, what we all need!

Not to question God’s overall as

In His pastures we feed!



Reasons not often plain to us

But unquestionable!

Just thank God thoughts we can

Once out of the cradle.



Not to fear!  God teaches us

Once we have learned to walk

The straight and narrow path He trod

And talk the way He talked,

Takes a while!



the Sam


These saints of God, overcomers, have “overcome the world.”

Aiming for a better land, by Spirit they are controlled.

Not all, I think, some mope around seeming not to care

Or understand, they are reborn.  Their names are written “There.”



“If we confess…” He faithfully forgives all our sins.

Contented now in servitude to Him who lives within.

Then Jesus speaks, “You are My friends, if you follow through.

As earnestly you are seeking My best desires for you.”



Oh, yes, I confessed a lot before deliverance came.

It seems I sinned a lot.  I could not place the blame

On anyone, on Adams’ sins, I stood there all alone.

You see it was for me that He died to atone!



Can it be my mother’s’ prayers supported through it all?

Through many churches that I pastored obeying every call.

Calls to move or stay there.  Not always easy then,

He provided when He said, “Move” I just asked, “Where/when?”



Before that war, South Sea Islands called and it was rough!

Eating little, dodging bullets, you know, I called their bluff.

Actually, I knew it was God!  He answered mother’s prayers!

They did their best to kill me, but now I know God cares!



I know it now!  I realize I was no kind of saint!

Retired now, bad habits gone, but still a saint I ain’t.

But as a believer, guess I am.  Sainthood cannot escape.

I am aimed for heaven, the happy sounds soon to resonate.



Upon my tears within my heart consuming with delight!

Filling every pore with sound and happiness so bright!

Continuing this insane pace throughout eternity!

Insane compares to earth’s slow go of mediocrity!



Never mediocre!  The sheer force of joy sublime

Comparable to difference between sinner and the Divine!

The glow of God encompassing us forevermore.

Are not you glad you are bound for that forever shore?



S H Cox 10.25.05


Yes, born for death! But did He know?

Destined to die to Calvary go?

From early childhood, yes, He knew!

Shadow formed a cross as He grew.



No, not a victim, not a martyr,

Not an accident, not a barter,

Born to die! Went willingly!

Heaven’s decree His destiny!



A shadow fell but did He flinch?

Contained, refused to give an inch.

He knew it was not His time to die!

Like, in perspective you and I!



“His name shall be Jesus. He shall save…” (*)

He was born to die! He came, He gave!

Wrapped Himself in service, He lived…

His death in plain view… “I forgive!”



That is why He died for your sins and mine!

Deity, we call Him, Divine,

More than divine, yet as man He came

Jesus they called Him. Jesus, His name!



“For He shall save.” Comfortless, He

Drew nearer the cross, for you and me.

For our salvation this price He paid!

Born to die! His pure life He gave!



Who is this man who made history?

Dying to make all mankind free?

Who is this man? This is history!

But truly lives now for you and me!



Why did He go? Forget the pain,

The agony! Just why was He slain?

You know why He died! Just do not forget!

Where God and sinner and Jesus met!



Oh, God! I am that sinner, forgive I pray!

Not worthy to gaze on your feet today!

Your bleeding side, your hands, your head!

Your eyes so sad for me you bled!



Responsible He was! He kept

His word, where saint and sinner met!

His life He gave for me and He died

That cruel death! Was crucified!



(*) Matthew 1:21



Sam Cox 12.25.04

Sat. Christmas Day


With my sins I crucified Him!

Shall I torture again?

A time ago I nailed Him there

And watched as He writhed in pain!



No! I did not enjoy that sight!

Knowing my sins put Him there!

“Wages of sin is death,” this I know!

Kept sinning without care.



Painful the death He claimed for all,

At least six hours hanging.

Spikes in hands and feet, we all saw

Wind moving the dangling!



Terrible too, how we tortured Him,

Of course, your sins and mine!

None ever suffered as He did there!

Christ! The sinless Divine!



Hypocrites only claim divinity,

‘No sin in me.’ they claim!

But, “All have sinned and come short,” (*)

Just One sinless, the name Jesus!



His death claimed your sins and mine!

Died for hypocrites, too.

Those who claim no sin in my life,

Have no better to do!



But sit in their self-magnified seats there

And write about other sinners.

Only ones who could not do the bad stuff

Priests, preachers, winners(?)



Then those who are saved by God’s Grace

Know what to turn from!

What must I do with the crucified?

Died for sins, every one!



Prayer for forgiveness would not hurt one bit

Forgiveness of sins! What else?

Then Jesus, He will teach how to really pray!

There is Jesus, only One Sinless!



A frock gown of self-righteousness

Just does not exist!

We sinners all! Must fall face down

To the One we resist!



I should be dangling on that cross!

Except for me He died!

Only One without sin ever!

Our King we crucified!



(*)  Romans 3:23



the Sam did 2014

“Shall I crucify My Savior again”