I slept last night where Jesus slept,

My back against the wall.

Humanity passed by all night

I could not sleep at all!



Disciples slept the sound of sleep

Hung heavy in the air.

The pressures of the day recalled

The need for slumber there.



But Jesus does He not convey

A superhuman need?

A driving force He cannot shrug

To banish sin and greed?



He is very old obeying thus

The need to sacrifice

Himself upon a cross of shame

To banish sin and vice.



He is Very Man in weakness shown

Cries out!  In His despair

“Why must I drink this cup of sin?”

Let Satan take the dare!



“You are the spotless Lamb of God

Not one is without sin.

As sinless You must take man’s sin

To death without, within.”



As Very God and Very Man

The Father “hid His face,”

From sin the substitute His Son

Demonstrating thus His Grace.



So by His Grace alone we are saved (*)

Not works!  He did it all!

As Very Man sins sacrifice

On Very God we call!



(*) Ephesians 2:8-9



Sam Cox 04.10.04


Old man mentor had his pupils some 2,000 years ago.

What he taught them was wisdom, the only way to go.


Abraham and Moses had Jehovah, the very best.

Elisha had Elijah, many prophets passed the test.


The disciples, taught by Jesus, could not get much better!

Oh yes, Joshua had Moses, they went by the letter.


Paul had Gamaliel, taught law and philosophy.

Later, in the wilderness, God taught and that was free.


Paul mentored young Timothy, his son in the faith.

Many are still mentored into Christ’s saving grace!


Melancthon had Luther and both from Rome were led!

Following the Scripture by the Holy Spirit fed!


My parents were my mentors, they taught through early days,

To follow Christ, the Savior, in Holy Spirit ways.


And then The Lord took over.  I am Holy Spirit led.

His teaching will continue as daily I am fed!


He is leading me to heaven, I have faltered by the way,

But depending on His strength, I am led to perfect day!


Eternal in His glory my Mentor and my King,

By faith I, even now, can the song of victory sing!


It is not my win but Jesus, who saved me by His grace,

And died for me that soon I may look upon His face.


One look not near enough!  I will spend eternity

Basking in His Son-light because He mentored me!


My depression destroyer to reach that happy day

I keep looking to Jesus!  He led me all the way!



Sam Cox 09.04.03


He walked on stormy waters, raised Lazarus from the dead,

Took tax money from fish’s mouth, this is what He said:

“With God all things are possible!  Only believe!”

Still the disciples hard of heart, could not receive.



Five thousand people fed one day from a child’s pitiful lunch.

“Cast your net on the other side…”  They did, pulled in a bunch!

Saved the lost, healed the sick!  What more must the Savior do?

Remove the blinders from our eyes?  Yes, He can do that, too!



Miracles the disciples saw!  Still could not believe!

Then they saw Him raised from the dead, just too hard to conceive.

Today we see a sinner saved, changed to righteousness!

We doubt the transformation for miracles, we dismiss!



In fact, we judge that twice-born son whenever he goes through hell.

Conceivably a trip so real it is difficult to tell

If sanity has left for good!  But then at last we see

A test!  God saw me through my own Gethsemane!



Others, too:  “Savior breathe an evening blessing e’er repose our spirits seal

Sin and want we come confessing!  Thou canst save and thou canst heal!



Sam Cox 8.8.05


When Jesus was born in that manger

Did any expect to see

Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind,

Hanging from a cross tree?



Or anticipate the trouble felt

By disciples just learning to walk

Stumbling along in their sinful way

Listening while Jesus taught?



And did they anticipate God’s heart

Breaking in sending His Son

To die the torturous death He died?

Did they think that anyone?



On earth was near worthy of that price?

We threw it back in His face.

But He died for mankind anyway,

How can we measure Grace?



The measure is found when He rose from death!

When hundreds saw Him alive.

The same who had seen Him on the cross

The same we had crucified!



Sam Cox 3.23.05


He suffered pain in Galilee,

And near everywhere, too!

The city of Jerusalem,

Wept over that place anew!



Whole nights He spent in agony,

The sins of Adam and Eve,

Transmitted to all creation

In need of blest reprieve!



Why chose He those disciples?

Their willingness to obey?

They left all to follow Him

Recalled what He had to say!



All left their mark in history

Including the one who conveyed

Hypocritical love for the Master

The very one he betrayed!



But we keep our eyes on Heaven

Walking through hell on earth.

Remembering that blessed earth family

Heaven’s body in earthly birth.



The pinnacle of pain He reached

Once nailed up to that cross.

Comparing to the agony of

The calloused souls He lost!



Sam Cox 2.17.05


“Who will roll away the stone?”

The women asked, they were alone.

As if to ask, “Who will atone,

For sins that we have done?”



They doubted when they heard Christ’s word,

As if they had not even heard

The He would rise again the third

Day from His cruel death.



Peter no matter how he tried

Could not forget that he had denied

His Lord and many tears he cried

And tried to hide from them!



They found the stone was rolled away

They feared in fear. What could the say?

“They have stolen Him!” A tragic day!

Then Mary ran to tell…



The other Mary stayed and wept,

Unwittingly a vigil kept!

“Where are the soldiers? So inept!”

It was a time to weep.



“They have stolen Him!” She screamed through tears,

“Mary,” a gentle voice adheres

“Rabboni” (*) gone all her fears!

What a time of joy!



“Go tell the disciples,” Jesus said, (**)

“And Peter! Find him!” His voice pled

In his voice she knew she read,

“It is all forgiven!”



(*) John 20:16

(**) Mark 16:7



Sam Cox 4.20.05


When Jesus does come, what will it be?

Glorious or calamity?

Up to you my sinner friend!

Sure, I say sinner for the in the end—



We are all sinners who must pay the price

“Wages of sin,” not so nice.

But look back, what do you see?

The Christ hanging on a cross tree!



Virtuous! Perfect love shining through!

He only could tell us what to do.

For He alone lives eternally!

Eternal God and Everlastingly!



Always was! The only Creator!

Made all! Just none greater!

“No beginning,” this baffles us all!

This I accept, it is faiths call!



Credible or not by any standard

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for

Evidence of things not seen.”

Believing Christ’s words, we now on Him lean.



Forever, everlasting, eternal He,

And we with Him! How can this be?

Earth, Milky Way, one cluster there

Sky is endless, what can compare?



We in His image! This humbles all,

God considers ever since the fall

That though I, a sinner, because of Him

That price is paid! He claimed my sin!



Eternal the meaning always was!

He eternal! We only dust

With a beginning but endlessly

Knowing each other, endless be!



In Heaven a place He has prepared!

For disciples that we will share!

Fly with Him, investigate evermore

Places on that heavenly shore!



Endless time and space the same!

Do you know yet why He came?

Time? No, it is forever done!

So now we know joy for everyone!



the Sam 4.23.14